100 Referrals to Vegas! A Wealthy Affiliate Promotion

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Join Wealthy Affiliate to help Nurse Becca build 100 referrals this year and earn a free trip to Las Vegas: https://my.wealthyaffiliate.com/createaccount/onlinelyceum

New Wealthy Affiliate referrals accumualting to 100 get the reward of a free trip to Las Vegas! I hope you will take this opportunity to join. If you have already established there is a product or service or you want to promote, Wealthy is the best consortium for marketing techniques.

If you are new with the idea of affiliate marketing, you can try out marketing the Wealthy Affiliate website and hosting that comes with Premium Membership.

I have 172 blogs written and 20 tutorials, with a number of appearances in the top rankings in Wealthy Affiliate.

Follow my invite to get personal mentoring and live business coaching. The first trial is free of charge, and contains lessons for entrepreneurship training.

As a Premium upgrade, there is the option to have ongoing support with live chat, tech support for your website and training that walks you through how to build a website that makes a great income.

Amazon Associates affiliate program has promotions you can get commissions from without the customer making an actual purchase, only a free trial. This is one of over 10,000 affiliate prorams.


The programs can work with or without a blog, video, membership and activity on social sites, email invites, word of mouth, exhibits, conference and continuing education seminars, keynote speaking events, and the list goes on.

But the successful marketing takes place when the needs of the customer are met.

All the learning can take place free if you create tutorials and trainings, give input on other Wealthy Affiliate content and web designs, and even for purchasing domains. A domain is a piece of valuable property on the web. The website I built is estimated worth 84,000$ today after 1 year on the Google radar.

What can you learn on the free edition of Wealthy Affiliate?

  1. How to build a website using SEO and marketing stretegy for business.
  2. How to rank with search engines worldwide as well as grow a local market.
  3. Growing with Google updates, new technology.
  4. Online entrepreneurship certification lessons.
  5. How to add themes and discover their features for a website.
  6. Social Media marketing.
  7. How to access professional and courteous input on business.

What is in the upgrade?

Live coaching, live chat, access to all videos and trainings, ranking in online business community. The first month is 19$. After 3 months, Wealthy Affiliate members can publish tutorials and earn free membership through community cash credit.

There are live video trainings every week hosted by Jay from Magistudios. His coaching has built local and international SEO for many business websites. To summarize the talent, you would have to join Wealthy Affiliate and practise with the tools and methods to create personal wealth.

On the WA site, there are also 6 month and 1 year discounted membership dues. The access to affiliate programs, support, business mentoring pays for itself very quickly.

Las Vegas 2020 is a program where the Wealthy Affiliate team gathers to celebrate and create.

For comments on this post for nursebeccaconsulting.com site, I used 50 community cash credit so you can see testimonials from the Wealthy Affiliate community.

My #1 Recommendation Program for Learning Affiliate Marketing

32 thoughts on “100 Referrals to Vegas! A Wealthy Affiliate Promotion”

  1. Looking for a Wealthy Affiliate Testimonial then, Nurse Becca?

    I’ve been on Wealthy Affiliate for over 8 months now, although I wasn’t a blogging or affiliate marketing newbie. I haven’t yet been scammed online looking for training simply because I always, but always, ‘try before I buy’ and Wealthy Affiliate was one of the few platforms that let you try before you purchase it, offers a discounted first premium month, and is a decent price for everything it offers.

    What sold me was the courses emphasizing honesty, not black-hat stuff.

    I’ve created two sites since joining WA and made a bit of pocket change, but of course, that was because I switched my focus after six months!  My own issue, not WA’s issue.  The second site I created has already had a post go viral and some small visits from Google after only three months in existence.  That’s crazy good!

    It is perhaps the easiest training I’ve every found to follow.

    I definitely recommend WA to anyone looking to start in affiliate marketing, as long as they know it’s going to take time and some work.


  2. Wealthy Affiliate is a great place to learn to turn any passion or interest into a side hustle or even a full-time business of your own. There are millions of affiliates earn $100K or more a year writing about things that interest them like personal fitness, cooking, sports, craft beer and more. Some love to promote affiliate marketing companies like Wealthy Affiliate. By joining Nurse Becca in her quest for independence she can earn $23.50 per month of your premium membership of $175 if you purchase a year of Premium at a time. You too can earn this king\d of money and get your own all-expense-paid trip to Las Vegas every year.

    • Thank you for taking the time to read and write on my blog:) You are a strong leader for business in the community. It is a privilege you chose this post and makes me happy to see such a kind response.

  3. Hello Rebecca, I must say that this post is very interesting and helpful. I have a friend of mine who is interested in affiliate marketing and I will point him to you. I have a website in the health niche so I think you will benefit more. I hope you will achieve a trip to Vegas as soon as possible.

  4. You have quite a portfolio there! Over 170 blogs and 20 trainings? That can only be from someone who is very confident with the Wealthy Affiliate program. I am still building my portfolio and things are going well, though slow. I have actually benefited from your contents and I can only urge those who are in the fence about WA to jump right in. Just learning of the Amazon Associate free trial offer. Will sure give you this tip. I wish you all the best in your journey to Las Vegas.

  5. The post is informative, I just was a little confused, is this just an article of promotion on one of your sites. Is it just to get sign ups. It explains a lot but only if someone asks how to join wealthy affiliate. It seems more appropriate for a blog post on wealthy affiliate it self for newbies or on an affiliate site introduction.

  6. I have been a member of Wealthy Affiliate since 2015.  I learned to build a business online and now I am able to make money from the comfort of my own home.  That is so exciting that Wealthy Affiliate offers a trip to Vegas for you.  

    I suggest that anyone who wants to learn everything they need to know about building a business online, check out Nurse Becca’s links and get a Free Starter Membership!

  7. Very good article I hope that you make it to Vegas! I really liked how you explained affiliate marketing so simply and straight to the point. I think this really helped me understand what affiliate marketing is. My question is regarding the video on your page. Could you please explain? I do not see the relevance. Thanks.

    • Hi Desiray,
      I just like it because the last time I went to Vegas, we celebrated my first case for legal nurse consulting by going to the Las Vegas speedway and watching the race, then a great supper. And I even got the Tshirt for my daughter, Lilah. If I get to go for Wealthy Affiliate, I would be celebrating over a year of learning and fun. Plus a way out of the rat race for some members. I guess it is only significant to me, but I thought it is a fun GIF for the post. Thank you for your comment and questions!:)
      Nurse Becca

  8. Woah! The fact that you have written over 100+ posts it’s amazing and truly inspiring. Please keep up the good work and I really hope people can have the opportunity to give this wonderful cominutu a try. I’ve been here for almost a month and I’ve been loving it so far. 

  9. Hello,

    I just read through your article to promote Wealthy Affiliate. I am a premium member and am happy with the program. I hope you make it to Vegas. Congratulations on your rankings and the number of blog posts you’ve written. How long did it take for you to accomplish your writing goals? Wishing you all the best.

    ~To your continued success

    • Hi Melissa,

      I am working on it daily, that is my main goal. Take action ongoing, I know it seems generic, and may not have all the specifications of word count, SEO, Alt title, met description, optimized images, keyword research and the whole nine yards. Simply keep going only looking back to see if there are people to help bring them up. Thank you so much for the support and comment. I appreciate your time in doing that. 

      Best Regards,

      Nurse Becca

  10. The trip to Vegas is a dream which I hope that I will always be able take advantage of. Getting 100referrals would get me a ticket to Vegas to meet up with the bests of affiliate marketers and that is just awesome. Thanks for sharing this as wealthy affiliate is just a blessing to affiliate marketers. It has helped me immensely and will continue to use it. Thumbs up on this

  11. Hi Nurse Becca! I have been following your site for quite a long time now and I greatly appreciate all the useful content you regularly publish. I was wondering if there was a way to just say thank you. And here I think it is. I can join Wealthy Affiliate for free through your link and help you earn that trip to Vegas.

  12. I too, am living proof that Wealthy Affiliate is REAL. I am a bit new to the platform. The training is phenomenal. The community is full of helpful people who keep you motivated everyday. It is not easy some days, but having like minded people behind you makes the journey easier. I am a person who is all about helping people, paying it forward, and guiding others down the path that leads to success. I tried the community out for a short time before I went premium, I am a cautious individual, I was pleasantly surprised and hooked. There is a vast amount of knowledge within Wealthy Affiliate. I recommend that everyone try out this platform. You have nothing to lose, only a lifetime of knowledge to gain.

  13. Hey, Becca.  I love your enthusiasm and energy.  Hope you make it to Vegas.

    Wealthy Affiliate is THE place to learn all about Affiliate Marketing.  They have everything someone new would need.  From training to web hosting to Site Support and way more.  

    Wealthy Affiliate is always looking for ways to make our success easier, constantly coming up with new ideas and updating training to make it consistent with what’s happening online today and looking ahead to tomorrow.  The only missing ingredient is our hard work and determination not to quit.

    WA has been great in the past and I believe it is going to lead the way into the future as they continue to look for new ways to help us.  

    Try it for free.  Get acquainted with the platform and then dive right in.


  14. Wealthy Affiliate definitely is the best affiliate training platform out there. I first started in 2016 with WA selling Amazon products and made a great deal of money. About a year ago I decided to start selling their affiliate program because the commissions are nice. I couldn’t be happier that I made this move. I am not making Vegas yet but I’m getting there slowly but surely!

  15. You have done a great job outlining the benefits of the Wealthy Affiliate program. It’s actually pretty amazing considering I was online struggling for years trying so many really bogus “programs” and I use that word but never found one until I read a review similar to this one about Wealthy Affiliate. I have to say that I was really skeptical but when I saw they actually offered a free membership I thought what the heck do I have to lose. I went premium in three days and have never looked back. I can’t say enough about it. 

  16. Wealthy Affiliate to help Nurse Becca build 100 referrals this year and earn a free trip to Las Vegas: seems like a good idea but I’m wondering how your site makes the discussion on the winner if you make the 100 referrals and if the referrals are not made does no one win, A free month of music your site offersI loved the wealthy affiliate site myself as you can learn How to build a website using SEO and marketing strategy for business.
    How to rank with search engines worldwide as well as grow a local market. Growing with Google updates, new technology. Online entrepreneurship certification lessons. How to add themes and discover their features for a website.
    Social Media marketing.How to access professional and courteous input on business.

  17. Thank you for this great article. That’s very interesting, that you can get commissions for something that the person didn’t have to pay for, like a month of free music. 

    That’s pretty amazing that your website is worth 84,000 after one year. Websites can really be worth a lot.

    If I wasn’t already a member of Wealthy Affiliate then I would definitely sign up through your link. I hope you can go to Las Vegas. I hear its very nice there. Have a great day!

  18. Wow. It is valuable to have a mentor to help learn how to build a website and get it going. It seems like there is a lot to offer at WA. I built websites in the early 2000s using straight HTML. It was a Lot of work and time. Does WA have an easier way to build a website?

  19. I’m not in the make money online niche or anything that would make it easy for me to make 100 referrals in one year. I don’t know when I am ever going to get to be that lucky and with a traffic of about 2 000 per day its almost impossible to make a Premium referral. Good luck on your side. Anyways I love what I do and I also love the WA live chat, its been so helpful and I quickly get responses and the most loveable thing is the WA site support, they really bless my soul and when I have a question I usually get the guys do the thing for me on my site without me even asking them to. Long live WA and cheerw (to Las Vegas one day).

  20. Hi there. I like how you’ve written the post. It’s simple and straight to the point and the headline is captivating. I also like how you’ve mentioned the Amazon associates program as well for users to make the most out of affiliate marketing and the results represented by the numbers you’ve also shown really shows.

  21. For anyone reading this that is considering joining Wealthy Affiliate let me echo what Nurse Becca has stated here in this post. I highly recommend that you join if you want to make money online. This is not a get rich quick opportunity and you will have to put in a solid effort to learn the techniques and put them into practice.

    However if you can do that and have patience you will eventually see success. I have been a member since August 2013 and my membership, which I pay yearly, is basically free with the money I earn within Wealthy Affiliate from my training tutorials and as a certified WA commenter on other member websites.

    All of the other money I make from my four different affiliate programs is pure profit. I also make money taking freelancing the skills I have learned from the Wealthy Affiliate training. There are many small local businesses that have websites but have no knowledge in SEO and/or content writing. I get paid to provide those services.

    Becoming a member of Wealthy Affiliate offers many different opportunities for anyone to make money, as long as you learn and apply that knowledge. Give the membership a try and let Nurse Becca help you to earn money too. Maybe you too will get a free trip to Las Vegas and rub elbows with many of the successful Wealthy Affiliates.

  22. Hi Becca, I enjoyed your post today, as the video and articles your confidence that you figuratively know where you are going. The wealthy affiliate is a great program, while I hoped I would have more affiliate sales with the program overall, I see better things forthcoming for myself using the training, tools, and technology that it provides for my niche, which is a difficult one, however the WA community helps along the way as well. Enjoyed your bio page as well. 

  23. HI Nurse Becca, love the way you motivate yourself by doing affiliate marketing and also set a goal to travel to LA! I believe we need something to motivate us, in order for us to pursue in any kind of success. I wish you all the best in your journey, thanks for the great post, I will share to those friends that are doing affiliate marketing, so that they can learn from this post of how to pursue their dream trip! Good goal! All the best!

  24. This is a great article. I love how up front and honest you are about your affiliate accounts. How long has it taken you to write 172 blog posts? I had a goal of 100 by the end of this year and I have been lagging. I only have about 10. 

    I love the WA program. The free training is an awesome way to get started in blogging and affiliate marketing.

    I have tried countless programs over the last 10 years and spent $1,000’s on other training platforms. I think Wealthy Affiliate is the best one online.  

    Every time I read about the vegas trip I get motivated to do more affiliate marketing. What do you do to motivate yourself? 


  25. I am learning a lot in the wealthy affiliate program. This is the best affiliate program I have saw and you have done a great job outlining the benefits it gives to you. Every day I learn something new and apply it to my website. All the wonderful people that are there to help at any time needed is such a blessing. Great topic.

  26. I’m interested in visiting Las Vegas for free. I’ve been in affiliate marketing for almost a decade now and I am confident that I can do it with the help of the training provided by Wealthy Affiliate. If I join WA and generate that needed 100 referrals, will the company (WA) shoulder all my expenses including plane tickets? What about visa assistance in U.S. embassy, will they provide any letter asking the immigration officer to approve my application for a visit visa in the USA?

  27. Wealthy Affiliate has tons of content that are of great relevance in the affiliate marketing world. The live chats, and live training makes the learning experience more personal and comprehensible. The SEO tools and marketing strategies offered are of top quality. Whether you are a professional blogger or just starting out, there’s so much in store at Wealthy Affiliate that can help you grow and reach your target audience more easily. 


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