How do Legal Nurses Help With Auto Accidents?

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In Open Discussion for Building LNC Awareness. Who are legal nurses and how does their work help out with Auto Accidents? Injury claims and other areas such as motor vehicle accidents can be a specialty for nurse consulting. Legal nurses contribute to helping settle cases in numerous ways.

Attorneys may require an expert opinion to testify on the nursing standards of care and scope of practice. Only nurses are able to give a testimony regarding elements of nursing care.

Video zoom conferences are used for virtual deposition. CoVid-19 pandemic has made digital coordination of legal proceedings vital for operating in pursuit of justice. Many businesses are concerned regarding operating safely in the pandemic.

Legal Nurse Consultants help to build demonstrative evidence, and can perform tasks such as building or rebranding websites for attorneys who open their own firms or rebrand their group.

Legal Nurse Consulting was Pioneered by Vickie Milazzo (1980), and there were several who  were also successful at fostering the idea. But no one marketed and learned business strategy like Vickie Milazzo during her time. Milazzo continues helping Certified Legal Nurse Consultants with ongoing mentoring and support. She wrote the Wicked Success book, a great inspiration.

Although the Vickie Milazzo Institute was sold to Tate, the programs continue in honor of a patented plan for success. Other great contributions are marked with distinct niches and can be personal brands like Pat Iyer, Janice Dolnick, or entire massive networks like the AALNC, NACLNC, LNC STAT, Biz School for Nurses, Nurse Consultant Masterminds and the newly developing Healthcare Consulting Network by Elle Pierson.

Elle recently published the Power of Expertise, a book for anyone working in medical and business.
These are just to name a few major people, publications and resources for readers who want to learn more. The nurses who are dedicated to art and science of health work to see that medical legal research increases community health and wellness.

That is why the legal nurse position began, when the doctor’s writing was worse to decipher.  This was a source of a large number of errors, in educating the lawsuits resulted in finding better practice. The list of abbreviations to avoid are along this rationale, in order to improve safety for patients.

This week embarks a celebration of a profession within nursing which holds hands with law. Legal Nurse Consultant week reminds of a list of successful endeavors to bridge a need between healthcare and the people who they serve to have accountability for safe practice and help to develop standards of care.

Please comment, like and engage to celebrate legal nurse consultant week and the diverse roles for the profession.

Thank Goodness for Nurses and Legal Nurse Consultants!


Nurse Becca

-R. Nixon, RN, CLNC

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7 thoughts on “How do Legal Nurses Help With Auto Accidents?”

  1. Legal Nurse Consultants is new to me, hence the reason I say this blog is creating awareness. During this pandemic LNC service is welcomed, nurses are able to provide a valuable consultant via zoom. That is just closing a large gap, the best person to assist with medical information is a qualified person within the field

  2. Hello there, Becca! This is an interesting post! It surprises me the fields that nurses can work in especially in the legal aspect. Nurses can really provide the medical evidence that can really help turn the case around in a more justified sense. Vickie Milazzo sounds like an amazing person for helping to train nurses in that aspect. Thanks for this educational piece!

  3. I know I will come back to this post when the day comes that I need to touch up on nurses. I am so lucky to have discovered this website showing many posts to help people and share knowledge about nurses. I will be sure to share with friends in my life that work in the medical field. I also love the design and flow of this post. I love the detail you put into the article and I hope to see more posts like this one!

  4. As the son of a nurse, and now a nurse myself for many years, I’ve seen Vicki Milazzo’s adds in nursing magazines a number of times. It’s interesting that she is considered the founder of Legal Nurse Consulting, possibly, as you indicate, because she found a way to market the concept to a large audience of nurses.
    My nursing career started during the transition from written orders that we had to decipher to computer charting, including doctor’s orders. One major benefit to computer charting, particularly for the written orders, is that the hospital pharmacy receives any new medication orders as soon as they are entered into the computer-no need to “walk” or “tube” a piece of paper to the pharmacy to get a critical medication order reviewed and allow the nurse to start giving that medication.
    Of course, this also means that there are far fewer “errors” in reading those computer generated written orders.

  5. Hi Becca-

    I’ve been an RN for 18 years, and am familiar with the Vickie Milazzo ads in nursing magazines, but I didn’t know that she is considered a pioneer in LNC.  It makes sense that she would be considered the founder, as she found a way to market the concept to other nurses, using those ads.

    Your blog post is easy to read, however the grammar and sentence structures become weaker in the last 3 or 4 paragraphs.  

    For instance: “The nurses who are dedicated to art and science of health work” would be better phrased with “the” between “to” and “art”.

    Also, “That is why the legal nurse position began, when the doctor’s writing was worse to decipher”-would be better phrased as “difficult” instead of “worse”.

    The background is neutral, which is good, and I appreciate the lack of visual distraction, such as a photo or other emblem in the article itself!

  6. Good day, I am pleased to come across this important information. It’s crucial to know how legal nurses help with auto accidents so that we can receive our cars accident consultation. I’m thrilled to know that Legal Nurse Consultants help to build demonstrative evidence, and can build or  rebrand websites for attorneys who open their own firms or rebrand their group.  This is a very helpful information.


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