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Surface Pro 4 Sale is a promotion in partnership with Amazon. This post may contain affiliate links in which Nurse Becca Consulting can earn a small commission without driving up the expense for clients. 

Legal Nurse Consultants, attorneys and nurses alike may benefit from this quick summary to review and consider buying a Surface Pro 4 sale.

Have you been looking at reviews for a new laptop/note book computer? Let’s take a brief view Beneath the Surface.

The Surface Pro by Microsoft is helpful to have the benefit of touchscreen. These are fragile and necessary tools, and the new Surface Pro is on sale for a great price. The dollar amount is not listed in case it changes through Amazon. The Amazon link here will bring you to the purchace price online. Please click here for the current sale:


10 Benefits Beneath the Surface

  1. Quality of Microsoft Design in a convertible kickstand body
  2. Design to streamline workflow
  3. Lightweight Feature is the thesis of laptop
  4. Benefits portability thanks to lightweight feature
  5. Usability and Navigation Software and hardware have sound design
  6. Speaking of sound, the quality and volume level is premier, especially for a portable device
  7. The keyboard and click pen are compatible from previous Surface Pros🤓
  8. The durability of charging devices has improved
  9. The steadfastness of battery is improved from prior models. You really can get all your work done without being stuck to a charger all day
  10. Storage, to reduce damage to the device, use screen protectors or a strong case and careful attention to recommended care

The best resources for information in operation, upkeep and outline of features:

Fun Factoids:


Surface Pro 4 sale, with this Amazon link:

Buy One Today, as Highly Recommended by Nurse Becca. This stellar tool will help realize your technology and innovation potential.

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    Very thorough yet succinct review of the SurfacePro 4 by Microsoft.
    I love the 10 bullet points since when I am reading a review, I want to get to the gist of it.

    This was a very helpful review, and if I ever decide to purchase a Surface, I will revisit your link.
    Thank You Nurse Becca!

    • Reply

      You are quite welcome, Kaju! Thank you for reading this quick review. I wanted the bullets to organize so someone could easily purchase with their cellphone. A surface is fun and the touch screen part really helped me with my charting. Thanks again for visiting my site and giving feedback:):):) It is so Very kind of you!
      Nurse Becca

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