Rebecca Nixon

Registered Nurse seasoned with too much pepper, legal nurse consultant,
professional experience-10 years in nursing and 10 years in pharmacy. Wealthy Affiliate, Nurse Becca Consulting Specialty Medical-Legal Research support for Attorneys, Clinical oversight for Assisted Living Facilities, Specialty Pharmacy Nursing Network Infusion Nurse, Workman's Compensation Legal Nurse Consultant for Eagle One CMS, Creator. Vast experience in hospice, home health, In-Home Care and Skilled Medical-Surgical Rehabilitation, Pediatrics Nursing, Care For Veterans, interest of pharmacology research.

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    Very thorough yet succinct review of the SurfacePro 4 by Microsoft.
    I love the 10 bullet points since when I am reading a review, I want to get to the gist of it.

    This was a very helpful review, and if I ever decide to purchase a Surface, I will revisit your link.
    Thank You Nurse Becca!

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      You are quite welcome, Kaju! Thank you for reading this quick review. I wanted the bullets to organize so someone could easily purchase with their cellphone. A surface is fun and the touch screen part really helped me with my charting. Thanks again for visiting my site and giving feedback:):):) It is so Very kind of you!
      Nurse Becca

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