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About Nurse Becca Consulting

Rebecca Nixon, RN


Professional Nursing Background

  • Legal Nurse Consultant
  • Charge Nurse
  • Medical-Surgical Specialty Rehabilitation
  • Pediatrics Intensive In-Home Care
  • Hospice Case Manager, Nursing Director
  • Home Health Case Manager
  • Visiting Nurse PRN ( as-needed ) nursing care
  • General In-Home Care Case Management
  • Clinical Oversight for Assisted Living Facilities
  • Health and Wellness Director
  • Corporate Health Screenings and Immunization Clinics
  • Skin Expert
  • Registered Infusion Nurse

Over the past few years, it has been a great honor and privilege performing infusions for people with rare conditions. It is one of my favorite specialties.

Another area of expertise, mental health care assisted living clinical oversight.

Ongoing education in legal nurse consulting, starting in 2013 at the Vickie Milazzo Instistute and Biz School for Nurses.

Before working in nursing, demonstrated service as a technician of pharmacy, compounding and assisting with specialty mental health service and compounding retail and hospital pharmacies.

It is essential for lawyers to hire legal nurse consultants well-versed with pharmacy and abreast with advancing health care technology.

I started to pursue my passion for pharmacology a solid foundation for understanding and building passion for nursing endeavors.

Nurse Becca continues service as an actively practicing nurse, legal nurse consultant reaching for PharmD for research in childhood Non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma. started 5 years ago after a guest blog on the to call nurses to action for input with the American Nursing Association toward health legislation.

Specialty Medical-Legal Research is not just a slogan, but is dedicated toward lifelong learning and online marketing for promotion of Nurse Becca Consulting brand.

Legal Nurse Consulting supports Medical Law with streamlining and ascertaining complete medical records. Value-based pricing and estimates are agreed prior to cases or depositions for specific clients. Retainer required for first-transaction accounts.

I hope my bio notes find you well!

Thank You and Kind Regards,

-R. Nixon, RN
(Nurse Becca)