Amazon Book Review The Power Of Expertise

Amazon Book Review

The Power of Expertise

Elle Pierson, Owner Nurse Consultant Network

Live Book Release Rally

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Nurse Becca Blog Review on the live rally by Elle webinar. One helpful element is The chatting live with experts. This feature gives anyone who wants to ask applied questions a great way to get immediate feedback. One incentive is for people to receive a free Amazon Gift Card for Creating a Video Review. This is not for everyone, but those who get an invite from the rally.

A great perk was discovering rally attendees get first access to preview the book. The outline Elle Pierson gave is an introduction to a new world for many brands, both large and small. Rally to celebrate nurse and health care entrepreneurship.

The evolution of goal of writing the book from ideas to fruition. The firsts drafts of the book were concept and theory that revised into a curated composium of thought regarding nurse and health care consultant business development inventory that is actually making great profit today.

The excitement in the rally expands to an affiliate opportunity, networking and marketing with a business community who are engaged in relevance to niche visions like a synergy.

The entrepreneur journey has challenges when the tasks seem ambiguous on how to get started in identifying a good niche build a memorable brand. Technical knowledge is acquired with growing capabilities that can also ovewhelm people within the community. The best way to help this problem that has compounded over time of technical stress is to get support in managing the parts that are unfamiliar or too advanced to manage independently.

One great perk is a friendly tool called backlinks. During the rally, Elle mentioned a great chance to get backlinks. That is a way to attract more visitors who may become fans of your service and products to grow business.

Elle’s example of presence and support of nurse consulting, health care consulting are already an outstanding contribution to community wellness.

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More Notes About Affiliate Marketing

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Mastermind Groups can be helpful for building a specific brand

While anticipating arrival and reading of the Power of Expertise, members of the Nurse Consultant Network FB group are preparing to assist in the final edits, additions and production of the Premier Release.

WHO: Elle Pierson

WHAT: The Power of Expertise Live Rally for Book Release

WHEN: Release Oct 30th, 2019

WHERE: Amazon!

WHY: Because, an amazing power is awaiting a chance to release it with her new book

How Much? Price is on Amazon

(Psssst! It’s well worth it:)

The science of expertise is within these secret pages which are soon to be available on Amazon.

It is very exciting to be able to share.

If you haven’t joined Elle’s Nurse Entrepreneurship site, this is a great resource for learning and earning income streams through the Affiliate Program.

UPDATE in 2020!

The Power of Expertise arrived with email invitations to join The Nurse Consulant Network with training courses at a great discount.

After reading this book, I signed up for monthly membership that includes the videos and supplemental checklists, templates and support.

Pros and cons

While comparing all the programs available online, the value with reviewing the first 3 modules has already paid for itself.

I cordially invite all health care executives, leaders and innovators, nurse entrepreneurs and affiliate marketers to begin 2020 trainings with the content in the Nurse Consultant Network Healthcare Academy.

It pertains to health consulting and related niches, and other companies can greatly benefit from the topics Elle Pierson covers in detail throughout the presentations.

There are a list of examples for review in legal nurse and health care consultant niches. I had not considered a separate outside connection with organizations, and the Power of Expertise pointed that out. All of your continuing education as a nurse can help your brand stand out as a legal nurse consultant.

During the online Infection Prevention class, 19.3 hours of continuing education and an exam to receive certification from the Centers for Disease Control for Infection Prevention. The class can help all nurses and health care providers fulfill worthwhile education requirements for their licensure or delegations.

Any health care agency can benefit from implementing the techniques in the program through the CDC as well. The Power of Expertise drives it home just how this can be a specialty in itself and a full time adventure independently, although it might also be an in house requirement for administrative or nurse leadership roles.

This Nurse Becca Blog is a before and after reading a book which teaches step by step how to unlock unlimited earning potential. The next phase of this review will be to embed a video to help make the decision to buy it with Affiliate Link.

After completing the book, I found a new opportunity to join in the Nurse Consultant Network for training and coaching by Elle to grow Nurse Becca Consulting as a brand. So far, the advice I have researched is very helpful for organizing business plan, marketing and sales.

One of the tasks is to organize the flow of work with a process that fits the style of your company. The Asana App is useful and has a seamless integration with your plan for onboarding and other elements of outstanding service. I tried it as one of the recommendations in the webinar by Elle. The book review here cannot reveal too much about the training. This is to follow requirements of membership, but it is a great opportunity I found with reading the Power of Expertise.

You can get your copy and submit an Amazon review of your findings.

One theme throughout the book is to create and build service relationships with good rapport. And the reading is worth the investment. After a full review of the book, I recommend it for nursing and health care professionals, consultants, executives as well as the general community. Elle also hosts a Podcast with more information, please see the video link here. YouTube=>


My #1 Recommendation Program for Learning Affiliate Marketing

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