Assistance for Catastrophic Injury Lawyers

Have you wondered what catastropic injury lawyers do within their specialty? These attorneys specialize in management of claims which are a life-altering consequences to the victims. 


When catastrophic injury lawyers get involved in a case, it is because a terrible injury has occurred. These specialized attorneys accept cases in which they plan to prove the gross negligence, and the wanton and willful disregard has resulted in a horrific expense and pain of the injury. In some cases, the cost of ongoing care compounds the catastrophe.

In this instance, certified life care planners assist in projecting the ongoing cost of care along with supplies and ancillary services that are needed as a result of the catastrophic injury.

Building the Catastropic Case

This kind of case has to have all of the elements for any other case. The difference is on the increased severity of the injury. Other elements include duty of the defendant to the plaintiff, breach of that duty by the causative action which resulted in the injury.

The duty is the obligation to give the needed care and treatment or protect a person from injury. The breach of duty is the lack of care or causation that resulted in the occurrence. Causation is evidence that the breach of duty is responsible for the injury. The damages are the cost of the care now needed in order to prevent the signs and symptoms resulting from the incident.


Depositions are an essential element of any case.

All of the training, experience and reasonable attempt to recover all records for review of the case to make a determination of whether the defendent is at fault and liable for the damages.

The testimonies of witnesses of the event that caused the victim to suffer irreversible loss are taken into consideration, along with the review of all records. Catasprophic injury lawyers construct the case with expert opinions on the subject matter, and work to settle cases quickly.

Demonstrative Evidence

Catastrophic injury lawyers are responsible for building the evidence required to prove the case for plaintiff side,  or defend innoconce as the defendant. Regardless of the side of the catastrophic injury lawyer, they will have a preparation period during which they compile the evidence that proves the fault or defends the case.

Both sides have the responsibility to determine merit of the case.

Evidence regarding the merit can include summaries, chronologies, pictures and interrogatories or interviews and testimonies, depositions and requests for production of more documentation to be integrated into the case history. The research and preparation during this process largely determines the success of the argument.

When a case is meritorious, that means the victim’s claim is true and the damage is a result and financial responsibility of the defendent.

Technology helps with creating visual aids and setting diagnostic method requirements over time. The capability of technology for a catastrophic injury of the past is not the same limitation, with more medical knowledge available as studies compile evidence over time.

Medical science may not have discovered the condition 20 years ago that can be easily identified with tools used today. Furthermore, the higher level of technology over time can make the discovery require updated skills to prepare for advancement of processes.

Catastrophic injury attorneys are able to anticipate, identify and present elements to help people understand reasonable care to avoid the ongoing life changes resulting from a catastrophic injury.

Demonstrative evidence has an intriguing continual growth with genetic advancements as well. Forensic evidence art and science expands similarly over time. There are even budding businesses dedicated to assisting catastrophic injury lawyers with a focus on this arena of the litigation.


The Less Catastrophes, the better.

Catastrophic injury lawyers represent their clients after the have suffered a life-altering incident and irreversible damage as a result of negligence. In a perfect world, catastrophies could be prevented with prudent interventions and attention to education and patient care.

Standard of care requires putting provisions in place and documenting these were completed as planned without complication. When that standard is not adhered to and a serious medical problem occurs as a result, this is a tragic experience.

Certainly, the less catastrophies the better.

But, if you have found yourself in a situation which you’re injured you can access resources of a catastrophic injury lawyer. These specialized attorneys can assist in determining the damages and walk you through the process of court proceedings.

If you are a catastrophic injury lawyer, there is also a great resource for your firm with Malaer Consulting. In this link, you will find Robert Malaer’s outstanding service for life care planning and case evaluation. For client-centered care, please follow this link:

After the catastrophe

Here you will find a helpful referral checklist, to prepare the essential elements to settle your cases. You will also find the top Legal Nurse by the name of Robert Malaer who is a SANE nurse certified for sexual abuse cases, and a veteran who is dedicated to service. Robert Malaer is also training as a specialized wound care nurse.

Please take a look at:

  • Retention contract
  • Fee schedule
  • A Free Referral checklist

Catastrophic injuries include paralysis, loss of limb, radiculopathy (radiating nerve pain) and are serious. You have resources within reach to confidently approach Catastrophes.

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I would like to open discussion floor for helpful resources. Or share your story for the topic of catastrophic injuries.

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  1. Thank you so much for this article. I was stuck at a lose when my brother in law had his finger crushed at work. I explained as they had not taken adequate health and safety into consideration that caused this accident. He has now been in contact with lawyers and is building his case, in which they think he has a good chance of winning. Originally he was going to leave it, I am so grateful I found this post

    Thanks again Jack 

  2. Thank you for explaining the subject of catastrophic injuries here; this passage has helped make the definition of what is considered a catastrophic injury a lot clearer for me.

    My mother suffered a life changing event nearly 25 years ago now and I’ve often wondered why it is that she never received a settlement for her injuries, at the very least for her medical expenses. It is my understanding her situation was the fault of a surgeon’s mistakes during operation. 

    She went into surgery for what was was considered a routine cyst removal in her back. The subsequent surgery left her paralyzed from the armpits down and she has remained that way ever since. Would this type of situation not be considered a life changing catastrophic injury? Thanks for helping clarify! 

    • Dear Shan,

      This is the best (and worst) example of Catastrophic. I can only imagine to have your mom suffer in this way. I remember one cyst operation, the lady had a bit of a mustache. When they put her to sleep, the joke began about the facial hair. They taped the mustache and laughed, and I said this does not seem funny. When she came to consciousness, she had a very embarrassed and confused look at she ashamedly put her hand to her lips as if to hide the facial hair. I know she couldn’t remember at the forefront what went on when she went under, but it disturbed me enough I will not forget. 

      Sorry for the side story, but back to your mom. I cannot say without looking at all the documents from an attorney for a case whether it has merit. But the condition of your mother is precisely the ongoing challenge of catastrophic cases.

      After my years in nursing, brain injuries, neuromuscular anomolies, seizure disorders the list grows as time goes on… what I have learned is the nervous system can be complicated and unpredictable. My heart goes out to you and your mom.

      Thank you so much for sharing this story and commenting on my blog.


      Nurse Becca

      -R. Nixon, RN, CLNC

      PS I am in surgery lobby now, not a good distraction to write this particular blog at this precise time. Yet, I am glad to hear from you!

  3. To be honest, I was clueless concerning this area of profession. Catastrophic injury lawyers is relatively knew to me but it is great to know about them against days that one would be in need of their services. They seem to favor cases in line with severe injuries and that is great to know of. I can always recommend to a person too. Thanks

  4. Oh wow, I have never heard about such lawyers before, this is the first I am hearing of the catastrophic lawyers and what they do. You have out in a detailed information here. A cousonhad one of such accident as a cause of another entity. I wished I had found this post earlier, it would’ve been of great help. Nice one here.

  5. It is good that the writer clarifies the she is not paid or a representative of the stated firm as this impression can easily be created in the style of writing.

    On to the article. It is new informative and highlights a segment of law I personally was not quite aware of, Catastrophic lawyer!!! I see this to be very handy information to have as catastrophes can occur at any time. Are they websites that list or are catastrophic lawyers listed in the yellow pages? It would be great to have a place were one can find one quick.

    The clarification of some of the law terminology is also good. most, like me, are laymen when it comes to law so having some definitions on these helps to understand what is going on in such a case. I would request it another article can be written dedicated to giving definitions to some of the common law terms used or state a site were definitions for these terms is given.

    I may consider taking a paralegal course just to become familiar with the proceedings.


  6. This website is awesome great job. I love the templates and how you have designed everything, i need to be taking notes lol. Also i think that it is straight forward and a little plain. Maybe add some more pictures. I was wondering if you could tell me an approximate of how many of these tragic injuries occur per year in the united states? I personally don’t have experience with this I’ve been pretty lucky but i know where id look if i did. Great job thanks.

    • Dear Richard,

      Thank you so much! 

      My prior design was way too busy so I tried to make it more minimalistic. Maybe I went too far toward that plain side of the pendulum. Nurse Becca Consulting site is always a work in progress. The pictures have slowed my mobile loading. As organic traffic may take my web road trip on the real road, I was hoping to add mobile popovers for monetizing without crowding the space in the future. I appreciate your feedback, you don’t have to have had an accident to contemplate how it can effect people who do, so I like hearing from you. 

      This is a great and difficult question you proposed. It depends upon which “catastrophic” definition people accept, which is loose. For instance: 12,000 new spinal cord injuries in America annually… it is an arbitrary number.
      Think about the idea that not all injuries can be predicted as catastrophic, depending on the course of events after occurrence. Many cases settle before the condition complicates to that level and have already agreed not to seek further damages.

      I appreciate your comment!


      Nurse Becca

      -R. Nixon, RN, CLNC

  7. Great article and generally this kind of info and help is very important I would say. In my case, I live in country where every citizen has right to have a professional lawyer, no matter if invidual is accused or investigated about possible crimes, the victim of a crime or going through a catastrophe situation as mentioned in this article and lawyer handles the whole case from the beginning, collects all the evidence and proof and also helps individuals in the court if its needed. However, there are countries where such help isn’t free or it’s hard to find. That’s why this kind of article and site offering help in these situations are a really good idea I would say.

  8. OK, to be honest I didn’t know that there was such thing as Catastrophic injury lawyers, and I am very happy to learn that there is a group of lawyers that specialize in this field because when one suffers a life-altering injury as a result of negligence, then they absolutely need the proper representation in the court of law.

    We all know that the legal matters can get very confusing for regular citizens, but I think it can get complicated for lawyers too. in my experience, if you get a lawyer who does not specialize in the field that you need to be represented in, then things could go very wrong.

    I was once in a situation where I hired a lawyer but I did not know that he was not specialized in the field that I hired him for and he didn’t say so.

    anyway, my point is, I am glad to hear that when one faces catastrophic injuries, they will find people who know what they are doing to represent them.

    This article has been an eye-opener for me.

    • Dear Rose,

      Thank you kindly for your input. 

      I agree, the background experience and research in a certain topic are helpful for cases. I have been thinking of how to phrase and present this to open a discussion. You have pointed out a very important concept of why I wanted to present this information. The wrong legal counsel can be catastrophic in and of itself. I agree it can get confusing for all parties involved. That is another part motivating my work. I hope you have a fantastically non catastrophic day 🙂 !

      Best Regards,

      Nurse Becca

      -R. Nixon, RN, CLNC

  9. Thanks for this informative post, when a catastrophic injury prevents you from returning to work for an extended period of time, it can create additional financial burdens on you and your family. It is important to have someone on your side to help you through this difficult time. This is where a dedicated catastrophic injury lawyer is needed, I’m glad I came across this post I’ll definitely share with friends.

    • You’re quite welcome of course! 

      Thank you very much , I truly appreciate your assistance by sharing my work.

      Have a great day, I can’t help but smile for your response. 

  10. First, the image of the injured teddy bear on this page explains a thousand words and this is such an interesting article. 

    l remember one morning that I was hit by a car, I absolutely was confused what my rights were. But my injury was minor. That same car  hit a poor boy and flung him up into the air. When the boy landed we all thought he was dead. 

    I totally paid no attention to my injury and took the boy to a hospital immediately. The doctor gave treatment but the boy’s father couldn’t pay the medical bills.

    Eventually, it took the intervention of a lawyer to get the driver arrested  and also made him pay the bills and other damages because the poor boy broke a leg. Thanks Rebecca.

    • I love the poor teddy, thank you!

      It was a miracle you were there for the boy, and I am glad there was some action taken for paying his care.

      What a story you shared. I can’t imagine watching that and I am glad you both are alive.

  11. This is indeed a really interesting topic. Increasing ones knowledge of these medical aspect is very nice as we don’t always find it interesting to picking books relating to medicine to read. I gained so much form reading this post start from what catastrophic injury is and what the lawyers do. Thanks for such educating post.

  12. Thank you for this article and explaining the exact meaning of a catastrophic injury. I thought your graphics were very nice especially the picture of the teddy bear with the bandages. It had kind of a sad feeling to it that complemented the content of the article very well.
    I will definitely bookmark this page in case I need help with a catastrophic injury in the future. It’s definitely important to have good legal help when you need it. Keeping track of links to helpful legal professionals is a way of being proactive in case anything ever happens.

    • Dear Edward,

      Thank you so much for your input, that reminds me I need to place alt tags on my teddy. Thank you for the visit, comment and bookmarking! 

      I hope you have a fantastic weekend.


      Nurse Becca

      -R. Nixon, RN, CLNC

  13. Thank you for your post. I have no catastrophic injury so far and never thought about it. 

    You are right that catastrophic injury does occur. It is important to have knowledge about it. In case, friends, family members and ourselves involve in such injury, we know that there are such specialized attorneys who may provide valuable services.

    It is kind of you sharing this useful information with us. It is critical for us to have knowledge on the catastrophic injury so that we could protect ourselves and our loved ones. 

    • Dear Mr. Hu,

      I couldn’t agree with you more. And I am glad you’re not suffering with sny such thing. I appreciate your input and encouragement. I hope you will find Malaer Consulting useful as a resource, and share with passing along the info. It is nice to brainstorm on this topic, for the reasons you suggest (protection). Thank you so much and have a great evening.

      Kind Regards,

      Nurse Becca

      -R. Nixon, RN, CLNC


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