Attention Nursing Students and Novice Nurses: Getting Started with Your Nursing Niche

Nursing Students and Novice Nurses, Let’s Get Started!

Getting started can be intimidating for nursing students and novice nurses. When you need a solid side hustle, this article will help guide you. As a nurse of 10 years, and after 10 years in pharmacy, this is the best advice and recommendations for sucess in nursing. Nurse Becca highly stresses:

Novice Nurses

Be patient with yourself if you haven’t found a nursing specialty yet because this is a process. It can sometimes takes years of work within the nursing profession and trying out several fields of study.

Once you have worked so hard to pass the NCLEX and get a nursing license, you will want to stay up to date with the education and work needed for renewing before the due day. When a nurse works under a lapsed license, they are guilty of breaking rules which can result in administrative fines and other formal consequences.

The requirements for nurse licensure renewal are updated this year, to include new details for Idaho. On Idaho Board of Nursing website, the options now include:

  • E-learning activities
  • Creating Learning Opportunities for fellow nurses
  • Attending and hosting in-services
  • Attending Seminars or training
  • Research in specific medical conditions

Once you have been accepted in the nursing program, you are already a power point professional. You can make your own Power Points for using and updating as a tool for ongoing education. Keep this in mind as an idea to publish based on your learning for license renewal.

With the cost of attending college today, these can be ways to get a business on the side for making extra income. Right now, the full cost of tuition for my level of training would be well over $ 40,000 even with financial aid of scholarships and grants.

The beauty of building projects for future publication will be creating valuable learning for nurses and the greater community. It can also build a substantial amount of income for a college student. Many dorms have been the home of a Wealthy Affiliate making 6 figures a year in between their lectures.

The best online business community for learning with tutorials is Health Media Academy. You can orchestrate many ways to monetize and create passive income streams for your business.

Standards of care are always evolving for health care. This means endless opportunities to help keep cohorts up to date. Here you will also find other nurses to network with. We can create on our own time at our own pace as well.

You can become a member of Social Media Groups, as well as become an Affiliate of Health Media Academy to earn commissions by referral.

Nurse Becca Consulting is now an Affiliate with Health Media Academy! This is a great step in brainstorming with a caring group of mastermind nurse entrepreneurs.

The benefit of joining an online business community is a fantastic networking opportunity. Other pros for joining with Health Media Academt include lifetime access to the seminars with question and answer for building your online business.

This membership includes learning how to host your website and all the tools for self-publishing materials in your nursing niche. Building an online school or just publishing the articles to fulfill the requirements necessary to continue to practice as a professional nurse.

One possible niche which offers nurses Continuing education and a possible specialty is Legal Nurse Consulting. There should be a lecture within nursing theory which highlights what a legal nurse does, and that is work with attorneys on medical related cases. There are multiple ways nurses can assist as an expert, locate someone for testifying, and reviewing medical records.

A student nurse or novice nurse may not have the experience yet to testify, but there are ways to get some experience in the field. Here are a few ideas to get into legal nurse consulting, while still attending nursing school.

  1. You can offer cold-calling services
  2. Advertise emailing assistance
  3. Provide virtual assistant
  4. guest blogging

What is a legal nurse consultant? We went through this just briefly. There is a definition, then there is the greater effect of improving standards of patient care by promoting improved adherence. Could a novice nurse be successful in the his field?

Legal Nurse Consulting is perfect for someone who enjoys independent research, organizing, curating summaries, and providing court services. The Communication, building rapport, marketing and interpersonal relationships are another thing to consider.

The tough environment described by many nurses is a trauma that adds to the baseline trauma. You would think that it can sometimes be distressing to care for people in every aspect of disease, injury and even through death. The part many nurses have not prepared for is being treated in such a way that makes a nurse fret with questions of why this direction of a career. It takes self-care, focus and networking in a positive way to combat an unfriendly or short-staffed work place.

The first facility I worked out of nursing school was Medical-Surgical Nursing and oversight of long term care nursing. The acute wing was a charge nurse calling up and down a hallway of acutely ill people or those needing physical therapy or occupational therapy to recover their strength and maximum independence after surgery. The halls with thirty-something residents were frightening and made me miss working in the pharmacy. Then I went to another facility about the same size that was very hard work, and became the charge nurse.

I remember when my appendix went awry at work. I could not put my right leg down and sat on a rolling chair, scootching along and all I could think of was who would administer the insulin. That was when I realized I had to go to the hospital because it felt like I was about to die. The surgery was not pleasant, and it was a laparoscopic appendectomy via umbilical hernia repair.

In English, that means the surgeon went through my belly button and took out my appendix. With 5 small incisions and the sickness that followed had me hunched over with a front wheeled walker. The highlight was waking up after my son had gotten into my makeup bag with a maxi-pad stuck to his forehead! Maybe if I do not mention which son, it would be less embarrassing for them. I had a 6 month recovery, and enlisted help paying a little extra for nanny service to avoid safety hazards.

When I accepted a director position at another company, it was after being recruited by a visiting nurse and the house psych-provider. I thought I would stay as the charge nurse with the skilled facility and on call for admissions while directing the assisted living. whole atmosphere had changed. It was almost like I was a traitor and not worthy of anyone to talk with in the break room if I was able to take a break.

The nurse assistants were still kind and the best team to ever work with, and even pushed my medication cart when my stomach was burning with pain, and I called in to ask if I needed antibiotics due to the belly button mesh kicking me in the gut. I was able to make it to the drive through at Wal-green’s for Augmentin, that helped to resolve the problem.

I worked for a short period of time, then had bouts of vestibular neuronitis that was diagnosed as Meniere’s disease. This translates to the worst kind of dizziness called vertigo. The turning of the room in random madness made me place a bed in my living room until it resolved after a month of nasal steroids.

Another niche in nursing I went through a time with in home care Pediatric specialty, taking care of kids with tracheostomy, Down’s Syndrome, Intractible Seizures, Gastric Feedings. Then went back into the skilled nursing facility at the Good Samaritan Society in 2 of their premier facilities. With this I had a large patient load with many gastric tube feeds, infusions, and a handful of acutely ill patients.

I worked with Traumatic Brain Injury Unit patients in recovery and maintenance from brain and spinal cord injuries. After this home health, visiting nurse, PRN staffing in many skilled facilities, insurance assessments, flu shot clinics, legal nurse consulting, Immunoglobulin Infusions for many specialty pharmacies. This evolved into independent contracting for oversight and specialty infusions.

Next week, I will be flying to L.A. to do more training with a new pharmacy for one of my Affiliates, the Specialty Pharmacy Nursing Network, who will be hosting a seminar with classes hosted by Takeda Pharmaceuticals. This will be a fun flight to Pheonix and then over to Los Angeles. While blogging on the road has its challenges, it is very rewarding to take breaks in the scenery to reflect and write a blog.

Nurses can also be an independently contracted with companies like Quest Diagnostics. This micro niche of nurses are trained to host clinics for wellness or immunizations, which their employees can participate in for a discount on medical benefits. This has a team lead opportunity in which the duties oversee the project from start to finish, directing where and how to set up, flow of the people needing attention, and trouble shoot or triage as any concerns arise. This also has the honor of being the one responsible for the paperwork and proper discipline of the operation.

I have done a few of these and typically try to do a clinic close to home every year. This is not usually a job that gets full time hours, but there are a few nurses who do this full time for a career. It is also a viable side-hustle in a way that you only sign up for the ones which works for your schedule.

Working side jobs can be intrusive to your study and make it difficult to manage around other needs when attending nursing school. The online advertising is a good place to go for a flexible means of making additional income as a nursing student, or while you’re trying out different branches of nursing.

With the current growth of tele-health, it will be a great move to start learning about online advancements. Artificial intelligence and 5G technology are expanding with each passing year. When I worked in the pharmacy, we had the privilege during practicum to program Rudy and Ruby. Two robots who are in virtual love. We had to sync the two robots so they could dance and ensure they do not run into any walls or people. In the robotic abdominal cavity is a cubby for delivering medications to the patients of Sacred Heart Hospital.

The robot would navigate up the elevator and complete the tasks of medication delivery like little lover indoor drones. This was fifteen years ago, and almost seems futuristic when I think about it. In the pharmacy, we also started use of special Robotics. This was an automated pill dispensary which was a little bit peculiar. When I suspected duplicate morphine prescriptions, I was quickly disposed of as a dime a dozen technician of pharmacy. This was the prehistoric creation of the war on opioids.

That can be another niche for wellness-minded novice nurses. These nurses who provide holistic, non-pharmacologic as well as the prescriptions if they are needed are a movement which will prevent many backed up bowel movements. I have not personally worked in this area as a direct professional focus, but have encountered many patients with substance abuse issues as well as any level of psychoses.

Regardless of your choice of topics for a nursing niche, you can build a very profitable website.

Health Media Academy can assist with learning the way to present this for colleagues and nurses whether you are a novice or seasoned year after year with savory spices.

The emergence of technology use at the bedside for charting, medication administration and new information or updates in care procedures is growing. Information Technology in Nursing can infuse the science into health care. Artificial intelligence is captivating attention for learning more about the trends in tech evolution.

Nursing niches are plentiful, and not limited to working in the hospital. Nevertheless, the variety of nursing positions working inside a hospital are also diverse.

Hospital Nurse Huddle

Regardless of niches within nursing, good networking and planning for building the frame for ongoing education is essential for success. Continuing education, renewing basic nursing fundamental knowledge and skills will be required to continue practice. Keep an open mind and growing inventory of competency, with action steps toward ongoing success.

After working for different types of health care facilities, I built Nurse Becca Consulting with close communication and networking. Focus on improving standards to reduce harm and increase safety, along with establishing a service with a coach and cheerleader for health. Begin as a novice with an already planned out map for continuing education.

To curate pieces for learning, you can make and publish your own website immediately and begin an online business. Nursing students and novice nurses can advance through trainings on their own time during any bits of time. Keep study notes for future blog brainstorms.

You do not have to decide a niche overnight. Any great company or employee does not just happen to be so quickly. It takes ongoing hard work.

The greatest of nurses worked in the trenches of a rough history fighting disease and forging wellness. They did not one day plan before acceptance into a program the exact plan by any means. They may have just had the basic desire to care for people. And though a nurse is a nurse, there are any number of different ways to employ what works just right for you.

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Thank you very kindly,

Nurse Becca

PS, Whether you have a new or existing website, you can sign up for Health Media Academy here

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  4. Hello, for me I say, Follow your heart, and then even on that hardest day when you don’t think you can come back to work, you will. If you need to feel passionate about any niche area of nursing, that’s okay. Follow your interests,  your passion, and see where that leads you. Who knows, you may fall head over heels in love with a niche when you least expect it. 

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