Happy National Nurse Week!

National Nurse Week This week Nurse Becca Consulting is wishing everyone a Happy National Nurse Week with daily devotion. Each day is a different chosen specialty to recognize and celebrate the diversity within the nursing profession. Today is Monday, May 6th 2019, and to start the week celebration, we recognize Specialty Infusion Nurses. This is

When This Nurse is Not #Playing Cards

From Senator Maurine Walsh Nurses probably spend a considerable amount of time playing cards… In response to Senator Walsh: With a name like Nixon… I try to stay away from politics! When I am not playing with cards, I am busy with delegations, preparing and delivering in-services, specialty infusions for people with rare conditions, medical-legal

Attention Nursing Students and Novice Nurses: Getting Started with Your Nursing Niche

Nursing Students and Novice Nurses, Let’s Get Started! Getting started can be intimidating for nursing students and novice nurses. When you need a solid side hustle, this article will help guide you. As a nurse of 10 years, and after 10 years in pharmacy, this is the best advice and recommendations for sucess in nursing.

Can Proactive MD Cure Acne?

ProActive MD Review Is there a cure for acne? PROACTIVE MD starter kit, satisfaction guaranteed. This Proactive MD blog review is not meant to provide medical advice. There are countless products for skin care. Price can range from dollar store variety to extravagantly expensive for top notch brands. ProActive MD is somewhere in the middle

Health Transformation

Health Transformation is a Campaign to promote BXU Protocol. Mitochondrial Biophysics is a branch of study. Do not be intimidated people by the large words. I will translate into layman’s terms for better understanding. This branch of study is how energy making cells process oxygen. It may sound mysterious that these unseen inner workings of

Expensive and Promising ALS Breakthrough

https://cbsloc.al/2u0640L The patients who suffer with ALS matter to me. Research on this topic relates to a tireless effort of science to repair nerve cells. The nervous system is myserious and difficult to help heal. This research pertains to the larger community and specifically those who are interested in neuromuscular anomalies. My heart goes out

Updates on No One Likes Pricks

https://website.worldgn.com/heloextense/ https://my.wealthyaffiliate.com/nnursebecca/blog/no-one-likes-pricks/a_aid/b593f450 No One Likes Pricks Diabetes complicates lives for people, costing outrageous amounts of money and sometimes the cost is loss of life. While there are breakthroughs in treatments and ever- reaching closer to a cure, there is a way to ease the burden. The Helo Extense is a device I have purchased to