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Nurse Becca’s Membership Review

Click the link button below for lifetime access to a growing resource for nurse entrepreneurship.

The NerdyNurse is Brittney Wilson’s Brand, and she also serves the digital community with offering expert training on how to start a nurse blog.

I enrolled in the Health Media Academy in order to learn more about how to market Nurse Becca Consulting and assist Pat with her retirement from Nursing. The goal was to learn how to support a new business,

Next we created and coined the term Bag Elegance for promoting these American made beautiful handbags for nursing. Each one can be personalized for the perfect gift.

When I invested into Health Media Academy, I discovered this is one of the single most valuable resources for learning technical aspects for nurse entrepreneurs.

The videos are an outstanding presentation, with 2 complimentary speakers who are nurse influeners. (Fresh RN owner Kati and The Nerdy Nurse Brittney herself.)

The applicable technology knowledge is insightful and all of my research reinforces the teaching provided on seminars as well as bulleted learning with a tab on your progress forward in each section of the course.

Although the webinars are very well made, there are times I was distracted with an audience member who coughed. I think this could be edited to help prevent distraction.

The Nurse Blogging 101 learning is quite helpful for novice or seasoned nurses.

One other feature I noticed was Jaaxy was spelled incorrectly by Nurse Brittney during the webinar. It is also misspelled in the link, but does directly link to the platform which can greatly help with keyword research. I think a small edit here would be worthwhile to appear as a useful resource for finding keywords in research. Another small addition would be to edit the uncategorized posts, but this is just to streamline the look and layout. I really enjoyed the presentations in these webinars.

Other than these 3 pieces of input, the Health Media Academy is an outstanding support for new or experienced entrepreneurs. After reviewing as a student and member, I would absolutely recommend getting this membership whether you have a new blog or need marketing insight.

Entrepreneurs in any niche can modify this advice to profit immensely.

Another way the Health Media Academy helps earn your business passive income is through generous commissions from Affiliate Referrals. The commissions are 30% for people who join this online learning platform through your affiliate links.

One of the aspects that makes the Nerdy Nurse an influencer is the value she provides to her clients. Recently, Brittney was able to help with website! She was intrumental in creating an organized menu, taking out a mongo logo, and updating plugins which removed forum threads.

The comments for the forum on this website were great input, and if you are revisiting for a reply just rest assured the thread was removed by my nursey blogmother. Some services render websites too slow for good user experience, and that can be monitored by chosing the right website hosting as well as compatible plugins with each theme.

All of the technical aspects of building a nurse blog and website are more manageable with input of input through the Health Media Academy. A word of encouragement and advice, follow through and ask if you get stuck. Mentors are only willing as long as you are taking action on the feedback, and follow through is more easily navigated with asking for insight and taking one step at a time. This was the most important thing the Nerdy Nurse has taught me.

Britney was very kind to deliver resources, training videos, books and live direction. Her service is amazing and commendable. She even delivered positive reinforcement while I was receiving feedback for annelevator speech to attorneys. She suggested a quick text script to highlight what sets Nurse Becca Consulting apart from other Legal Nurse Consulting practice.

Subspecialties in nursing are complimentary from one legal nurse consultant to one another. A background in pharmacology, nursing and technology are strongpoints I am very pleased to offer facilities and counsel.

  • completion of advanced courses on legal nurse consulting to recertify at the Vickie Milazzo Institute
  • ongoing mentorship from Pat Iyer Group
  • JD Dolnick training
  • Health Media Academy affiliate
  • Biz School for Nurses course and live networking
  • Nurse Consultant Mastermind webinars

I will always work hard to add to an ongoing skill set. The marketing introduction nurses need is covered as well in the training. Apart from social media in Health Media Academy, affiliates use email market to keep growing. Paid advertisement or outsourcing marketing may be valid options depending upon the volume of business.

Ongoing training is dedicated to give the best possible service to all clients, and continue qualification.

Wrap Up

In summary,Brittney Wilson, and the Nerdy Nurse brand in partnership with Kati Kleber, Fresh RN brand, have put innovation of top nurse influencers to help guide nurses in business. Join with Health Media Academy as an ongoing program for education in technology and nurse entrepreneurship.


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