Biz School For Nurses

In Celebration of Women Who Create, Nurse Becca Consulting is proud to present a review of Erica Leach’s Biz School for Nurses and Mastermind Group.

Biz School For Nurses’ Mastermind Group

Biz School For Nurses

The class for Biz School for Nurses was online, then the Mastermind Group was in person. The flight above Chicago’s clouds all the way to Florida was not as nerve rattling as making a video. The production cast was highly professional and caring for me, as they encouraged my first bashful attempts at being on Erica’s candid cam.

I was excited to stay in Karen Young, CLNC’s Timeshare as well as be her cherished guest for this adventure. We learned fun and useful lessons, like just how far you can drive on Daytona Beach and still make it back before tide ruins a rental car.

Nurse Becca @Daytona Beach

Erica Leach is a Nursepreneur who prides herself in helping nurses in business. Her down to Earth, hands-on approach to brainstorming is an inspiration for women.

The peer accoutability and support is second to none.

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Legal Nurse Consultants and nurse owned businesses can benefit from the information organized by Erica Leach. The Mastermind group had an excellent presentation by an attorney who works with medical negligence cases requiring legal nurse consulting for preparation and trial.

Erica shares her secrets of what worked for her in marketing and business practice, and how her family had a top supportive role for success. The online school did not seem quite as productive as the brainstorm group in person.

The price of Biz School was about $1,000, and the Mastermind Group was given to me with applying for a scholarship. Accommodations were sponsored by Karen Young for help with flight arrangements and lodging for the event. You should probably not drink too much Macchiatto like Ricky Bobby if you want a quality video that doesn’t frighten potential clients.

The products and services recommended by Erica Leach are of stellar quality and have a great value. If you are a more hands-on person you may enjoy the in person education, rather than the online learning. If you are tech-savvy and focused without too many distractions, then the online course maybe perfect for you.

My #1 Recommendation Program for Learning Affiliate Marketing

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