Buy An At Home CoVid-19 Test Kit? A Wealthy Affiliate Review by Nurse Becca

CVS Pharmacy Sold Out!

CoVid-19 At Home Test Kit

3 toilet paper rolls reading sold out: represents pharmacy sold out of at home CoVid-19 Tests

introducing CoVid-19 Testing at home. This product was purchased at CVS Pharmacy, the last one on the shelf. Nurse Beccca invested in getting the test and self administering it to give you a quick oveerview of the at home test. Because it was sold out, there is a link below to buy a different type of test, but this review is on the Abott brand BinaxNOW COVID-19 Antigen self test

No Return Policy for this particular purchase. No Money Back for @ Home CoVid -19 Test. 

One thing which was a bummer- the pharmacy refuses to return this product because some thieves were returning the product with only one test in the box. This is unfortunate, in the event you already bought the test, performed it eslewhere such as the clinic, and then needed the 23.99$ for other items, such as toilet paper or hand soap.

One example of how the actions of some are already impacting the lives of many. Let’s hope we can spread love and care instead. Take a look inside the CoVid Testing box, and ensure the package contents are all acconted for on the label.

The pharmacy may have a best practice to prevent the infections, a wellness idea not to accept returns of such an item just due to the fact it could have been contaminated from someone suffering CoVid at home. If the box were coughed on or comprimised, it could be a remote infection risk, with the box itself as a vector.

Have YOU Already Bought your CoVid antigen test ???hhhm … When you get the kit, here are some key points to remember!

How To Use the CoVid-19 At Home Test Kit:

    1. A Wash Your Hands!
    2. B Remember not to touch the swab to anything except into the nostril , drop 6 drops of the potion into the corrrect hole after checking the control for a blue line – a blue lie needs to be there initially upon starting the test for this to work correclty
    3. C Swirl the tip of the applicator up and around for 15 seconds BOTH nose holes
    4. D Stick the booger stink into the hole beneath the dropper hole and twist to turn the tip 3 complete turns clockwise to the right KEEPING the window right side up as indicated. Pay attention to ensure the test is handled carefully.
    5. E It is good to read the entire insert prior to using the kit for proper assessment
    6. F Finally, WAIT 15 to 30 minutes to take a look at the indicator box. One pink line is negative GOOD! Whew! Now it is time to be immensely thankful for a negative result even if you aren’t out of the woods yet and still under the weather.
    7. G If the test is inconclusive, another may be performed- but if there are symptoms or a positive result, contact your health care provider and please take care. I hope you’re feeling better quickly.

    When the Blue Line Remains, it is Inconclusive

    Remember, there is a second test in the box for a reason. This ensures a second look at the antibodies which may be present, or causing the CoVid-19 infections. It is good to take a look at products which can be ordered online, for the purpose of preparedness in the event store fronts close, even temporarily.

    This CoVid Test Kit by Abott is a nice product and is easy to understand how to use. Another plus, there are not many ways you could go wrong with using it. The most important points are keeping the desired areas clean, level, time it correctly. Do not hesitate to seek the care of your health care professonals in he event you have signs or symptoms of any condition requiring medical care. This could be a concern, as some people are afraid to access medical care due to risk of exposure. While a valid concern, you could get sick walking into the dotor office to get tested. Even if negative, one could walk out the door of the clinic and contract that, among a number of other contageous diseases. 

    But I did find it reassuring to know my result was negative, and am very fortunate to have tesing available for patients and nurses alike.

    Another concern is the test must be performed twice 36 hours apart, and individuals self isolate and seek medical care if either results are positive.

    When my neck injury causes so much pain I couldn’t continue at the bedside taking care of patients frontline, I went on the search for products and services to help remotely with consulting, advertising, writing educational material for nursing students, and affiliate research. With a home test, people may reduce facility testing with an impact to help the frontline from behind the scenes.

    H3 affiliate programs disclosed: Hopefully, you will love to purchase products from my websites. Your purchases through my links helps to support this nurse to provide more content on the topics which promote online business within communities globally. None of my affiliate promotions increase the cost of any product, the affiliate agreement allows me to earn some of the profit. With more to invest on creating in the online business community, I can provide nursing expertise beyond the bedside.

    After all the catasrophes and struggles, people need a helping hand and caring heart. I just want to stick my neck out there and let you know, there are more resources to learn if you have contracted CoVid. Call  2-1-1, and local Health and Wellfare Departments, check with the Centers for Disease Control to learn more information. Action can help empower your situation, and so can having some support.

    You are NOT alone!

    There are resources for helping through the illness, and no one needs to do this alone. Nurses have united, and work despite the war on the CoVid-19 pandemic. Fascinating research is on the horizon, and will spur the future of world trade.

    How does this testing at home work exactly?

    The CoVid-19 pandemic forced many businesses to panic, and products being pushed out from abrupt production to sales without quality in mind. With the stress the bad products became a bit more of a concern. The prior experience of human infections of the virus means we do have some knowledge of how the germ works and therefore how to control it. And, we have some idea on how to research a product, looking for information before making the deision to buy it.

    At Home CoVid-9 Test

    The science behind CoVid detection includes genetics and viral identifiers we have learned through medical history. Enzymes and particles found from the virus replication are identified with bodily fluid of an infected host.

    The test in itself is not the end all and be all, and that is definitely not how this test works. Follow the directions, follow-up and read all the fine print to discover how the manufactures explan the function of these tests. With the workforce in jeapordy, manufacturing and production for consumers to buy the products are another source of worry. Keeping these items stocked can be difficult for suppliers. Read the reviews to ensure the product you have found does work, and you will get a better idea of which one is best. If someone is severly ill, you don’t have time to shop around, so researching now is a good idea to find out how exactly the product you are thinking about actually works. Trust Pilot Reviews and Google Reviews are a good indicator to find more about whether the product works for people who have used it.

    Helpful CoVid 19 Surveillance

    • Nice to have the option of a home test to be alert for the corona virus infection
    • Because this is available, more testing may reveal outbreaks otherwise which may have been undetected until too late
    • percent of false positive results or false negative require the clinical judgment of a medical professional, but the test could be handy for remote health care or in case of an emergency

    Look for your results promptly

    SEE the Results very quickly! 15 minutes is faster than the original test which were available for testing for the virus

    You can BUY your kit here!

    ***… and please pretty please send a response if you took or administered the test successfully.***

    BUY YOUR OWN COVID HOME TEST FROM NURSE BECCA before they disappear from the virtual shelf.

    If your pharmacy is closed or sold out, you can get the PR variety on my Amazon Link:

    The Amazon affiliate link above brings you to a different type of test, The PCR compares to the antigen test. You may have a better feeling getting the test online. Making a trip to the store with CoVid-19 spreading in the community makes an extra outing to the store an unecessary risk if you order it online.

    Follow the directions, reading through the steps and setting up your space in a clean manner. The basic process after hand hygiene is gather supplies on a clean surface in a way to prevent droppng on the floor or contaminating the contents. Perform the test, providing the advised wait time before getting the results. After the test, dsipose of all materials and wash your hands after taking out the trash. Report to your health care provider, and thank you for doing your part for community wellness.

    Stay posted for more posts on new product reviews, case studies and ongoing growth within the community by paying it forward in education, teaching and learning as a lifelong endeavor. Don’t forget to try to do some easy exercising, walking in the wilderness or have a treat for performing your at home test. Since I can’t give you a star, sticker or lollipop you will need to complete this step yourself. Great work in trying out this test to help the ongoing effort against the pressures of the pandemic.

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    1. Thanks, heaps, Nurse Becca. It is nice to have the option of a home test for coronavirus infection because embarrassment and shame are avoided with early detection. Two, reducing transmission rates could help prevent an even worse epidemic in our country’s hospitals, where over half of all patients carrying these viruses come from!

    2. This is a great topic and full of good useful information. I do agree if someone is able to order a Covid-19 test at home and take it themselves it would be a lot safer. Especially individuals with weak immunes systems that are at a high risk of catching Covid. It is also great knowing there is someone out there offering advice and trying to help people in need. 


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