Celebrating Wealthy Affiliate 100% Engagement

Celebrating Wealthy Affiliate 100% Engagement with 22 Premium Perks

EngagementEngagement is two hearts connected in a caring way

Pledging to one another Day after Day

We get through it together if together we stay

Because breaking hearts is no nice game to play

Wealthy Affiliate 100% Engagement

With each guest it shows an affinity for their presence if business owners are able to respond helpfully, relate to the consumer position and answer questions diligently.

With reflection and analysis it is much easier to repeat the same actions which result in good engagement.

Your Engagement can be gauged by the ability to stick together through trials and tribulations, through rich or through poor, for the betterment and worsening…

Basically building rapport and trust

Adorned in diamonds or rust

After the party, what settles into the dust

Is any doubt to what we must

While breaking out into blog song poems maybe not only corny but annoying, it is my way of celebrating 100% engagement accomplishment through excited inspiration.

What Wealthy Affiliate has taught is more than words can say, but here is a building list after 6 months.

22 Premium Perks

  1. The ability to operate a successful online business
  2. Best of Product Reviews

  3. How to Make Interesting Headlines

  4. Setting Writing and Publishing goals daily, weekly, monthly and customized with charted Google Ranking

  5. How to create a profitable website with more than 4,000 different themes to choose from

  6. Keyword research

  7. SEO

  8. Benefit of live chat service

  9. Live Hot Seat Website Audits by Jay from Magistudios

  10. How to increase site speed

  11. Ensurance of Mobile Compatibilty

  12. YouTube Video Training

  13. Screencast creation

  14. Building brilliant tutorials for cool cash credit

  15. Defining Inspiring Niches

  16. Helpful details applicable to all but not only Amazon, e commerce Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, YouTube, Canva, WordPress, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, Fiverr, a plethora of plugins, Google, Bing, Yahoo and a Partridge in a Pear Tree.

  17. Website Monitoring, site trust, speed, blog posting, plugin usage

  18. Ad performance surveillance

  19. Antispam integrity

  20. Maverick marketing skills

  21. Blogging Brainstorms

  22. Community Ambassador Leadership

    Throughout my journey, the learning is immensely important to share with you. The online university through Wealthy Affiliate online business community is self paced and progressive. Even after an accidental link made it into my training tutorial, my ability for writing on the Wealthy Affiliate website was frozen like a love gone cold. (See Nurse Becca Banned)

    Despite my experience, I can look at this now as a strength to my recommendation for you to join us in a magic matrimony that gave a nurse her business dream.

    Kyle and Carson immediately offered their help and reinstated my writing privileges on Wealthy Affiliate. An ambassador cannot stay an ambassador without involvement, providing assistance and giving support for a community. It was a great relief to be able to write again. As well as a reassurance that the Spam policies are strictly enforced.

Meet the Owners of Wealthy Affiliate and your Live Business Coach:

Kyle #1

Since 2005, has been building Wealthy Affiliate into the beautiful business resource that it is today (more than 1.7 million members worldwide). Genius.

Kyle, Wealthy Affiliate Founder

Carson #2

Carson, the Wealthy Affiliate Technical Boss is pictured below on the far right of the photo. He is a mastermind behind the scenes glitch fixing guru. Genius.

Jay #3

This man offers himself for coaching and giving courage to entrepreneurs. He has built training for over 11 years at Wealthy Affiliate. He also donates himself to date for donations to children hospital charities, and happens to be an Olympic Gymnastic Canadian Super Star. Genius.

3 Fearless Wealthy Affiliate Leaders

Behind the Biz! 3 Handsome Buff Bosses. Left to right is Kyle, Jay and Carson.

Cost breakdown, Free 7 day membership to see if you find value within Wealthy Affiliate. 19$ for first month member. 49$ monthly with great savings opportunities for 6 month or yearly membership.

Please note, if you would join through Nnurse Becca Affiliate Link, Nurse Becca Consulting earns a small commission.

Purchase Premium through this link, and Nurse Becca gets to be your referral mentor for the life of mutual membership at Wealthy Affiliate.

Thank you for supporting a nurse-owned business! What a beautiful engagement.


Nurse Becca

My #1 Recommendation Program for Learning Affiliate Marketing

5 thoughts on “Celebrating Wealthy Affiliate 100% Engagement”

  1. Hi Burse Bacca: I would like to thank you for teaching me so much about Wealthy Afiliate. You asked for questions, and I can not think of any that you have not answered. I have been a Premium member since October, and I have not taken advantage of SO many of the opportunities of Wealthy Affiliate that you explained. Do you think it would be advisable to set up links with Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. I have memberships with all 3, but am not very confident about my computer skills. I really enjoy Wealthy Affiliate, but do not have traffic yet and have only made $6.00 on Amazon…but your post has shown me the unlimited opportunities that are available and I will struggle on.

    Thanks so much for instilling your positive attitude and sharing your knowledge.

    • I was banned for the 3rd time today. I still enjoy the community. I do not know if I’ll be able to continue as an ambassador, but you can always get ahold of me for brainstorming. I welcome your input. Thank you very much for this kind response. I explained the trouble I have had on Nurse Becca Banned blog post. Unfortunately, I am not able to blog at this time, so I was going to write a Happy Cinco De Mayo post. Lol thanks again for reading my blog.
      Kind Regards,
      Nurse Becca

  2. Wow, you did an awesome and unique way of reviewing Wealthy Affiliate. Truly insightful. You are the first one I have seen that has done it poetically. Good job. It is like a breath of fresh air as it was not hard to read. I honestly enjoyed reading it.

    I have not seen the training for YouTube video which I am excited to see and would like to try it in the nearest future. I wanted to know if you have seen the training and tried making Youtube videos? If you had, how was the experience?

    Thank you.


    • Dear Nida,

      Of course, you’re quite welcome!

      Yes, I did it for Bootcamp and it was a little bit nerve racking and that is another Premium Benefit of peer accountability. I have attended a lot of Jay’s webinars and they are each impactful. I am glad you liked my poem even though it maybe corny, it is the equivalent of my heart breaking out into song. I did my YouTube via Screencast O Matic, and it was very straight forward to learn. I had fun and enjoyed it. Even the most nervous stage fright can have fun with a little help. Thank you for your reaponse, it uplifts my heart don’t worry I wont sing, though. Hahaha:):):)

    • Dear Nida,
      If you’re looking for more info on nurse niche and techy stuff, you can check out Health Media Academy. They have a generous Affiliate program, and Nerdy Nurse Guides to Technology as well as blogging, these 2 books are great. I cannot comment on Wealthy Affiliate due to the Nurse Becca Ban. But I would help you out anytime with brainstorming ways to passive income for spending time with the kids. I love that idea, and will benefit the community by bringing forth children whose parents have time for them. I hope my notes find you well, and Happy National Nurse Week!
      Kind Regards,
      Nurse Becca


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