Clinician to Consultant MasterClass Review

Clinician to Consultant MasterClass Review


Option to receive CEU credit


Closed Captions



  • Provides Useful Resources
  • Mobile Accessibility
  • Creates a Community Atmosphere
  • Fosters Abundance Mindset, Meeting went over time for good reason
  • Engaging for Guests

Improvement Opportunities

  • Plan Cannot Implement Itself
  • Minor spelling or grammatical errors
  • Italic Print on PowerPoint is Difficult to Read
  • Closed Captions Missing
  • Meeting Went Over Time Frame

Live Webinar by Elle

The introductory content for the Clinician to Consultant MasterClass is captivating.

Software and strategy which Elle shares in the live webinar can help a business open or expand.

Fact: According to current Alignable polls, the local business who are experiencing cash flow crisis outnumber profitable companies right now.

Race for Recovery Poll Questions whether business is stalled or making progress.

Whether states are opening too soon for safety or too late for economic paralysis is an open debate. But one sure result from the polls, that a large amount of companies are experiencing cash flow freeze despite heat waves. It precipitates scarcity mindset.

Elle’s free class trumped the Alignable email by abundance affirmations within business practice. She tells the world and your mother to do this daily, and from doing this I can attest to the effectiveness.

It builds your confidence, posture and composure.

Favorite Key Points

Business Consulting Resources which can help any consulting firm to get more clients:

  1. Affiliate Link, independent healthcare consulting differs from working as an employee, and demands a different mindset.
  2. Networking is curating relationships-AND this can help discover who would be the best resource to give or receive clients. Referrals may take some time to build trust, and it is sometimes a challenge to find the correct specialty you can share work with. This challenge is compounded with a need to find the right company with common values in alignment.
  3. Subcontract Opportunities-these type of relationships can be found on social media in specialty groups, on committees, and on business platforms or job listing sites, such as LinkedIn or Indeed. Taking part in a committee not only created position as an expert, but can open potential for these subcontracts.
  4. Invite to Facebook Groups-The Facebook groups can be a great place to find niche markets. The important thing to remember is to have etiquette not to spam or deliver information that is not wanted or useful for the community. For anyone serious about healthcare consulting independently or getting more training for specific clients, the Healthcare Consultant Mastermind group of Facebook is growing quickly.
  5. Get Elle’s Book, Read Review Here.

Here are Some More Great Take Home Tips!

I learned with this review about other experts in their fields, how long they have been in business and what their niche specialties are.

The best take home from the live MasterClass is the invitation to collaborate with like minded health care professionals. Gaining a group can help with peer accountability and have people who genuinely celebrate accomplishments.

A road map download appeared while the class progressed. The featured image is a screenshot of the picture that appeared while Elle was giving her presentation. The live chat is lively tonight, and it was an hour and some change well spent.

How Nurse Becca Consulting Implemented Ideas from Elle’s Teaching

With Elle’s coaching, after determining what the problem, solution and outcome to give the next step is contacting potential clients to offer service. The follow-up and staying top of mind is what ultimately lands your prospects to become ongoing happy customers. and ehealthprogram.comĀ  new websites in progress after Elle offered expanding to provide specialty service based on 20 years in health care experience consulting with a background in professions of nursing and pharmacy technology.

Within the MasterClass, live chat question and answer is beneficial to have in real time. It helps to get feedback for questions right away.

Shareable features from chat and open discussions:

  • Benefits of following a lean business model in the face of CoVid-19
  • How to find qualified prospects
  • This is fun, but why would I take the class twice? This introduction class can help with writing pitches copy writing or securing clients on an ongoing basis. Partially, TO TAKE NOTES. If you sign up for one of Elle’s webinars, take some notes. The actual writing of information, and reviewing it to glean information in context to the prospect can help build material for presentations that doesn’t sound like just another boring sales pitch.

Onboarding and orientation can be a service to provide for companies. After a strategy that is successful shows results, these can be leverage to add to a portfolio in order to show a record of success.

How to make money with nursing expert knowledge as a health care consultant by cultivating a mindset of abundance. Daily affirmations: I have unlimited daily cash flow options. I get results by solving problems

Healthcare Consulting Next Steps

What goes on with consultants, they refuse to get out of the comfort zone, and set imaginary limits that spell failure for a business. Taking no for an answer is an art and science in itself. You can change a no into a yes with providing value and promoting in a way that makes guerrilla type sales strategies obsolete. When the help you offer has relevancy for curating profit or preventing loss, you placed your brand in an expert position.

The next step, ***Watch this free video to get started.***

In Closure of Clinician to Consultant

There are a number of consultants who start not knowing the experience they possess is expert level. If you have ever followed a policy as a nurse, then you have been in charge of the most important part of policy making.

Nurses and healthcare providers on the front line will have more expert knowledge and experience to reference than they will ever know without some reflection.

Have you ever been to a company meeting? They often present a change of policy the staff are responsible for implementing. They have the first idea of whether the process is feasible in reality, or pitfalls that may spell amendment is needed for safety. Evaluating what may be a pain point, such as cost of fines or loss of revenue. These are examples that can take business to the next level for ongoing success.

This success can be achieved, with an abundance mindset but the Alignable poll points to a poor position of cash flow for local businesses. According to the results, Alignable shows real impact on cash flow for May and June.Sales and business loss can be a devastating setback or fuel a passion for expansion. We will leave that up to you, but for those with the expansion passion and abundant business mindset, Elle’s resources are carefully made for you. I highly recommend the learning to be implemented, as the workshops alone do not change the price of tea in China.

Only with continual action and implementing the process within your healthcare consulting niche can businesses benefit from this plan.

My #1 Recommendation Program for Learning Affiliate Marketing

24 thoughts on “Clinician to Consultant MasterClass Review”

  1. Hi there Rebecca

    Healthcare consulting sounds interesting and quite promising financially. I believe that this article gives many nurses and other healthcare professionals a chance to really get out of their comfort zone and go out there to make a difference. 

    Clinician to Consultant MasterClass sounds like it could provide some valuable skills to healthcare professionals.

    Besides sites like Pinterest, would you recommend those in the health industry to join efforts with popular health blogs run by ordinary people to advertise their services to a broader audience? 

    Solomon & Selina

    • Dear Solomon,

      That is an excellent question, I do think you can find networks on LinkedIn, Facebook, and other platforms. I highly recommend blogs for building consulting relationships. The advertisement part is questionable because you would want to market and advertise with content that pertains. If it is relevant, and helpful for the community without spamming, it can be good for their brand. I hope this helps. Thank you for reading my review blog, your feedback is very useful.

      Kind Regards,

      Nurse Becca

  2. Hi Rebecca, the points you’ve raised here are very good. I am not a nurse myself but I do have my own business and this Covid19 pandemic has really impacted and changed the world that we live in today. 

    I would dare say that what you’ve written here can be relevant to any if not all who owns or runs a business or a company.

    I do like your favorite key points that you have enumerated as well. Anyone who has their own company or runs their own business, should really start getting out of their comfort zones and look for creative ways to keep their business running and avoid being paralized or as what you’ve said the “scarcity mindset”.

    Thanks for this great and encouraging review. Cheers!

    • Dear Mark,

      It was a productive meeting, even for a Sunday night. I just completed the class and immediately wrote this review for Elle. The group chat can slide over for viewing the Powerpoint. The design is beautiful, even though it is a little challenging for me to read with my thick glasses. 

      You are right, you don’t need to be a nurse to benefit from this learning. The anatomy and physiology of the funnels for building a strong network community are also another feature I have followed Elle for quite some time watching. She sets a trend for progress which I’ve always admired. 

      You don’t need a million half convinced fans to make your brand a household name, but truly engaging user experience and a small group of active dedicated people who care. I will give a resounding 5 stars for her ongoing effort to provide, especially the user experience part.

      You are quite welcome, of course!

      Have a great night,

      Nurse Becca

  3. I was a bit lost as to hat was this all about. However, the article is great review of Elle’s Resources where all the frontline knowledge is leveraged to develop clinical consultants. The resources are extremely important and useful. However, implementing it will call for intense will-power.

    The Best thing about Elle’s Resources is that it focuses on abundance mindset. It is a fact that you can do wonders with a abundance mindset as this seeps through your sub-conscious mind and makes everything abundant around you.

    Thanks for this article however it took me a while to really understand. But, it was worth it.

    Do keep writing more of such articles to help more and more people in life.

    • Dear Rohit,

      Thank you : thank you so much!:) I do get feedback of confusion for my style. I’ll keep revising and practicing, and hope that my reviews help people out. I found your note enormously encouraging, and was almost going to sleep. I’m glad to hear the effort was worthwhile.


      Nurse Becca

  4. CLINICIAN TO CONSULTANT MASTERCLASS REVIEW is an interesting take on nursing. It is true that there are a number of consultants who do not know the experience they possess. i guess if you have been a Nurse, you know as much about medicine and policy as doctors do. The points you’ve raised here are very good. I am not a nurse but I do have my own business and this COVID has really impacted and changed the world that we live in today. Lets hope things get better by and by. 

     Interesting article.Thanks.


  5. There is one thing that I don’t like about Clinician to Consultant and it’s the Italic Print on PowerPoint is Difficult to Read. I really have eye-sight problems.

    But there are waaay more advantages to Clinician to Consultant than this minor issue. I like networking and to be part of a community. Clinician to Consultant seems to be for me!

    • Hi Ann,

      I think Elle does a great job with the italics within the presentation. If you are watching without sound, it would help to have closed captions for easy reading. The networking and relationships built trumps the effort in re-reading it for me. I hope you will enjoy the experience, and Elle is a gracious hostess as well as professional with her approach. After reading her amazing book, The Power of Expertise, I have considered myself a lifetime fan of her brand. Each investment of time or money I have put forth with her products and services has been worthwhile and uplifting.


      Nurse Becca

  6. hello rebecca, thank you for this beautiful informative and educative review. clinician to consultant masterclass is a really nice idea. the points you have accumulated and listed here are wonderful. this article would be useful especially to those who owns their company or runs a business. thanks for this .

  7. Hello nurse Rebecca, your points are all very valid and even though I am not a nurse, I can very well relate to most of the things you have said here because I also own a business and the pandemic gas really affected it. I think that at the end of the day, I would really have to move out of my comfort zone in search of a better way to be able to get the best out of my nis

  8. Good one to see this here. Getting to access medical help withing the snap of a fungeris what the internet has brought to us but without properly getting the right access to the right one can really be troublesome. I actually like the fact that this clinician to consult masterclass offers it all and that is a good thing here. Thank you

  9. this is an excellent write up, affiliate marketing helpS discover who would be the best resource to give or receive clients. Referrals may take some time to build trust, and it is sometimes a challenge to find the correct specialty you can share work with. This challenge is compounded with a need to find the right company with common values in alignment. This is really an interesting Topic. Will take my time to study more on it.Whether states are opening too soon for safety or too late for economic paralysis is an open debate. But one sure result from the polls, that a large amount of companies are experiencing cash flow freeze despite heat waves. It precipitates scarcity mindset. I want to hope people learn from this pandemic 

    • That is very nice of you to join discussion, it is a tragedy and causing many people stress. I don’t know anyone who is unaffected by the pandemic and all it’s challenges. This is a great time to be working online. I have been through small outbreaks of pathogens in my Healthcare career but they all fall in Coronavirus shadows in terms of damage.

      Thank you so much for taking a look on my website, Abel.

      Best Regards,

      Nurse Becca 

  10. Hi Rebecca, I am not in the health service myself, but this Covid-19 definitely changed our lives and is still changing them. 

    I agree with you 100% that we should start looking (if not already) for creative ways to keep our businesses rolling and ourselves busy and healthy. 

    Thanks for the tips and a great review. 

    I would recommend to everyone who lands on your website to use the Wealthy Affiliate for this matter, as it gives all the knowledge and tools one needs for online business. 

    • Dear Sunny,

      Thank you for taking a look at this blog and interest in my work. I’m glad you enjoyed my summary, and I would agree. The problems are devastating we all face in the pandemic. Elle has some great Affiliate opportunities for Healthcare Consulting, and many free resources for anyone who wants to build or expand their business.

      I recommend the book she wrote as well, The Power of Expertise. The pronciples and ideas could help reinvent or create company. The marketing strategies are helpful.


      Nurse Becca 

  11. When it comes down to consulting regardless of the field of work, it must be good and very helpful consulting to the individual or groups of individuals. It could be through webinars, or scheduled live group meetings in an office setting, results is what the speaker is after. During these troubling times with covid-19, we need all the information and guidance that we can get. Just keeping our sanity intact in today’s crises, we need hope, prayer and sound counseling around the clock!

    • I’m with you on that note. When the churches closed down, then my perspective of CoVid -19 reached an all new bully level. I think pharmacogenetics could be a way to combat the illness, but also funds and attention need to be allocated to drug resistant bacteria. With everyone having to wear masks, aside from the formaldehyde, it is concerning the staph germs breeding in nares, especially in health care workers who must wear disposable masks for unknown extended periods of time.

      Thank you kindly for joining in the conversation. I think Elle’s spirit of paying it forward to share success strategy is uplifting in the face of this pandemic. I just got notified this article was ranked in Google in less than a week. I have the Wealthy Affiliate community and Healthcare Consultant Masterminds to thank as well. 


      Nurse Becca

  12. In trying to understand what the Masterclass is it seems that this is really about networking if I am correct? The class would help one gain more sufficiently in class for integrated healthcare management for users in our times of critical thinking and decision making that we all have to take in ourselves however needing a consultant to meet with using this platform. 

    • Dear Andrew,

      I appreciate your curiosity and joining the discussion. The masterclass is an introduction for healthcare workers to use their experience in consulting. You are right in the networking sense, it does help to have a group to brainstorm with. The consultants who have a brand, logo, business plan, website and clientele have a lead into the community to get support for business growth. With CoVid on the rise, people are needing to niche down and span out ideas or repurpose services to different markets. It may sound counterintuitive but diversifying and niching down can be done simultaneously for success. What it really does boil down to is networking. Many of Elle’s concepts can be useful regardless of the product, service or market. I’m glad you are checking it out.

      Thank you for writing this note.


      Nurse Becca

  13. Hi Rebecca,

    This article was recommended by a friend, altho I am not in the health professional field I found a lot of value in your review of the Clinician to Consultant Masterclass. 

    I have long been hesitant to attend webinars. My normal approach has been to watch the replays (if available). Now I have a better understanding of the process, a better grasp on the type of information shared and some of the benefits of attending. The big take-away, for me is the networking aspect. With the range in most niches no one can be the ultimate expert, having solid sources for current information is vital.

    Thanks for the information and the direction of thought you have given me. 


    • Hi there,

      You’re welcome, my pleasure. I have attended many of Elle’s classes, both free and paid. Her insights are fostering growth of abundance mindset and I have learned a lot from networking that there just limitless many great opportunities. Her book, the Power of Expertise can help those in business other than health care immensely. I read the beta version the moment it came out when I was missing my family in the middle of the lonely night from one of my immunoglobulin adventures. The voice she has in writing is a tremendous encouragement.

      Thank you for reading my blog to celebrate continuing support of Elle and her Healthcare Consulting Masterminds pioneering.

      From my heart,

      Nurse Becca

  14. Hi Rebecca,

    Thank for this post. It seems to be a great way for propelling the business, helping people, making money as far as I understand.

    Do you need a business license to operate?

    When there are so many doctors in this kind of businesses running highly helpful websites to solve problem how do you see this competition?

    • Independent Legal Nurse Consultants require a business license to operate. Many of the contracts are under the licensure of the company they affiliate with. Rules vary depending on the role and location of a nurse and the clients. When in doubt, enlist your trusted advisors for input and research the current rules. 

      That is a great question regarding doctors, as they are in a different capacity as a Consultant. The short answer is they are another niche or microculture of healthcare consultants. The Legal Nurse Consultant would have the insight needed at a lower rate in most cases. A doctor cannot provide testimony on the applicable nursing standards of care or best practice under the Nurse Practice Act. Many instances, the MD is not as well versed in giving an opinion on the statutes in relation to the nursing aspects or aware of the required documentation, education, skills training and so forth.

      These are brief examples, but the Clinician to Consultant meeting was more general in terms of medical providers in general, often target a market of larger organizations or chains of health care providers with value based proposals that are apparent in outcome. For example, the Skilled Nursing Facility chain enlists the help of healthcare consultant who is an expert infection preventionist to streamline the employee health process for tuburculosis screenings and influenza vaccinations that account for an accumulating fine by OSHA. The consultant works the case with initial observation and findings presented during QUAPI meeting for team approval of a module which is interactive built to ensure compliance and get the data entry to accurately produce the reports by escalating IT request for a hyperlink. Alright, enough of a long way of saying thank you so much for your visit and input on the discussion topic.

      Sweet Dreams,

      Nurse Becca


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