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For the upcoming holidays, I want to keep in mind people with diabetes. Thanksgiving is upon us. For many people who are diabetic, the food is part of the fun. It is no wonder around Thansgiving and Christmas are two common times of the year for diabetic heart attacks.

With the emergence of new designs for products that are a compliment to technology advancement, this method of testing blood glucose and seeing what your sugar testing trends are has just become a whole lot easier.

I am going to get on a little soap box for this because I detect a new standard of care.

Bacteria are evolving to expand their germ codes for resistance to transfer from strep to staph to e.coli to enterococcus. They have a new DNA branch that snarps off easily and affixes to other bacteria. The other families of bacteria are then resistant to the same antibiotics. The problem is many infections are preventable. In order to improve the prevention, less finger stick wounds are essential.

The Helo Extense cost of 500$ is a great bargain for the amount of infections which can be prevented. And over time will be less expensive than other products.

Think about not having to look at another lancet for life… If you are diabetic, or a nurse, this will be greatly appealing!

No more:
-finger pokes
-comtaminant equipment
-purchasing lancets and test strips
-open areas on your fingers to allow germ entry

Freestyle Libre is another such product that is reducing the infection risk related to multiple blood sugar tests. Some diabetics are also taking anticoagulants that can cause bruising on the fingertips. Either product can help reduce these risks.


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2 thoughts on “Diabetic sugar check health tech”

  1. This is great article with excellent content. My wife’s uncle has diabetes and even though I’m not sure how he is controlling and monitors his condition, the information that you share here can make a difference in his life style. I think that the recommendations that you provide are on point and will improve the life of those that suffer symptoms of diabetes.

    Thank you for sharing! Keep up the nice work.

    • You are quite welcome, of course! It is my privilege. I truly appreciate your feedback. Although I don’t have diabetes, I am charged with caring for many who do. I decided to continue learning more about diabetes because of the increased risk of infection and the evolution of multidrug resistant bacteria. And the people who are dear to me suffering from it. Thanks so much for your comment, Victor. I hope you have a great day!
      Kind Regards,
      Nurse Becca


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