Dodge Journey Review, Touring Tourette’s With Dave Beery

Dodge Journey Review, Touring Tourette’s With Dave Beery


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  • Caring Sales Team
  • Dependable Transportation
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Dodge Journey Review


Dodge Journey Review, Touring Tourette’s With Dave Beery

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Marketing and sales are really superfluous with caring service, and introduced to the Journey with Dave Beery, the courteous greeting after taking several different wrong turns with test driving cars.

I tried numerous rental cars, shopping for a longer trial of a good fit for travel assignments with reliability. Dave met me with a great welcome, and old school hand shake. I had Ubered around, with an offer of 1.9% financing and there was the element of feeling the salesman actually cares about the goals for nursing.

Even without an incentive, I recommend the service of Larry H Miller, and the story of awareness of Tourette’s. This is a condition of uncontrolled movements, which can carry a stigma due to the tiks and awkward explanation of the condition. How it can be an anxiety with various social interactions required for sales with great service.

Beery communicates a sincere regard for clients, after my presentation for Diabetes In Assisted Living Facilities for people with mental health disabilites. Tourette’s has a nerve and muscular component, where the movements may be as bad as a seizure, and it requires a higher level of energy to maintain repeated spasms. Tourette’s can be debilitating when verbal outbursts of profanity cause an awkward situation. This occurs more rarely for patient affected with Tourette’s.

Some Ideas to help reduce tics or recurrence of troublesome symptoms.

  1. Sage
  2. Music
  3. Massage
  4. Relaxing spa
  5. Avoid excess caffeine
  6. Organize and outline tasks
  7. Take regular breaks
  8. Exercise
  9. Fun
  10. Tourette’s Patients may practice relaxation techniques, including taking needed breaks, and explaining the diagnosis effects in terms of overcoming the communication barriers. The related social anxiety can cause distress in sales or make the effort of providing service take more determination and persistence.

To continue learning in this area, I continued research about Tourette’s on the Mayo Clinic Website. It was fascinating the different types and outcome for patients with Tourette’s, especially in regard to fighting the stigma associated with having this condition. Regardless of the overt symptoms, Tourette’s can influence the emotional and spiritual health depending on the individual.

Dodge Journey Review

Stress and Emotional Wellbeing

Building strategies has been a challenge for Beery, and he poured his soul into music as a comfort.

Tourette’s on Tour

When music is in your soul, it can have a calming effect for people with Tourette’s. Dave Beery was kind enough to pick up this nurse after blowing up an old Tahoe transmission. Now in the graveyard of home health and hospiced to death vehicles. David Beery picked me up, and was more than happy to do so.


Tics are sometimes awkward or embarrassing when they increase during situations when the stress increases. It is like nursing in the way that any barriers to care or doing too many tasks can get to be overwhelming. Good self care, and communication can help speed recovery from periods of stress.


If you are looking for reliable transportation, the team at Larry H. Miller in Boise is positively the best. David Beery has my vote for rising above the stigma of having a rare condition. His love for helping people is greater than the struggles related to living with Tourette’s.

I would highly recommend talking with Dave Beery. I was not asked to give this review, but Beery immediately said I could raise awareness with a Nurse Becca Blog explaining about Tourette’s syndrome symptoms and explain about this condition to fight stigma.

My Dodge Journey Review is 5 stars for travel assignments and reliable road trips:

  • Roomy and comfortable
  • Well detailed
  • Easy to drive
  • Ready for inclement weather
  • you know the new car smell
  • cute
  • 3rd row seats with adjustable warmth and music
  • Stereo programmed by Dave Beery sounds amazing!

The approach of marketing can be learned in this instance because it relates to helping people pay it forward with great service.

If this begins to sound to sales like, one thing Dave taught me is to ask for the sale. If you go to Boise for service it is a great time before winter, and their team takes great care of people as well as vehicles. They offered me 100$ to send a friend and actually send out a check in the mail. I did not get the free TV but they offer for people as a bonus. I don’t really need another TV, but it sounds like a good extra for anyone who does. So, I hope you talk to the team if you’re in the market for a new car.

…And please let me know if you’re looking for any services located on my website service tab for Plaintiff or Defendants. I offer customized services as a Certified Legal Nurse Consultant since 2013 by Vickie Milazzo.

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Knowledge of Tourette’s condition helps the patients have support needed for Tourette’s. I hope you have enjoyed the little ditty blog to celebrate the Journey, community and overall education to help achieve goals toward successful business and health.

You can learn more about Tourette’s by reading a longer article which ultimately reports the stigma of Tourette’s is stereotyping the rare percent with Self Injurious Behavior

:// (SIB)

Dave Beery

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8 thoughts on “Dodge Journey Review, Touring Tourette’s With Dave Beery”

  1. Yes I agree with you that your Dodge Journey Review is indeed a five star given the so many good features you have mentioned above. With this transport should now come at ease. I have taken note of your legal service, I will always endeavour to reach out to you should need be for any legal issues. 

    • Dear Charles,

      Thank you for reading my tribute for a great road trip. I hope you like my blog jibbas, I always love to take a break from serious cases, but yes really it was the best experience I’ve had just because Dave was kind and truly helpful. He made me feel like I wasn’t a pain in the buns even though he had to pick me up. 

      Definitely look me up for consulting, I am just as dedicated to helping out attorneys with both plaintiff and defense. Some of the services I have even offered pro bono to get more experience. Then meeting Vickie Milazzo, Erica Leach, and working with programs by Pat Iyer, invested in Certification over the past 6 years. I stay clinically active to be able to offer testifying witness services as well. Medical Legal research is one of my passions.

      Have a great day and thanks again for visiting.


      Nurse Becca

  2. Thanks for this educational post there have been situations occuring about tourettes, and its not very good to know. However im glad you gave some things which coulr heelp the situation which includes music. For so many people music can be a very fital pary of thier life. I eally wisj to understand better, maybe in simpler way a recap of everything again.

  3. Thumbs up on this and it feeels really nice to read so much on touring tourette through the dodge journey. Well, I was not too acquainted with details about tourette before but after everything has been talked on and after the details I read here, I can only be grateful to you for the information shared here as it is helpful. Thanks

  4. I once had a student who was living with Tourette’s and it really is different than most media makes it out to be. Thanks for writing this article and brining more attention to it. 

    Additionally, I’m glad you had a great car-buying experience! That can be one of the most stressful times for sure, but it is awesome when you are able to work with a salesperson you can trust and who treats you well. 

    Hope all is well and that you enjoy the new ride!

    • Dear Steve,

      It is totally different than what we might imagine, I am curious about it and glad to help with awareness in fighting stigma. Dave was probably one of the nicest guys I’ve met, especially to buy a car from.

      Thank you for reading a Nurse Becca Blog ☺ I hope you have a great day.

      Kind Regards,

      Nurse Becca


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