Bed Bath Product, Rich named it “Bedscroll” A Secret to Skin Failure Prevention

Draft Created: June 3, 2020

Bed Bath Product

Rich Named it “Bedscroll” A Secret to Skin Failure Prevention

The idea behind bedscroll and story of Rich Cordero’s creation of a universal bed bath product inspired by nursing strain on Mr. Cordero’s wife, Grace. Grace worked tirelessly year after year despite the pain in her muscles from lifting heavy patients for bathing. This charming Cordero couple helped me consider using the bedscroll to prevent pressure ulcers, skin shear and other signs and symptoms of skin failure.

  • moisture associated skin breakdown-can be from sweat or passing urine and stools
  • Pressure related injuries (avoidable and unavoidable)-bony prominences like the elbows, hips, ankles, and knees
  • Sheer and friction-from inability to completely lift skin off fabric for repositioning and transfers
  • Comorbid conditions-diabetes, copd, heart failure, autoimmune syndromes, cancer, HIV, amputations or burns, quadriplegia, paralysis, traumatic brain injury. This is just a brief idea of diagnoses who would benefit from advancing their hygiene in Bedscrolls.
  • community risk during CoVid 19 pandemic-will be discussed with skilled nursing and hospice settings but also pertains to any clinical area

Bedscroll bed bath product can have an impact to reduce the spread of infection and lifting or transfer strain of assisting with bathing. The fabric of these new sheets is a micro coil to prevent skin injury, and can be easily turned into a spa-like shower in the bed.

The device can help with hygiene and self-esteem for people who are bed bound, or even as a help for end of life care when a caregiver is needed for hospice care. Populations with transfer issues to make getting in and out of beds and chairs as well as those with history of skin breakdown could benefit from a new approach to bathing. With Bedscroll compared to hospital sheets, the number of germs carried or transmitted can be vastly reduced.

The decrease of work related injury, lessened risk of skin failure and comfort for both patients along with their caregivers are incentives to give the Bedscroll product a great review.

Individual case studies can show how implementing technology of a newly designed sheet such as this can revolutionize safety and comfort of hygiene practices.

Even after laundering the sheets in facilities, there are contagious particles that are capable of causing and spreading infections.

These germs are difficult and costly to treat, imagine eliminating the hazard from:

  1. Stealth Bacteria, these endospores are triggered in extreme heat or may be the only surviving germs after the dryer completes high heat cycle.
  2. Pseudomonas, these are microbes that produce skin infections in gastric-tubes or other wounds.
  3. C. Diff (a fulminant diarrhea), this opportunistic infection can rear its ugly self after a course of antibiotics, or simply prey on people who are diabetic.
  4. Drug-Resistant Candida, found in more than a third of autopsies.

When the bedscroll product is unrolled for people, it descreetly announces the triumph of preventing infections like an unsung hero antimicrobial underdog.


Bed bath for hygiene cares

Skilled Nursing Facility Cleanliness Compliance for CoVid-19

When residents live in skilled nursing, the report is now more critical to explain the herd effect of bathing refusals. It puts others in the community at risk. Even the most thorough or bed baths do not provide the slowing of the growth curve of infectious diseases on the human body over time that is needed to protect the community.

Bed baths also carry the risk of infecting people who clean the room.

Social workers and the Centers for Disease Control alike require explanation and inteventions to explain shower refusals due to the risk of the community in CoVid-19 updates.

A special consideration with end of life care is that vigorous bathing can be sheer torture for someone with uncontrolled pain while they are passing away. The relaxing effect of Bedscroll can actually be a great comfort for hospice patients and their families. Cleansing the body after death can also be more respectfully performed in the bedscroll.

For all of these reasons, I fully recommend Bedscroll invention. To start, this review is without an affiliate commission. With my experience as a nurse, there are many exciting products for health and wellness. When Rich created the Bedscroll for his wife, Grace, he made a place in the hearts of many patients as well as the love of his life.

Rubber duckies can take a break from floating and decorate the bathroom shelf as Bedscroll gets unrolled. And the look of the smile on my patient’s face while in the bed bath was priceless.

I hope you will revisit this post for ongoing research, updates and case studies pertaining to Bedscroll product.

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16 thoughts on “Bed Bath Product, Rich named it “Bedscroll” A Secret to Skin Failure Prevention”

  1. Excellent information buddy, I worked in the healthy care system in Alberta Canada and it is true that, decrease of work related injury, lessened risk of skin failure and comfort for patients are the credits to give to the Bed-scroll products. They are very compatible and totally safe to use. Thank you for the information again and have a great one.

  2. This product sounds like a lifesaver for patient and caregiver alike. I have some experience with nursing homes as I used to be a sales rep selling medical supplies to nursing homes. This was when skin and wound care was kind of a new thing and a staph infection was pretty much the worst thing you can catch.  Bedscroll sounds like a rugged piece of bedding and looks able to isolate patients from the bad microbes. This sounds like the new thing to promote and be involved in from the beginning. I hope Rich and Grace can retire and live their lives doing whatever they want.


    • Dear Courtney,
      I like the idea a lot because Rich came up with it for Grace. To me, it seems not only more useful but also romantic.
      Thank you for visiting my website. I truly appreciate the gesture.
      Nurse Becca

  3. This was an interesting article and I think that bedscroll will also be a highly beneficial product for those who are doing home care or who are nursing sickly people from home. I would rather be at home if I were sick at the moment than in any hospital for sure.

    Do you perhaps have a picture of the product? It would help greatly to enable us to visualise exactly how the whole concept works.

    • I did find some great pictures, however due to respect for privacy, I couldn’t post the pictures for the demonstration when Rich and his wife came to visit me. I’m updating with more information as well.
      This can be a great tool for caregivers, and I do believe it has many implications for community wellness.

  4. Hi nursebeccaconsulting,

    I read your article with some surprise. A lot of facts are new and BedScroll seems a great idea. 
    The article is very well written and conveys a lot. i am so glad to see a website on Nursing with the aim to help people through your knowledge and experience. I would certainly need to read more about this topic. 
    I will also checkout and maybe review a few online sites about nursing as this will get us more about our mutually shared interest. 


    Aparna Bansal

    • Thank you for leaving me your input. I found it inspiring, and was able to add a few second video to look at the concept more closely. I don’t own a bedscroll, but am hoping the blog is helpful. If they devise an Affiliate Program, I’m definitely interested because of the health implications for caregivers and people who need care.
      Thanks again for visiting!
      Best Regards,
      Nurse Becca

  5. I had not heard of Bedscroll before reading this post.  I still am not sure as to where this can be puchased…if it is marketed.  It sounds like something that can be a help.  Is this only available to medical staff and/or hospitals?  I did go and do a search, and this enlightened me a bit more.  But I still could not see where this is marketed for sale.

  6. This care product sounds like a blessing to those who are experiencing a situation with skin breakdown.  When the body faces a time of being in bed-bound chances of having bedsores and other symptoms of the skin under stress.  So, this is a system for helping treat or keep patient comfortable?  I am not too sure I understand the product described, is it a fabric to laundered, or a one-use disposable? At these times, having any kind of help for our loved ones and protecting their skin is desired.  

    The “special” in this product, which must be bedding is that it doesn’t stick to the skin?  As we help with the care of our loved ones at the different stages of their lives and the events that occur, helping keep their skin healthy means one less thing to worry about,  Our skin does a great job of protecting our bodies, but some conditions are just so hard on our skin.  A product that can help with the conditions that attack and teardown the skin can keep our loved one more comfortable, plus make care easier.  An interesting read, thank you for the information.

  7. Great idea and so important in this day and age! My father was very ill before he passed away 6 years ago and this would have been really useful for him. I think a lot of people get ill from being in a hospital environment and picking up infections there – so this should reduce the amount that this happens.

  8. helllooo dear, what na amazing content you have here, i was actually doing some research online when i saw your post, i really must say it really has been a top notch content, i really believe these post will be of more use to my mother, cause these post really speaks of thier canteria alot, thanks alot for the info ill surely do some recommendations

  9. Hello dear, thanks for sharing such a great and helpful article on DRAFT: BED BATH PRODUCT, RICH NAMED IT “BEDSCROLL” A SECRET TO SKIN FAILURE PREVENTION with us all I see you did a thorough work on the topic DRAFT: BED BATH PRODUCT,, I must commend your efforts in putting up such helpful information online, I  think you have just provide solution to skin failure thanks ( question is this bed bath products available online) looking forward to seeing more helpful article relating to this in the future 

    • Hi there,

      I appreciate the tremendous response, this really helps inspire research. I’m still working on the draft and posting more pictures soon.  I am excited to add to the stories for potential case studies. Rich is working on getting on Amazon, but the one I was able to try out is a beginning of patenting. What amazes me is the thoughtfulness for caregivers and patients. Thank you for your questions, I am still working on this project.

      Warm Regards,

      Nurse Becca

  10. Hey nice article you have there, your thoughts are indeed invaluable. I haven’t heard about the Bedscroll bed bath product before now. Having stumbled into this article, I am overwhelmed with the amazing benefits one can derived from it in relation to skin care. I will definitely do well to have it in other to deal with the challenges I have on my skin. Warm Regards

    • Thank you for your kindness in responding. It took me awhile to get visual aids, I hope the YouTube link will be helpful. The embedding was giving me Android challenges. I appreciate your feedback, the comment means a lot to me.
      Nurse Becca


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