Painful Head Injury

Legal Nurse Consultants give expert fact testimony regarding patient pain in legal cases.

Today, the Opiod crisis creates another need for expert fact witness in regard to victim suffering as a result of medical negligence. According to Janice Dolnick, there is an ever increased need for legal nurse consultancy related to medical errors being the 3rd leading cause of death in America.

These medical cases all have nursing care plans with pain monitoring for patients.

With the number of people who have become addicted after pain management with opioid treatments, this is a heated issue in health. The discussion continues about the role of health care providers in proper surveillance. Monitoring and follow up are crucial elements and pillars to the continuum of care needed for patients.

The benefit of case Expert Testimony with pertinent details can help attest to pain of the individuals involved. The fact witness review is required to prevent thoughts of patient malingering or moaning publicly on trial about their problems. The credibility along with expertise of a nurse helps educate juries without the element of putting patients under scrutiny.

What is malingering? This is when claims of medical and mental conditions are exaggerated in order to obtain benefits, pity, or perhaps a dishonest excuse from work or school. Malingering can cost the medical industry 150 billion dollars yearly. False accusations or assumptions of malingering can ruin a medical legal case.

Legal nurse consultants can also be delegated by attorneys to attend pain clinic appointments, as well as Worker Compensation medical exams.

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