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Fancy, Sassy, Jaaxy!

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Fancy, Sassy, Jaaxy! A discovery uncovered at Wealthy Affiliates: Jaaxy is a good tool to use for your study on keywords.

What is the point of keyword research?

This article is designed to give you some guidance on the best words to grab attention for your business website and/or blog. Looking Closely at Viral blogging trends can give you an idea of how to use the phrases and words you are fishing for. Jaaxy also has a feature to investigate the keywords of your closest competitors.

Jaaxy helps with planning keywords that don’t have so much competition which can decrease chances of a business advertisement flourishing. It is worth the time to learn for your company.

And you can catch up on Sturgeon fishing later.

Jaaxy will help you get customers to your company.


Keywords for Preventing Cliche’ Niches


Sign up for free trial to sample the navigation and application.

Link for free Jaaxy

Jaaxy uses all the great internet search engines, including:

1) Google- traffic potential is a part of more than 3.5 BILLION searches per day. This one of the current internet giants.

2) Yahoo

3) Bing

4) Duckduckgo

5), used in a question format

6) Bixby, Siri, Alexa

7) Youtube


Algorithms calculate trends and make predictions that will help your website ranking and increase traffic (BUSINESS). So, when someone searches for information and products on their search engines, the Jaaxy tool can help your website, article or video appear as close to the top of the search. Potential customers and clients will not be inclined to page through the search to find the lowest ranking content.

On the contrary, people want to look close to the top of searches to find the most applicable information. Jaaxy can assist you with this need.

As the Nerdy Nurse said in her Nurse Blog Book, you can write the best blog, but it won’t help anyone if they cannot find it.

You can get a copy of this helpful book here:

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This blog book is not just for nurses!

Wealthy Affiliate Training

Videos are a great way to bringing referrals in, and Wealthy Affiliate training is an easy to follow walk through for Jaaxy use, including professional instruction on an online video presented by Kyle who is one of the WA pioneers, as well as co-founder of Jaaxy.

Using keyword optimization is choosing the best possible phrases and words to ensure your visibility on the greatly expanding world wide web. The WA training videos will give you confidence and understanding with direction into action all the necessary steps to creating your journey as an entrepreneur. Your business growth and structure depend on the education offered here.

Once a Wealthy Affiliate member decides to purchase the premium membership, that unlocks more in depth learning of the process. The free video explains basic questions you may have. It also gives opportunity to practice the general mechanics prior to purchase. It is a good idea to take a look at how the programs function on your cell phone as well as on a laptop or desk top computer.

The process of learning encorporates marketing on all levels of social media, Facebook, Linked In, Pinterest, Twitter, Instagram, Google,  You Tube as well as email marketing. It includes learning about website creation, blogging, making online presentations, how to write product reviews. Expand to other learning, for example, research and brainstorming telemarketing or call templates.

After approximately 3 months, an affiliate can opt to produce training videos. This venue has the potential to get your position asserted as an authority, much like public speaking adventures. Teaching is an opportunity to bring a higher understanding and become an influence thus creating a well-known brand. It doesn’t necessarily mean you are the ultimate guru of all things pertaining to the subject.

People interested in teaching the Wealthy Affiliate forums are not normally trying to outsmart a supergenius, but to gain more working knowledge. Teaching is the best way to learn more about any subject. Presenting about your profession requires you to organize the knowledge acquired. Sharing information by teaching can fulfill this need.

Building Business Brand

Content that is geared to getting your niche on board helps create your unique brand that will set the stage for building and sustaining business. With the Jaaxy tools, you can also keep progress of this over time.

Brand is more than logo:

Logo is like a keychain you can use to market yourself.


Nurse Becca Consulting

Specialty Medical-Legal Research

Rebecca Nixon,  RN Legal Nurse Consultant

Your brand is more than just a keychain logo. It needs to be discovered, almost as a household name of helping others in order to become successful. This is where your website and keyword savvy research is the key of success dangling off your logo.

You can also earn money with Jaaxy Affiliation! 

When you start out with WA there may be some hesitancy in defining a viable niche, brand or unique area to investigate. Opportunity exists to profit well from marketing the Wealthy Affiliate platform whether you have distinctly defined an area to shine. You can market Making Money Online as a niche in itself. Try typing into the tool for keywords which will rank for the most searches in Google.


We can gain identity with branding, but there is the caveat to restrict and expand that to which we feel is true to values of the company.

Along the way, your brainstorm can open ideas for other niches. Testing the water with multiple websites may be a confusing option. Also consider branching out to new business owners to see if they would benefit from ideas applicable to them. No sense in wasting great ideas if you’ve thought of something helpful.

As I have noticed, the members who have made it to Wealthy Affiliate ambassador and instructor status are all benevolently giving back. The pay it forward spirit helps with team success. And the team success grows with good leadership.

Finding Valuable Feedback

Wealthy Affilate studies have an added benefit with Jaaxy. When you combine the science of Jaaxy and art within WA networking, this adds the human touch and insight to the mathematical foundation.

You can ask and give feedback on communication threads on public or private streams. The public stream on Wealthy Affiliate allows you to gain group input on questions and benefit from the wisdom of many experienced and creative entrepreneurs. The private stream is great for intimate brainstorming and keeping account of your closest networking team.

There is a process through the WA network platform that is largely programmed to prevent useless commentary. It has the ability for eliminating the privilege to provide any feedback for credit. The WA community is strict in requiring the feedback to be useful, intelligent, unique and non-political to an undefined but certain extent. Jaaxy and Wealthy Affiliate are anti-spam.

Interpersonal communication, both verbal and non-verbal builds relationships within your niche, the unending perpetuation of customary care. It is part of service. The feedback is extremely valuable, gaining international perspective on every aspect of your business can open markets throughout the world.

Fancy and Sassy

On Jaaxy review, I highly recommend you use this even as a cross-reference tool for your keyword research. This platform is very easy to navigate and understand how to utilize keywords that will increase client base. In short, the tool can be used for statistical analysis and then you can request input from actual people to help apply it.

The Jaaxy platform helps save your research, and you can revisit words to see how they are ranking over time. With the training on Wealthy Affiliate, we learn to optimize based on “Low-hanging fruit.” This analogy means the words are easy to benefit from because they get the traffic but have low competition.

Simple instructions are provided by Jaaxy as well as Wealthy Affiliate. You can also run a search periodically to keep abreast of the most current processes and developments in the function of Jaaxy system.

The free version of Jaaxy limits keyword research to 100 within 6 months. Plan for a trial using only a few searches at a time to begin to understand how the Jaaxy system works. With good keyword research, marketing, blogging and online business is much more effective for finding clients who will benefit from your goods and services.


In Conclusion:

In quick summary of this review…

Fancy and sassy, yes Jaaxy is Jazzy!!!

I hope you will benefit from what I’ve learned and my Jaaxy notes will find you well! Maybe will help you catch the most valuable keyword you are fishing for.

Thank You & Kind Regards,

Nurse Becca


Pretty please and sugar dumdrops.

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  1. Jaaxy is a pretty amazing tool I believe that every online marketer should have it. You are so right about what you have said about this tool. Jaaxy is so on point and can really help your post to get a good ranking in the search engines that will convert.. We should make a big deal when it comes to jaaxy because with jaaxy you can increase your traffic which will grow your business.

    • I appreciate your feedback and taking the time to comment, thank you! I do like Jaaxy for keywords research. It helps to get a direction on blogging and building articles. But more importantly, it makes sure your work will be found.
      Thanks again for your input and have a great day!
      Nurse Becca


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