Getting Ahead of Google: #1 SEO for Lawyers

Getting Ahead of Google: #1 SEO for Lawyers

Thoughtful Google Insight

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A gift for the holiday, is some thoughtful Google Insight.

Happy 4th of July! This blog shares a good part of education over 9 months of research in affiliate marketing.

While larger law firms outsource for website, software and the technical resources who operate for them. Smaller law firms and independently practicing attorneys can face critical elements alone which educational institutions may not prepare for in this ever evolving cyber era.

Regardless of size, firms face the reality of advancements outgrowing knowledge quickly, just as former generations witnessed the reveal of markets shifting to person to person old fashioned face to face service with a brick and mortar company. When no online real estate was fathomed, domain was a lion’s kingdom.

The virtual property online exploding brought forth the reality that these advances constantly occur. This makes Getting Ahead of Google an essential concept for attorneys to consider. Learning SEO, search engine optimization process is when a company, such as Google has ever evolving algorithms to expect updates a couple hundred times a year, shifting the way data is brought in front of the right clients to make a business thrive.

  1. Black hat marketing schemes cross into the white collar world with viral potential and a craving to circumvent cash from legitimate organizations. Lawyers have a history of slimy tactics, such as the term rat attorney. In order to get ahead of say, Google, for example the education must be ongoing. The competition and expenditure in keywords regarding law marketing is extreme. A costly error can castrate a newly-built firm and capsize those with high-class investors.

“HEY Google! What is the most expensive Golden Diamond-Studded Keyword on the internet for Lawyer SEO?” 

According to, the keyword, “best  mesothelioma lawyer” has a price tag of more than 900$ per click!

Cost per click can leave leading firms to pay hundreds of thousands each year on keywords and marketing professionals to make the magic of helping your clients who have greatest intent and largest return from the law firm’s investments by implementing SEO strategy.

The point and takeaway of this article is that it pays to continue education in online learning and relate this back to the origins of business ancient as the first barter known to man. That involves human kindness in action by treating people well.

Lawyers can partner with legal nurse consultants as the most trusted profession to grow the organic roots in online networking. Don’t miss out on the potential for ongoing partnerships which can untangle the web of cyber space. Establish the foundation that can withstand an electronic explosion as though it was 4th of July Independence Day of the www.United Space of Web-merica.

Search Engines, like Google are not just looking for the written word, but the engagement of bonafide guests to solidify your brand. Regardless of the voluminous records clouding up Google goggles, contant revision can help streamline and organize every lawyer.

Attorneys can actually take a look at their website, the life blood and fruition of their work. Imagine what is missing and weigh the viability of outsourcing.

America benefits from partnerships with legal nurse consultants and attorneys for success. This can promote improvement of medical care. Has anyone ever wondered if health care errors are the 3rd leading cause of death, why are attorneys regarded more frequently with distrust?

There is a need to connect with the clients in specific niche audiences to form ongoing reputation for service and integrity. New lawyers face a challenge because they have no real testimonials aside from pro bono work on potentially unrelated case matter.

Listen, because here is the #1 SEO Tip again is service.

Lawyers are invited to have a look at the media of video, taking care to make it search friendly for visitors. In order to reveal your service, provide the service of making yourself discoverable. Video can help build the needed clout online, and interviewing a legal nurse consultant is one type of content lawyers who pursue will realize a great investment.

Focusing on finding Legal Nurse Consultants with online presence, as well as successful att ok rneys and firms. They all have video marketing and optimize for Google Video Searchability. YouTube auto indexes and allows for closed captioning on improving quality. Other types of media software for video have various capabilities across platforms that are changing with regard to how they can be searched for.

Lawyers need brands which people know, like and trust. The hope is the new attorneys and those wishing to venture into independent practice will not miss out on the immediate recognition a nurse as the traditional role of compassion leadership can help with rapport for trust..

An Ugly Truth Unveiled

Recently, I listened to Pay Iyer’s legal nurse Consultancy podcast in which a scam was brought to light, and it reminded me of a prior expedition of another legal nurse whose web page and brand was highjacked for human trafficking.

Members from the dark web also craft cybercookies like baking a batch of sheer deceit to cloak with putrid masks in order to hide while breaking international laws. Further, the cyber criminals can cloak themselves as members of our military forces, and to shameful and outrage defined, never pay for the damages.

According to Iyer’s podcast and SEO Guru on another issue, marketing companies can claim they will get you on the first page of Google, then publish your listing on Google map without an outright false advertisement. This is another reason for needing continual revision of algorithms, policy and law.

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Veterans and American forces don’t need the creative imagination of wrongdoers using their virtual identity to profit from unsuspecting American widows. Welcomed gifts may be a weighted blanket, an anti stress massage with premium lavendar.

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Distressed Veterans may be relaxed with chakra music and candles. They may not know, but they need us always invested in our freedom by working hard to protect their valiant effort.

We have free speech! Free Press and a number of rights not to be taken for granted. We have fireworks!✌

I won’t sit through this 2019 United States Independence Day silently or wthout mentioning that consumers need proper law resources.

Without finding each other there will likely not be as much justice. Imagine people in need finding the key resources, such as a lawyer precisely fitting their unique issues.

We can always just ask Google. However, there is no getting ahead of google without good service. This is #1 SEO for Lawyers. Very similar to the firmness of a handshake in measuring accoutability of the good old days. There is no Getting ahead of Google without good values and a respectable brand known for delivery of outstanding service.

Elements of service can encompass:

  • Trust
  • Value
  • Dependability
  • Respect
  • Brand
  • Social virility
  • Accountability

But overall it is service. Nothing trumps service.

Lawyers can find nurses related to their type of cases at the National Alliance for Certified Legal Nurse Consultants. We are known throughout America and abroad for location of nurses trusted in our profession. NACLNC and the Vickie Milazzo Institute are renown by the Better Business Bureau. Let this be your resource for finding the consultant in line with an attorney brand.

Google constantly revises to keep the internet secure and ethically profitable. Good lawyers continue working hard toward order, and can use support of nurses and online business community as well as marketing implementations which echo within an ever evolving internet.

Still the #1 SEO for lawyers is their service to our country, regardless of the frequently false ‘unsavory reputation’ of slime balls and crooks.

I am ever grateful for the attorneys who uncover service member online imposters, our country and the future of American Health & Wellness depends on you.

Thank you for visiting, and Happy 4th of July!

God Bless the USA!


Nurse Becca

-R. Nixon, RN, CLNC

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