Happy National Nurse Week!

National Nurse Week

This week Nurse Becca Consulting is wishing everyone a Happy National Nurse Week with daily devotion.

Each day is a different chosen specialty to recognize and celebrate the diversity within the nursing profession. Today is Monday, May 6th 2019, and to start the week celebration, we recognize Specialty Infusion Nurses. This is a broad term, and within here is a plethora of micro-specialties and skills.

Monday: Thank you to all the specialty infuions Nurses! Thank goodness for Specialty Pharmacy Nursing Network. This blog Covers Happy National Nurse Week

Tuesday is Mental Health Nurse day for National Nurse Week.

Wedesday is School Nurse day for Nurse Becca Consulting to celebrate all School Nurses and shout out with sincere thanks for all the hard work they do to keep our children healthy at school!


Happy National Nurse Week to Travel Nurses Everywhere! We. GO. Everywhere!!


Friday Forensic NURSES, Happy National Nurse Week!

Follow this link to learn more about Forensic nursing. A forensic nurse gathers evidence.


Saturday Legal Nurses thank you for all you do!

To Legal Nurse Consultants Everywhere: Happy National Nurse Week. You make the world a better and safer place braiding fibers of health and law into a great and fantastic safety net.

1) Vickie Milazzo

2) JD Dolnick

3) Erica Leach, RN, CLNC

4) Karen Young, RN, CLNC Progressive Nursing, Inc.

Sunday Happy Mother’s Day! 

To all those mother/baby-nurses, who help moms get better to unite with their babes! The nurses of this arena get to see the most frequent introductions from baby to Mother at birth. They can be Midwives, thank you!! In the hospital, in the surgical units within Cesarean sections. Thank you. They are everywhere taking care of Moms! Thank you from Nurse Becca Consulting. Happy National Nurse Week!

You can read Nurse Becca Blog for Mother’s Day on wealthy affiliate. A poem, ode to mom.

See the post at this link:

Passing Over the Edge

There are nurses who begin with a specialty in mind, and others who are drawn to a branch of nursing by discovery of skills or available opportunity.

Let’s give a heartfelt hooray for all the Specialty Infusion Nurses and affiliates!

Specialty Infusion Nurses

Happy National Nurse Week to Specialty Infusion Nurses! Thank you for your dedication to Healthy Infusions for America.

Specialty infusion encompasses intravenous medications, subcutaneous infusions, Picc lines, ports, central lines and even intraosseous (into the bone). While infusions are integrated in health care interwoven within the wider array of tasks, there are nurses who specialize in doing only infusions, or infusions for a specific niche, such as:

  • Children
  • Geriatrics
  • Obstetrics Midwifery
  • Aesthetics
  • Infectious Disease
  • In Home Care
  • On a medical bus delivering to people with toxic alcohol levels
  • People with ultra rare conditions

This list is not conclusive, but can give you an idea of just how diverse nurses are when you break down the many unique ways they serve communities throughout the world.

One company is a leader for the industry. I had the privilege of meeting her in person in Los Angeles, California. Cherylanne is a compassionate nurse who created Specialty Pharmacy Nursing Network, which originally began to help people in oncology and grew into SPNN Incorporated. She is a dedicated leader who also spends the time to sign and send birthday cards. Who does that anymore? Only the most caring hearts give real birthday cards.


Celebrate NursesThank you for joining us!

Today, we kick off National Nurse week highlighting Specialty Infusion Nurses! American Infusion of Love, Nurse Becca’s favorite specialty.

One idea for a gift you could give this kind of nurse, is a new book for Infusions.

Nurse Becca Consulting may get a small commission at no cost to you.

Please comment in the thread below and share!

A heartfelt thank you for joining us in this nurse celebration!


Kind Regards,

Nurse Becca

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Happy Birthday Card from SPNN

Guesses on how to take this type of photo?

PS, A birthday card from a compassionate company. Please send a note if you’re curious on how to take this type of picture.

Happy National Nurse Week From

Nurse Becca Consulting!

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2 thoughts on “Happy National Nurse Week!”

  1. Where would we be without our fantastic nurses! They have kept me alive. Furthermore, they always had a smile or gentle touch to get me through some challenging times. In fact one saved a anesthetist nose, she saw the pain he was causing and the balling of my fist ready to strike and she gently touch my hand lol. Thank you nurses everywhere.

    • Hi Chuck,
      Thank you so much and you’re welcome of course. Every nurse wants a patient like that: I planned on becoming a pharmacologist, but wanted to have that first hand. It made sense to get more hands on experience with people at the bedside before pursuing research because human life doesn’t exist just in a petri dish.
      Thank you for your kind response. I was planning a tutorial webinar for Wealthy Affiliate, hoping to get some team and fellowship for this one. Igor and Jay both are into helping with the idea, wonder if you would like to hear about it? Thank you for your review of my site. I am still trying to figure out the menu: it looks too busy on desktop, and the input you gave me. I am going to your site and reading up on your magazine idea. I hope my note finds you well!
      Thank you & kind regards,
      Nurse Becca


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