Health Transformation

Health Transformation is a Campaign to promote BXU Protocol.

Mitochondrial Biophysics is a branch of study. Do not be intimidated people by the large words. I will translate into layman’s terms for better understanding.

This branch of study is how energy making cells process oxygen. It may sound mysterious that these unseen inner workings of your body make a big impact on health.

One of the greatest parts I studied of BXU is the Tornado Oxygen System. Particularly interesting is the impact of this technology on hard to heal tissues, such as nerve cells. The most difficult to heal are tissues without good oxygen processing. The hyperbaric effect of Tornado System can basically filter more oxygen. This can make a large difference in your body. In short, it provides healing.

While reading through the BXU products, keep in mind that the protocol is the entire therapy. A single product may not produce the complete results of health restoration or maintenance.

In order to explain this, I think of an analogy of AIDS or cancer. In order to help the health status, imagine the multiple approaches used now in mainstream medicine.

For example, AIDS therapy typically entails triple antivirals, antibiotics, education and understanding to begin to treat. Cancer treatment orders may include chemotherapy, radiation, antibiotics, education and understanding to begin to treat.

In the BXU Protocol, all disease states and optimal health maintenance requires the specific catalyst, oxygen on a cell level, along with education and understanding to begin to treat.

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