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Saturday First Trial

Helo Extense has been delivered…

It felt like Christmastime: Helo extense arrived!

To imagine a world free from bloody finger pricks is astounding! Ending the ongoing cost and pain of glucose testing is beneficial for diabetics worldwide. The World Global Network is making movements toward health and wellness with the bloodless glucometer.

Is the expense worthwhile for investors? It is marketed as a product that is ready for use, but today Nurse Becca’s device is not paring to Bluetooth. Contacting support has left me cold, but I am not giving up. This was the video debut I was looking forward to.

(sort of)

The nonpairing Helo extense experience doesn’t seem to be an isolated problem.

There is a monthly subscription required for the Extense glucose monitor. Still, the price of diabetic supplies accrues to be a challenge to afford for many families and patients living with diabetes. And, the caregivers who sustain an accidental poke with contaminated needles require costly blood monitoring. If an HIV or other transmissible disease is contracted, then the price is astronomical and ongoing.

The package for Helo extense reminds me of a new iPhone! At the time of writing, this nurse has never owned an iPhone. But the product does say it’s compatible. Hours of trying to connect Extense to Android was not fruitful. No video comparison is here due to the potential of a disgruntled look appearing constipated. For those who were eagerly waiting for the response, my most humble apology! Videos are postponed for now.

More to be added soon.

What are other Possible Requirements?

There are some inferred expenses the Helo extense may require in addition to the greater than 500$ already spent:

  • Software
  • Computer
  • Internet
  • Cell phone, allegedly an iPhone or Android
  • Compatible cell provider (T-mobile, AT&T, Sprint, Cricket, Walmart’s Straight Talk, et al.)
  • Electricity and fair weather
  • Ability to implement the device with the combination of these elements

Unfortunately, cannot offer an explanation of whether to buy this product due to pairing hiccups and no human assistance.

But has not been worth the time or money for me so far. Mostly because I do not have diabetes and just wanted to try the non poking for patients and caregivers.

It is alright to dream! Planning keep working with Wealthy Affiliates toward blogging, product and service reviews. More videos soon with Helo extense, as well as videos for Training on nbced.teachable.com and My Wealthy Affiliate blog.

This new technology may present a new standard of care. World Global Network has another such technology that will prove the same caliber. Genetic testing for pharmacogenetics means saving money on ineffective prescriptions and the strive of the ones your body literally cannot tolerate. If the DNA is analyzed, the enzymes can accurately predict which medications to avoid. The med groups listed on bullets top right are all discoverable.

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Elephant please go to work for me, I’m trying to figure out Helo extense…
World Global Network

Kind Regards,

Nurse Becca

Ps here is a resource for accidental needle prick info:


Research Continues with the Helo extense device for bloodless glucometer monitoring.

Above captioned screen shot is the very first reading on this nurse for blood sugar. The graph that follows is an approximate measurement.

With the help of 2 teenagers, and a whole lot of patience by someone with a lot of patients…

Blood sugar computation=136

Keep in mind, I am not diagnosed with diabetes. There are many questions swimming in my mind. Can this be incorporated for a combined measurement with a pulse oximeter in the future? Which patients would benefit the most from this device? Is it accurate? How may the data be used?

Please comment any questions! I warmly welcome feedback and suggestions.

Thank you so much for helping me to help others.


Nurse Becca

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2 thoughts on “Hello Expense!”

    • Dear John,
      I am preparing my review. I did get mine to work. What I think is the concept could be used in a pulse oximeter, as with the same device we could assess oxygen, pulse and blood sugar. The manual is sorely lacking, and I am making a video review to illustrate as it can be difficult to set it up. Helo Extense can be too small for many people who have diabetes as well.
      I appreciate your feedback immensely, and hope you will check back on my site for updates and more blogs. I have another guest blog coming soon. Thank you kindly!
      Nurse Becca


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