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Thank you for support and interest in my work! Because Medical mistakes top the charts for death and injury: In 2013, I formed Nurse Becca Consulting firm to help health facilities and legal counsel for expert review and testimony.

My name is Rebecca Nixon, known as Nurse Becca brand for legal nurse consulting and clinical oversight.
Being a registered nurse and legal nurse consultant with a background of 10 years nursing and 10 years pharmacy, it is a great privilege to have the knowledge and experience qualifying me working with medical and legal fields. With medical legal research, and continuing education is an honor to keep updating skills to continue being qualified in work with lawyers and administrators for upholding great standards of care.
Just as nurses have gold standard and best practice, attorneys are upheld to their best practice, which includes consulting with nurses on medical cases.
With active RN Idaho compact state, Washington and Oregon license, you may get expert opinion for courts spanning across a large service area.

I am practicing currently in oversight of assisted living mental health facilities, Registered Infusion and Premier Start Nurse with the “Best Nursing has to Offer” in Specialty Infusions with Specialty Pharmacy Nursing Network.

I operate a legal nurse business to help lawyers in medical cases represent clients with extensive knowledge in technology, health and law tailored into unique service plans for outstanding case support. Nurse Consultants are well-known as a helpful health resource. Over the last 3 decades we have become a wealth of resources for attorneys.

Services are customized plans to fit client needs.

Examples include

• Identifying the expert witness for subject matter pertaining to each case.

• Making time maps to delineate cases visually

• Curating demonstrative evidence, this helps prove or disprove a medical case

• Marketing, SEO support law and consulting firms by ads, writing

• Public speaking, public forum nursing or law conventions, student-novice-or veteran status consortiums

Legal Nurse Consultants must stay active with ongoing requirements for boards of nursing and complete advanced training to have continued certification. I do without losing focus for lifelong learning.

Nurse Becca Consulting Education is a website designed as a secondary platform to assist facilities in creating tailored care plans for training staff.
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Thank you!
-R. Nixon, RN, CLNC
(Nurse Becca)

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