I’ll Be Back (To School): #10 Best Learning Resources for Legal Nurse Consultants and Medical Case Attorney



I’ll Be Back (To School):

#10 Best Learning Resources for Legal Nurse Consultants and Medical Attorneys

It is time for going back to school. This is a great opportunity for growing knowledge base within legal nurse consulting and for Medical Case Attorneys. You can make a list of your own top 10 for the best learning resources. This top 10 has a conpendium of rich resources to help your practice grow. After reading this blog, please note in the comments any lifelong learning resources, and share within this thread.

1. American Nursing Association

Smart Brief is an email newsletter with ongoing updates to clinical trials, resesrch and findings of the nursing community. There are also job listings and easy social sharing for the articles.

2. Legal Reference Guides State Department for Human Services

Another great idea is to view the Conditions of Participation, if the medical entity receives payments from Department of Medicaid and Medicare Service. Statutes and Conditions of Participation rules are a good review with their frequent revisions. We can continue learning at state and federal level, and any accrediting bodies, such as the Joont Commission. Legal Conferences and Exhibits are another great place to start finding great information.

3. Lipencott

Lipencott nursing procedures are explained in a way that is understandable and organized. These books are a common focus of nursing students, and in preparation for license and certification tests. The skills are gold standard and highly renown as a useful for ensuring the best patient outcomes. For attorneys, you may not need to consult these books if using the services of a legal nurse, but you can still reference for building visual aids or viewing step by step what needs to be done for proper nursing care and delegation.

4. ATI Testing

There are options for students and educators to provide videos, tutorials and testing for universal elements of care. The skills demonstrations are interactive

5. American Association of Legal Nurse Consultants

The professional standards in this group are exemplary.

6. Pat Iyer Biz Ap, Podcast, blog and website.

The World’s Best Selling Amazon Author and Legal Nurse Consultant Mentor, Pat Iyer. The new BIZ.EDU ap is helpful and easy to use. Have a look at my detailed review. Pat personally answers emails, and really researches to share valuable teaching with great podcast guests, video and written presentations.

7. The Nerdy Nurse

Fresh RN, Health Media Academy

The Nerdy Nurse is Brittney Wilson, the blog queen and tech expert who also coaches nurses in business. You can look at the website for useful ideas with online learning at thenerdynurse.com.

Join the Health Media Academy for learning blogging and internet marketing techniques. Here is a link for joining. This is an online learning opportunity which is a one time payment for ongoing access.

8. National Association for Certified Legal Nurse Consultants

The Vickie Milazzo Institute

9. Boards of Nursing

Different state requirements, and there are states joining on the compact state license. This is a form of reciprocity.

A nurse holding licensure with compact states can easily be recognized as a licensed RN in participating states. This is a benefit which surpasses the barrier of care for cases of rare disorders or highly-skilled travel nurses.

10. Elsevier Pathophysiology

The growth in technology has made technology, such as ADAM, which turns into 3 dimensional learning through virtual reality. These tools will continue to grow and expand through ultra powered internet in the new generations of growth to come.

You can find free continuing education credits with these links.

Look at the other options which may have recently changed for your state, which allows certifications and teaching inservices, publications and mentoring. These projects accumulate easily. You may also look for keynote speaking events, the study involved in preparation for these presentations are a phenominal resource for information to use as ongoing education within your specialty.

Adding part time classes may defer student loans or make you eligible for scholarships or grants for tuition waiver which may be beneficial in your situation. You may contact your prior advisor for input or counseling for the best ongoing education for your business niche and career path.

It is a great idea to consider creating courses, especially if you cannot find continuing education for your topics of interest. Publication in an ebook or scholarly journal will help the overlapping medical and legal communities. You can make free or online courses through Teachable, or a handful of other platforms. The teachable software is staright forward to navigate through.

Look to your affiliates and business partners, employers or memberships in societies, Like Phi Theta Kappa for 2 year colleges, or Phi Beta Kappa for 4 year universities. All of these are great resources for online learning, but I hope the 10 Best Brainstorm will help your Back to school goals. Be sure to keep record of your chronology of training.

I’ll be back for more links on the post and answering your questions. It’s not Live Q & A however, I welcome questions and feedback.

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PS Do you know of good ongoing educational opportunities for lawyers and nurses?

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