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Here is a very in depth reply from Robert, a very grateful thank you for participating in the discussion.

"There is no doubt in my mind that RFR, Radio Frequency Radiation, does contribute to health risks like cancer.When you look at the studies into the rise of cancer you can see that it has been on the steady rise since about the 1980s. 
Environmental toxins such as RFR is one of many causes of illnesses and diseases, but it is not the sole cause.Back in 1985 the exposure to RFR from wireless devices like phones was at 900 MHz and it doubled to 1800 MHz in 1994. Since then the radio frequency of wireless devices have exploded to a whopping 6 GHz with the current 4G phones and devices.
Look at how the increase in cancer rates have coincided with this rise in RFR.Again, I am not saying that RFRs are the sole cause of higher cancer rates, but logically you can not dismiss that there must be some relation. Now 5G technology will have RFR 5 to 50 times the strength of 4G with frequencies of 30 GHz to 300 GHz.
Think of how damaging to the human body that can be over an extended period of time.The U.S. Army has a weapon called Active Denial System used for crowd control and dispersal.
It is a concentrated beam of high powered radio waves that can penetrate 1/64 of an inch of skin and cause a burning sensation that makes people run away.

How much radio frequency does it use?

In the 96 GHz range, which is within the capability of 5G technology.So it makes me wonder, if 5G RFR millimeter waves can be (and is being) weaponized, how will long term exposure harm our bodies?
The military has been using 5G technology for a variety of weapon systems for decades and now it will be available for non-military companies and individuals. Think of the potential for some kind of Orwellian control of the population."


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Here is response to Discussion topic by Robert:

In reply to Robert.

Dear Robert,

I certainly appreciate your perspective. I am not sure about all the implications, and I enjoy reading about how some people think 5G is great and others are deeply concerned about negative outcomes. There is kuch potential in many regards, definitely has pros and cons. Thank you for sending me a reply.


Nurse Becca

-R. Nixon, RN, CLNC

The next entry for forum discussion is a post by Babsie. In honor of her post, the reply promptly follows.

Babsie Wagner

"It was interesting that you placed a link to your Wealthy Affiliate blog on your post.  I wasn’t quite sure what it was at first, and then I decided to just click the link and see what happened, and boom – I was taken to the blog article on 5G.  So interesting, right?  All the changes are happening so fast these days, and you really need to keep on everything, which is why it’s great to be a part of Wealthy Affiliate platform, because it really is there, through the community and their training, that I keep abreast of everything happening out there!"

Rebecca Nixon

In reply to Babsie Wagner.
Dear Babsie,
Yes I was hoping it is helpful for those who want to get the chance to read an opening for ideas, and also get an idea of my writing so they know they won’t be judged or discouraged by providing input (even if it sounds goofy.)
I appreciate your feedback. I thought it is interesting, but hope you agree in a good way, that link will also open the site membership to anyone who likes forums because Wealthy Affiliate is continually developing into what you mention, a site where we can deliver and receive thought, feelings and facts on the most current issues. The style of the WA blog also gets great reception on historical topics that relate to learning as well. 
Thank you so much for opening this forum! I was thinking of gift incentives for forum members who provide insightful, funny and/or popular material. Like a new 5G car, just kidding!!! But I always joke about Kyle’s blog Jibba where he offers his Bugatti for the best blogger. I will never forget half way wondering whether it was serious at first glance.
April Fools jokes can be quite embarrassing for a moment there I almost blushed thinking how silly I was to almost get excited. Still, it is a great idea to offer a prize for creative work. It can be a lot of work to use your imagination. Whew! But do you have any specific thoughts on how the 5G innovations will change care, particularly reduce health care disparity?
Thanks again!
Nurse Becca

Next Comment, Thank you Stella for the Creative Input!

"I'm glad I come across this website. This is a great opportunity that  shouldn't be downgrade. There's rumor I heard about microwave. I heard that using it can cause bad health effect on our body. I heard eating microwaved food can caused us cancer. Because of this, many countries have ban the use of microwave for public use. What's is your view about this issues?. I want to see different discussion and views about microwave and our health."

Dear Stella,

Rebecca Nixon
In reply to Stella.

Dear Stella,

I think your concerns are valid and will spark more research in the microwave realm. Lots of things reportedly cause cancer, and this can be devastating. Sometimes we get cancer out of the blue but it is great to reduce risks as much as we can.

I hope you have a great day and thank you for writing on this forum.

Kind Regards,

Nurse Becca

-R. Nixon, RN, CLNC

New Forum post received:

I think with 5G technology having lower latency and higher capacity, the healthcare systems can offer remote monitoring for lots of patients. Because not all the patients are able to stay in the hospital all the time, it can be cheaper and convenient for some to be monitored from their home.And the speed of the connection will help health care providers to get the information needed fast and give better care faster.Thanks

 reply to Adyns68:

I appreciate your thoughts and response. Often we imagine what is possible for improvements in health care. There are disparities in remote regions which will be impacted by this growth. I worked a lot of hospice and home health and your statements speak to my heart. I certainly agree with your assessment.

Thank you & kind regards,

Nurse Becca

-R. Nixon, RN, CLNC

Comment from Shawn:
"Now, it's the age of 5G.Amazing speed of internet enables us so many things.
Especially, when it comes to health care, there will be many improvements in the age of 5G.
I heard that with the speed innovation, doctors can operate surgery remotely.
It would be awesome right?
There are so many people who die because of lack of capacities in the hospital.
Also, we don't have to go to the hospital for checking our body status in the future.I think it's quite awesome!Thanks for giving me inspiration!" reply to Shawn.

I am not sure if you did get a response already. I appreciate your enthusiasm and taking the time intriguing discussion.

Thank you so much, Shawn!

Marios Tofarides
Hey there,It is amazing how the high speeds 5G brings to the market can alter or disrupt entire industries, the health industry for example. Being able to see medical test results, or even examine the patient who is far away through his/her hologram, or perform an operation while being on another continent is really game changing and a breakthrough.And this is not the only industry 5G can change or disrupt. The future is bright and ahead of us!Marios 
Rebecca Nixon
In reply to Marios Tofarides.
Dear Marios,I absolutely agree. The speeds are amazing. Disruptive mavericks hold ideas which will unfold the capabilities you brushed on. Game changing is another topic, as the gaming industry will have some fun new fifth generation adventures. It will be game changing in many markets, health care for sure. You have a great outlook and I appreciate this input.
Thank you & kind regards,
Nurse Becca
-R. Nixon, RN, CLNC



While I don’t have much experience with this topic it is great to see an innovative site like this.

There is such a range of things to look at here, webinars, guest blogs, consultations etc.

There is a lot to read so I will bookmark this site for future reading.  I found it hard reading such big paragraphs, so maybe splitting them up a bit would be helpful.



Rebecca Nixon
In reply to Daisy.Of course, you’re quite welcome. Thank you for your feedback, Daisy!
I am glad you checked it out and I hope you find something worth a share.
I am also relieved you were not too overwhelmed with my tech in progress skills to return amd investigate more of this site building. 
This forum is for a discussion on evolving technology in health care, any ideas or questions on that topic would be so great of you!
If you get a chance to look into something interesting or even in the news of your area in the world.I think you are from UK, just the kindest people there.
I think you are a very thoughtful commenter, and was very happy to see your input.I learned from UK scientists and Trolls check4cancer campaign that Melanoma skin lesions get smaller in diameter while metastasizing through the dermal layer of skin. This was a surprise to me!
A few years ago, this advancement in science and now a potential way with new 5G to perform excisions prior to the cancer moving into vital organs. The drone flies in from the remote surgeon’s self-driving car.Super Sci Fi materializing…To me, it is amazing and intriguing the vast changes which new generations of technology unfold.
I’ll try breaking them up a bit, you’re right that is easier on the eyes.
Nurse Becca
-R. Nixon, RN, CLNC

Charles Fenderson

I am just starting out here and wanted to ask you how long it took to get your nurse blog this way? It looks well mapped out. When it comes to the content I feel that it holds a professional view and authority in each of the topics. Lastly, did you average a blog every day or more like a couple a week? 

Rebecca Nixon
In reply to Charles Fenderson.

Dear Charles,

This forum is for the Innovation in Healthcare With 5G. Mostly to discuss advancements in health care with technology. I declined an off topic comment just a minute ago, and I felt upset to do that. So, I am approving this one to let you know that is such a relief.

I had a list of things wrong to fix and was slightly discouraged because my site has not taken off as I hoped with all the time and money invested. That led me to criticize myself because I have worked hard on the tech parts. It is like feeling in the dark without specific training.

I write every day, on this site or on our Online Business Community, Wealthy Affiliate. Sometimes I get buried in paperwork and it takes awhile to finish or update posts, but I catch up in increments between missions and it has slowly taken shape. Right now, I really appreciate your kind reassurance. If you get time to return, would you be able to give your thoughts on the topic of Innovation in Healthcare with 5G? The fifth generation of technology is expanding in many areas.

I thought it is a great start to forums.


Nurse Becca

-R. Nixon, RN, CLNC

Riaz Shah
I think its amazing Nurse Becca!We need a faster and more seamless line in all the industries, more so in the healthcare section as we’re dealing with lives at stake.
My mother works for the Ministry of Health here in Malaysia and they work closely with the WHO and I can’t begin to tell you how terrible the line is in some hospitals. 
The normal ones in the city have good connections as is though having a better one wouldn’t hurt but I think internet lines should be made available and with utmost priority in all hospitals regardless if they are located in the city or not. Just my 2 cents
In reply to Riaz Shah.

Dear Riaz,

Thank you so much for this considerate forum post. Your discussion opens great points and 2 cents worth probably a cool trillion bucks. The knowledge and implementation of what we learn, just like when many surgeries bacame laparoscopic rather than a huge risky incision. Think of how many less sponges were sewn up and left behind in abdominal wounds. Now this is just one idea of how big the jump will be with the capabilities on the horizon for health care worldwide. The World Health Organization has a wealth of knowledge on this topic as well. They have brought health and wellness across barriers and disparities. 

The Ministry of Health will hopefully benefit from this relationship. Hospital care will be one facet of interest to see with the generation 5 now. Although, I tend to not do so much work in hospitals, I keep in the loop. I have not actually worked as a nurse in hospitals aside from briefly under other contracts. I did work for hospital pharmacy, and studied pharmacy technology, which is another overlapping circle of information, procedures and advancements. Science and organic intelligence have driven to new areas of the webisphere untravelled. This will integrate artificial intelligence into all these new platforms in my 2 cent opinion.

Rural health care is an important concern.

I hope my notes find you well, and thank you graciously for your thought leadership in the discussion.


Nurse Becca

-R. Nixon, RN, CLNC

Each and every reply on this site is greatly appreciated!

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