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Pat Iyer’s innovation as a legendary leader is why I have chosen her to review for Celebration of Women Creators. Iyer is well known for popular podcasts “Iyer’s Insights,” part of Legal Nurse Podcast, and branded as a true mentor for nurses.

She has written many amazing books, ebooks, articles, ghost writings and is an elegant hostess for the internet world of nurse entrepreneurs.

Pat Iyer is a fantastic feature of many speaking events, and is an innovator in helping people write books as well as build their own online courses.
One of the podcasts I have revisited several times reminds Legal Nurse Consultants to get a retainer prior to working for attorneys and building good rapport. I have a dusty case that is a huge stack of paperwork for a case I never was paid for.

I look at the biggest binder I’ve ever seen, I could probably recite the file verbatim. This is my proof case along with Pat’s warning which was a review from my Vickie Milazzo’s course for Certified Legal Nurse Consultants. At the Vickie Milazzo Institute I learned in person the same caveats of collecting and billing.

Now I have the case I was never paid for I should probably have bronzed to remind me of the expensive mistake. We all make a mistake at some point. And the advice I never took knowing better was mine. Iyer’s podcast kindly walks the listener through what steps to prevent or remedy this aspect of nursing business.

You can sign up for Pay Iyer’s membership in for a very reasonable price. It has a per month and yearly price, and many benefits including:
• 2 monthly online legal nurse trainings
• Continuing education credits for RN licensure renewal at a reasonable cost
• The pride of learning from the best in nursing business
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Pat Iyer has several legal nurse consulting websites and a plethora of educational products. Please note that if you listen to Pat’s podcasts, you can type a code she releases during her trainings and save money!!

I did not want to place Pat’s prices on here, but you can go to her websites for more details. Before you buy the products, shop around from her free resources by listening in and get the extra savings at

Below are some resources, which Nurse Becca Consulting can earn affiliate commission if purchased from this site. It is my oath to always pay that forward. Any books purchased through the link below will not make the price go up.
I hope you will enjoy, give feedback and consider writing reviews for Pat Iyer’s efforts in education and service for our community. As a celebration of the great women who create, please buy a book for a nursing friend.

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Join me in gracious praise of Innovative Iyer Insights!
Thank You & Kind Regards,
Nurse Becca

-R. Nixon, RN, CLNC

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