JD Dolnick End of March Party

JD Dolnick End of March Party, Spring Fever Review

To Complete the Month of March with the grand finale of Spring Break, it is a pleasure to introduce one more Great Woman Who Creates. Nurse Becca Blog chose 5 Great Women Who Create to join in the Celebration during Spring Break. JD Dolnick is a true queen bee of social networking, with many mothers who look up to her in peer mom online awe. 

Legal Nurse Consultant Review Celebrating 5 great women who create
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Nurse Becca Blog has been featuring different Women in honor of the Teachable Campaign Women Who Create Summit.

The other 4 March Madammes selected for blog review were:

  1. Erica Leach Nurses Rising Biz School for Nurses and Mastermind Group
  2. The Nerdy Nurse: Brittney Wilson, Guest Blog
  3. Vickie Milazzo
  4. Pat Iyer
  5. Colonel Saunders. Yes, obviously he is a guy! Just wanted to see if you’re paying attention. It’s no good to leave the gentlemen out of the celebration.
  6. Janice Dolnick is a stylish, kind and business-minded woman. With our Facebook Friendship, she has included me with conversations regarding CLNC and life as. I shared with her the experience of Wealthy Affiliates fighting in court about protecting the online business community members from the theft, spamming or otherwise cyber abuse of its members.

The reason for wanting to share this was the experience Dolnick had by having her business stolen. She was a victim of cyber scandal and unaware. This forced the consultancy firm into rebuilding her business and reframing ideas. Dolnick had an Online Image Makeover with the new brand, that transformed her business from perspective of social networking. 

The JD Dolnick Group happens to be WE SPEAK DR dot com, at National Nurse Consulting and she has a law degree, along with her husband. Her toddler is the cutest, and I loved the way she showcased him to adverstise and market for CLNC Subcontracts. In her online close-knit circle of friends, it is a sweet Legal Nurse Paparazzi. Most of her associates for subcontracting are members of the Facebook online business network and Legal Nurses Rock Biz with continuing education in honing legal nurse business, marketing and legal nurse consulting skills.

Dolnick’s firm relocated to a lively neigborhood with a new building! The building is dedication for a fortress of planning the nursing oversight. Legal Nurses Rock provides application of the nursing process as well as progress to uphold and continually evolve with the standard of care. Then Evaluation of outcomes would turn the process over to start at the circular process, restarting like a song which doesn’t ever end. The steps to the Nursing process are very commonly known as 


  • Assessment, 
  • Diagnosis, 
  • Planning, 
  • Implementation,
  • Evaluation.
  • It is a circular nursing process designed to be continuous.

The network of legal nurse consultants on Facebook is friendly and inviting for nurses of all levels of interest.

Janice has a Juris Doctor degree in law study, and her hubby also has prestigious accomplishment, recently featured in the Los Angeles Daily and CBS News. The false saying in the niche of legal nursing, that a nurse has to be married to a lawyer to ensure success. Well, JD Dolnick is both an attorney and married to one, so she has raised the bar of the business and success. She has many class action cases and classy ladies on her team.

Despite the turmoil of the makeover of image and rewriting the whole plan from the beginning, Janice Dolnick is an emblem of resilience. Her story and charm inspires the masses. Again, with the super cute sonny, he is the icing and the whole chocolate glitter surprise cake.

When you want to ask an expert. Janice is the top-notch of her niche and an influencer of the foundation, framing and walls in the building of the outline of the legal nurse consultant role. Look at this Marvelous Maverick in Healthcare, she is ready for any court battle involving medical records. This team can process massive amounts of paperwork, with understanding of the art and science of delegation. Work Comp, Medical Negligence and many kinds of breaches in nursing standard such as medication errors, or even mass torts in massive numbers. Dolnick helps attorneys to navigate an often very complicated intermeshing of health and law. The value and virtue of her service reduces the cost of litigation for lawyers because with her help, the need for the more expensive MD Experts decreases.

Aside from the style and professional appearance, Janice Dolnick has a heart of liquid gold. She is known for friendly, upbeat voice recordings on Facebook chat, sending GIF’s and having a laugh. On Janice’s consultant page, the services include personal coaching, training from one of the best in the business for blogging. Nursepreneur support, encouragement and belonging to combat bullying within the nursing profession. Including making nurses work dauntingly long shifts without breaks due to preventable staffing deficits. She signed up a large group of mistreated nurses who allegedly had their human rights violated related to requiring to work in unsafe and grossly understaffed environments.

Dolnick did not bat an eye when looking at the hefty volume of records, she had the experience of reviewing tens of thousands of records with her team, and “thousands and thousands” of pages literally, as a forensic nurse. In fact, as I am writing this, I wonder if the initials are coincidentally as my own, Registered Nurse with initials of her name “RN” and Juris Doctor with initials of her name “JD”. This will be confirmed, but not until after publication because it may be an ironic coincidence.

There is no way to summarize the value of learning legal nurse services from this nurse, and have learned free many issues with the blog and online information that is absolutely a free resource provided by the queen bee LNC herself.

Queen Bee: Dolnick Spring Break Grand Finale

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