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It is a great pleasure to welcome visitors and guest bloggers for Travel Nursing Adventures and to the team to learn marketing within your specialty for the clients you have the expertise in serving. As an RN, I have worked in many leadership capacities, and am embarking on projects which branch pharmacy, technology, nursing, and pharmacogenetics research in future publications. Under the CLNC wings, I have served expert testimony as a Skin Expert that settled favorably. I completed CoVid and Personal Injury as well as Long term care litigation case analysis certification with the AMERICAN ASSSOCIATION OF LEGAL NURSE CONSULANTS.

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These members are welcome for networking and future prizes. The download ebook with all my training links will soon follow for Wealthy Affiliate Membership, and you can get your free trial to find out if you like the platform for keeping your business all in one for email marketing, web site building, local SEO and the training and mentorship needed to succeed online backed by my personal guarantee you will find value in the domain hosting as well as the WordPress theme of your choice and creators can choose from a variety of themes. Jay, my business Coach for 2020 has assisted my journey, and I am well versed to pay the knowledge forward with email messages, articles and promotions of trusted affiliate partnerships. 

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    • Note of why I got started blogging. Nurse Becca blogs are built for practice in publication of oharmacogenetic research, to promote lucidity within writing, and enhance understanding with layman translation like a legal nurse consult does for health care related cases.
    • Building Your Own Why Specialties help build a sustainable economy. Dispense all the stimulus money in the world, it would do no good without the active investment in local business and home town economy support.
    • percent of memberships can build to substantial growth within WA, although many people choose their own niche development-you can absolutely do both your specific expertise AND promote affiliate relations to get residual streams of income to help furnish your dreams.

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    Your questions are welcome at all times, and it is a privilege to get interaction online with the people who we serve.

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    call to action: Calling all who subscribe to keep your subscription for the Wealthy Affiliate Demonstrations and promotions. All members may offer their own training on the WA platform once they have been members for 3 months. 

    During the 3 month time, members learn in order to compile information to help out along the way, supporting other members with site comments, fellowship, and sharing the values that bring us together as a group.

    subscribe comment question we will get through the business crisis together. The AlignAble platform also has business support, like LinkedIn…Follow Nurse Becca on many online arenas, but just send a reply to any of my messages, and I would be glad to assist with things like web page reviews for attorneys, online virtual events as well as demonstrations and promotions.

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    favorite color

    1 of 3 bags

    1) TEE Bag

    2) Totally Swag Tote Bag

    3) Shiznittle Bomb HellaDank Ditty Bag by DankRN.COM (antiviolence among police and nurses)

    These are the initial email series which shall be built upon and enhanced using feed back from comments, imagination and caring.

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    1. You are correct about wealthy affiliate but people have to see for themselves. The free trial period is great for that.  It did not take the full three week trial to realize that this the best program out there.  The people there all helping each other no matter a newbie or veteran is amazing.  I am so pleased with my decision.  Thank you for this info you are passing along.  Have a great day.

      • You are very welcome, I’m making a 10 part email series so people can learn who I am if they are following. It is difficult with my neck pain, but coming along. If you can think of ideas to add to the 10 part information, I would love to hear about it- I’m working on posts which got the most response first, then updating old posts but will outsource more as I go along. Medical clearance may put me back at the bedside soon, For now, I appreciate all the help with campaigning and web site building I may get along the way. It was great for Jay to help me out, and Kyle has also been there for me more than once before. Thank you for visiting!:) You are most welcome, of ourse


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