Lawyers, Are You Going Up?

Lawyers, Are You Going Up?


The Nerdy Nurse, Vickie Milazzo and Pay Iyer Group have inspired this Nurse Becca Blog.

I am not afraid to ask all lawyers, are you going up? Thank you for your interest in my work and elevator speech. I am Rebecca Nixon, and I’m glad to meet you colleagues, friends and affiliates.

If you’re an attorney or legal nurse consultant interested in hosting your own website, you can join by my link, 

Brittney Wilson (The Nerdy Nurse), known as an innovation expert and pioneer of Health Media Academy requested an elevator speech “by the end of the day.”

It was difficult and challenging to rise up to this because the elevator speech may vary. I have learned with consultants who are internationally known, including Jane Hurst. She is a world renown CLNC who was able to assist an elevator company.

If you’re injured by a faulty elevator or are defending your client against a faulty claim, Legal Nurse Consulting can be a great service and resource.

Talking to elevator manufacturers, I may have an entirely different conversation in order to make services that fit the needs of the specific client.

An attorney may only need help building demonstrative evidence or preparing letters for notification of a medical class action law suit.

Lawyers in criminal defense and wrongful death tragedies might have different need than a catastrophic injury specialist. 

The idea of a marketing script fit for a quick speech is great for an elevator. The Specialty Medical Legal-Research provided by Nurse Becca Consulting is backed by more than 20 years in health care, Certified Legal Nurse Consultant since 2013.

Practice as an expert and in positions such as Director, inner workings of a multitude of healthcare platforms as PRN Staffing Facilities on their software, phone triage and in person.


Delegations are performed with the experience of targeted research and practice. Nurse Becca is trusted as a registered nurse in Idaho Compact State, Oregon and Washington with membership and practice in well-known, reputable organizations:

♥American Nursing Association


♥National Alliance for Certified Legal Nurse Consultants

          ♥National Nurse Consulting


            ♥American Red Cross

These are well-renowned resources!

In addition, Updated knowledge, authority as a speaker in hospice, Long Term Care, Assisted Living, Skilled Nursing and subspecialty work in pharmacy technology both hospital and retail settings.

I recently completed HighTech Act training with the Vickie Milazzo Institute, Completed courses on Health Media Academy and finished Pat Iyers Training. These experiences have inspired a blog with the call to action to send me a note for learning how this knowledge can help your health care organization or law firm.

  1. Request a free conference
  2. Organize speaking event contract
  3. Ask a question
  4. Arrange The Joint Commission and Tech compliance survey

Certain catastrophic cases require life care planning and I have worked thousands of hours on Work Comp cases. The following experience may relate to your specific case: In-home care, home health, hospice,  all the way from ventilator unit and traumatic brain injury unit. 

These partnerships and networking built all along is for the purpose of providing ongoing service in the community and guarantee of prudent care. 

With ongoing education in virtual court process and procedures, attorneys may also get the right help with adapting to new technology to provide the best support for their clients.

Attorneys who sign multi-case letter agreement may be eligible for waiver of retainer fees. Get more details! 

Don’t miss out on discounts or pass the opportunity. Save time and increase the value by having Nurse Becca Consulting assist with medical elements of your case.


Take off!

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Registered Nurse, Legal Nurse Consultant
Specialty Medical – Legal Research

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