Legal Nurse Consulting in 2019, A Service Profession

Legal Nurse Masterminds

Legal Nurse Consulting has been a profession since the 1980s. It is flourishing with as many specialties as the nursing field, and then some!

Any legal case with health components can benefit from LNC service.

This year, Nurse Becca Consulting has partnered with Legal Nurse Consulting Network to help with the goal of reaching 100,000 nurses to explain the service of LNC.

Why is the Legal Nursing field little known and poorly understood?

  • HIPAA-all information will be kept compliant with HIPAA laws by respecting the individual, and that their health information is private business.
  • Peer Review-Nurses are accountable for assisting other nurses in best practice for care as well as documentation.
  • Not often advertised in job search engines
  • Behind the scenes-this group of attorney assistants usually do not sit at the front desk even if they work under a law firm.
  • The Reclusive Expert: There are specific requirements of confidentiality for which the Expert and Testifying Witnesses must uphold.
  • Reciprocity and Interstate Compacts Often a qualified nurse may be excluded due to the rules requiring active licensure in each state. Some states recognize a nurse from another state that have all enjoined in the contract. If it is a non-compact state, this can bar a nurse from testifying if they did not have an active license during the time which the injury, accident or negligence occurred.

A legal nurse consultant can be an expert witness for cases, like a behind the scene affiliate who organizes the information. An LNC helps highlight evidence in a way which provides proof in truth of issues on these legal cases for members of the court.

There are many ways to obtain training for Legal Nurse Consulting. This list is just the ones which I’ve researched since 2009.

Training Resources:

  1. Vickie Milazzo Institute
  2. LNC Stat
  3. Biz School for Nurses
  4. College and University related trainings

On the other hand, many attorneys are not interested in certification, rather field knowledge in the specialty during the time of the occurrence which spurred the lawsuit.

In these circumstances: The knowledge, coupled with professional appearance and communication ability will be preferable to any certification you can provide. Service and dependability may trump a piece of paper with an alphabet soup of credentials.

The letters after the name of practitioners can speak to education and training. If an attorney is searching for an expert on a case, these credentials may help qualify a nurse in a specific niche of the medical profession.

Experts in the Legal Nurse Consulting business are building teaching resources for others to join in the field with confidence of preparedness.

I have renewed the CLNC credential for the third time, and I would fully recommend going through this training from Vickie Milazzo Institute.

If you know a nurse who is curious, they can even take the first course for free and earn continuing education credits. The CLNC credential also is a way to advertise, as each nurse who gains the certification is listed on an online list for attorneys.

There are also coaches to get into the business, Facebook groups and other forums.

If a nurse decides to become an independently Legal Nurse Consultant, learning sales and marketing as well as pillars of business are essential for success.

There are many hosts for websites, companies and consultants who will build a website for your LNC business.

The cost of hosting does not include the ongoing support a nurse may need for providing LNC service. The best places to get marketing skills are through coaching and online entrepreneurship training through Wealthy Affiliate.

The Wealthy Affiliate Community Open Education Project and the live coaching sessions by Jay from Magistudios are available for a reasonable price of 49$ monthly. The first month is discounted at only 19$ and there are yearly or semiannual payment arrangements available.

You can get a free trial to get the support any business needs as well as sample of website themes. They are WordPress, which is easy to navigate. There are literally thousands of free and paid themes. The best of mavericks in marketing also walk you through the process and there is a live chat for immediate answers at Wealthy Affiliate.

The service and caring team of this online business community are worth the investment. This can be a tax deduction for continuing education as well. Within the platform, you can follow and invite collegues into your network. There are also over 10,000 affiliate programs which can give your business residual income from commissions.

If your consultancy firm has an affiliate program and it is not listed on the search engine with Wealthy Affiliate, the owner must simply email Kyle who will confirm it is a legitimate organization. Then anyone who is a member can choose to join your program.

There are over 1.5 million members and counting!

My #1 Recommendation Program for Learning Affiliate Marketing

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