Littmann Stethoscope 10 Years in Review

10 Year Review

Littmann Stethoscope

-Care considerations for nurses

-Personalize with nurse name

-It finally broke in 1/2?

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Littman stethoscope

My first Stethoscope is finally eroded almost into dust. Prior to this, the brand, design and quality of sound was precise.

I would highly recommend this style of stethoscope for a good start. You may get your name inscribed on the bell. It is frequent to lose a stethoscope running around on your nurse journeys: but may have a chance of getting it returned with your name on there.

This would make a great personalized gift for a graduate nurse or other health care providers.

The oils of the skin do erode stethoscopes over time, and these instruments must be thoroughly disinfected.

The bell has two sides, and each side is for auscultation (listening) to a specific tone. The larger diameter side of the bell is for low pitched sound, and the smaller for higher pitched sound. When listening for gastric tube placement verification, this is an ideal piece of equipment.

It was a sad day when the first one for my nursing endeavors broke after 10 years of extensive use.

One helpful tip is to replace pieces if they become worn. The ear pieces should be regularly replaced as they wear out for accuracy, as well as infection prevention.

Always follow the manufacturer recommendations on cleaning, care and storing your equipment. Especially a stethoscope, that is vital for a nurse.

Other helpful products for nurses which greatly help reduce spread of pathogens are stethoscope clips and blood pressure cuff covers.

These two items are worthwhile, depending on your nursing role. They can be a good investment for any bedside nursing. For administration or oversight, it would be good to evaluate your infection rates and factor these 2 ideas into the equation for prevention.

  1. Stethoscope Clip
  2. Blood pressure cuff cover

You can get specialized stethoscopes designated for a specific branch of nursing. For example, a nurse working in cardiac care may prefer a double lumen stethoscope. This has dual tubes which augment sound.

If you know a nurse with hearing loss, an Ecko model can assist with this challenge.

Any device should be properly cleansed for appopriate Bag Elegance. Before and after each use, nurses follow disinfecting procedures at bedside in homes as well as facilities for keeping patients safe & healthy. The same goes for Littmann stethoscopes.

Regardless of the nursing niche, a good stethoscope is a necessary and beneficial tool. Please take a moment to send a note in comments with any questions about Littman Stethoscopes for your needs.

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