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Live Stream Starts Soon

Live Stream Teaching How to Publish Your Own Program Within Wealthy Affiliate

Reasearch AND Publications: Perform Keyword Phrase Analytics on Jaaxy Search Engine.

To Join, You Will Need to Gain Premium Plus Membership: this Opens Live Stream Training Events to Get Your Business Marketing Started.

Create Your Own Success Story With Research on Investements. Split Testing Platforms, such as WeBull, SoFi and Even Cash Card offer ways to perform investment study including stocks and cryptocurrency.

For Case Studies, We Will Try It Out Creating App Reviews Promoting Campaign To Las Vegas To Meet & Greet Wealthy Affiliate //in Person. The Case Study Reviews are a Pay It Forward to A Learning Pathway for Future Investments.

Cash Credits on Wealthy Affiliate may be exchanged through PayPal to monetize the time investment for your leadership within the online community.

      1. Review of WeBull-Joining will require a hundred dollar deposit. This gives free stock investments for the referral to the person who referred to the network.

Stock Investments, Referred by Brian Nixon, and the referral bonus for joining also gave me free stock investment that was a positive return.

      2. Review of SOFI Investments-

Stocks And Cryptocurrency. Stocks on SOFI are a good venture, although this nurse writing does not have expertise in stock trading, my brother sparked an investment interest that has capitalized a return worth sharing.Within this APP, SOFI has just begun public trading as a commodity, and so far, SoFi has a SO good glimpse to add to your portfolio.

The Affiliate commissions are available to share in social media platforms with pay for loan, stock, and other services you may be able to build good credit standing and organize the accounts, along with other investments.

      3.  Cash Card Stock Trade-

The Cash Card Affiliate Status has a link you may send via text to all of your connections.

Design Your Own Visa, this is a great way to grow your brand in the local community. You can actually write your business name onto your visa, and create a logo that you may add cash and make purchase at local brick and mortar small town businesses.

Use the card, or disable it for only your own app. The card has an easy to access switch, which can disable access for teenagers who like to make away with their parents accounts, or just for overall security.

Trusted Nurse Investments-One video I watched has a great approach to online investing for nurses, but also pertains to other health care professions. Creating stock investments can be a part of any business plan.

Travel Nurse Contracts-these contracts can help with planning for travel nurses who make a career out of going out of their way for the health of the greater community. Without travel nurses, many communities would suffer immensely from staffing shortages within a crucial time in health care. These shortages are a root of many personal injury claims, creating charges which could put some organizations out of business. Rural health care under a microscope is delicate, and could impact overall wellness for troops of people. Getting travel staff to their destinations safely is an endeavor that takes a whole community.

CoVid Vaccine Administration

One travel adventure worth studying is adminstration of vaccines. Immunizations are an important aspect for people, and a look into the morbidity and mortality related to side effects requires more study. Pharmacogenetics may provide more insight as artificial intelligence is on a curve of utilization. We cannot imagine how many uses this will unfold in the future of health care.

Nurse Job Cafe-Campain for Commissions: With this partnership, we are hoping to offer an An Affilate Program Review that will help people to determine if this joint adventure is worth the return of investment, as well as easy use. This content will show health care workers the process to join, how to use and simplify it even further when they are looking for opportunities for employment, career and profession, while training in the way to monetize as an affiliate partner.

Furnished Finder for Health Care Professionals: This is an investment like Vacasa which could turn virtual real estate into flesh and bones brick and mortar building. With the proper investments, you could buy property outside of areas which experience frequent nursing staff shortages, then build a cabin that accepts the nurse stipend for shelter during their service at a local health care facility.

Housing options for nurses are various, but having dependable housing is vital to prevent outbreaks of infection and increase continuity of care.

Travel Flights, Google Your Safe Passage Google Flights for a Nurse Adventure, Train or Automobile. Alternate Travel and News on Electromechanical Vehicles

SEO TOP 10 Checklist for Nurse Travel Bags

What could a nurse bring on her travel missions to help along the way? This is a blog topic that has affiliate potential. Everything in the bag could have an affiliate commission. Nursing graduates get a goody bag that they would not imagine the use of items therein, until years over like a geode cash, the clues pile up to a care set of wizardly proportions.

Notes from the live stream event to follow for monetizing income streams online… The video has such a delightful accent, reminding of times working with a voice saying less than fantastic but sounding so fantastic. That voice assisted me with earning my trip to NASCAR races in Las Vegas. Barrington James was a delightful experience to contract with, The only trouble is that without closed captioning, some people who are Deaf may not be able to benefit. Closed Caption which are automatically read tend to not have the best translation. This makes for difficult access for people who may be at a disadvantage. My hope is that by offering a discussion this will increase understanding and interaction for more people to benefit overall. Offering closed captioning would be enjoyable to me because I can read the transcript and listen to music in the background. User friendly experience is thinking outside of the box at times. When the information is offered in a way which the client can understand, then you are giving a better service to them.

Tim taught how to create trainings in order to earn credit, and how to cash it out through PayPal

The livestream also goes over how to get to Vegas using affiliate programs within Wealthy Affiliate to start income streams as well as counting toward the number of commissions needed to get a free ticket to Wealthy Affiliate Online Business Community’s Annual meeting in Las Vegas Nevada.

I am publishing it here to help a dearheart go to Las Vegas, as I have been a couple of times since joining Wealthy Affiliate. The first trip I checked out Vickie Milazzo Institute, then on the next adventure to visit celebrating my first earning as a Certified Legal Nurse Consultant, and to check out the venue for the next Nurse Becca Grand Rounds to Vegas.

When watching the livestream event, I was able to learn how to get the most for membership with the help of our Las Vegas travel Group here at Wealthy Affiliate:

With the above hyperlink, you can join as a free member to try out Wealthy Affiliate, then upgrade if you want to learn more about earning cash on Wealthy Affiliate Promotions inside the platform. There are many ways to profit with the system and those streams of income can become a great way to pay it forward for your guests.


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