Mission Act of 2019, [Veterans Access to Urgent Care]

This is an open discussion about the benefits of the Mission Act passed in 2019. One of the provisions is in regard to access of Urgent care. Imagine a valiant military member who would have to delay much needed care in order to get a referral from the VA center.

Veterans Access to Care, A wooden cross painted with an American flag.

Veterans who have anxiety issues and transport difficulty further complicated by requirements to getting prior authorizations and approval. The new provisions by the Mission Act may alleviate some of these issues. Barriers to care and delayed treatment for the Patriots of America who have devoted to service have lifted with the Mission Act.

While there are ongoing challenges accompanying the barriers to health care for Veterans, Mission Act is a step in the right direction for access to care.

In another resource, Military.com article by Richard Sisk,

“VA Ready to Roll Out Mission Act Program on June 6 But Expect Glitches: Officials”

This article expresses the work in progress with application to rural veterans who have the barrier of distance to add to the challenge of getting needed care. Sisk discusses this as a Vietnam era Marine Corps veteran within the program officially labeled as “Maintaining Internal Systems and Strengthening Integrated Outside Networks (MISSION) Act,” or the MISSION Act.

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