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Today, Nurse Becca is banned from blogging at Wealthy Affiliate. It has been a great journey with this courageous and caring community.

Trying out disguises, trying to keep a smile! Please vote A or B for the incog-neato nurse…

First, I joined Wealthy Affiliate in January of 2014 when recovering from my mom passing away from an adverse drug event. Hemorrhage from anticoagulant. I wanted to start writing in her memory, as it was a dream we both had in common. I ended my membership abruptly, then bought a website made by that was a very organized, but too impersonal design. And it was more expensive. The quality of the software seemed nice enough.

I re-joined Wealthy Affiliate in September of last year, so almost 7 months. I managed to become an ambassador about a month ago, and was posting at least 1 blog per day no matter how tired I was. It is a challenge to complete all levels within entrepreneurship certification and the biz bootcamp for the online training part of the membership.

I fought to finish bootcamp because being on camera with videos was not my idea of a good time, it is up there with riding on airplanes for me. Not that I really have a severe phobia, it just stresses me out and feels like taking a test. I tell myself that I am good at taking tests, so I must not let it stress me out too much because the videos and flights I have taken…

Just maybe I am good at it and definitely will get better with practice.

I opened a new membership with Wealthy Affiliate in order to ask what the rationale for my ban is. So far, there have not been direct answers. There are some ideas I wanted to share. I did accidentally post an affiliate link to Screen Cast O Matic which I did not know about. I didn’t realize it would have to sign up just to see what I had written which was just closed captioning to try and help for anyone who needs to silence their device or cannot hear what is said.

There maybe some people on the WA site who will report you for Spam as briskly as possible to get rid of you. I am told by several people to “watch my back.” In every community, there are social conflicts which challenge well-being.

My write access has been revoked today, in response to this post below:

Nurse Becca Blog is Banned

I think there is something to the way I write blogs that people like. And more, to get feeling out of things I have to say.

My last top 10 is posted below. I wrote top 10 blogs frequently, and many people at Wealthy Affiliate loved to look at my posts.

This was very exciting to get #2 and sincerely enjoyed the compliment. Antisepsis of Evil

The good news, I still get an affiliate commission for anyone to sign up and curate a great business niche on a diverse site (Wealthy Affiliate).

If you Join Today through my link, I will mentor you as soon as my account is unfrozen. There is a member referral bonus of a free trip to Las Vegas. I hope I can make it there to ask the powers that be to create a care plan for bans. Not just evict testimonials and reassurance which has inspired people in many ways.

Now I must back up 102 blog posts if I want to have these keepsakes. I write for my family, community, friends, colleagues, leaders mentors and affiliates. My blogs are in honor of Semper Fi’nally as well as in loving memory of my mother, the Hazmat Chemist, Poet, friend.

I would never have tried to saboutage my ambassadorship at Wealthy Affiliate. I looked forward to coaching and inspiring and almost had the guts for creating YouTube videos with the help of a maverick of marketing, Jay Niell, from Magistudios.

I am still learning, and glad to give a helping hand to promote nurse entrepreneurs as well as Affiliates.

Update 4/28/19: This morning, my writing ability was reinstated by Kyle, the owner of Wealthy Affiliate. The community is making waves to ensure there is not spamming but also people are not blocked without good cause. Wealthy Affiliate reinstated my ambassadorship, and I am back in business to help companies succeed with affiliate marketing and online entrepreneurship.

The screenshot below shows the benefits which are unlocked with upgrading to a premium account.

Premium Account at Wealthy Affiliate

The first month is just 19$, and the best investment in education that I know of. As you can see, the summary includes the green bar benefits on the top right side.

What is not mentioned: You also get live coaching by Jay each week. Jay Neill from Magistudios could easily charge separately for this mentorship. I researched and was quoted 5100$ for 6 months of personal coaching. The savings here speaks for itself.

Free Trial

You get 50 websites for the monthly fee, or you can pay for 6 months or a year that puts additional savings in your pocket. If you create trainings (without links which freeze your account), you can earn cool cash credits to pay for your membership. You can also cash those out with your commission checks.

Wealthy Affiliate membership can enhance your business plan and get your company networking to be a brand which loyal customers know, like and trust.

Please let me know if you have any questions on the cost for joining or benefits. You will be getting a life changing experience for a very reasonable price.

Thank You & Kind Regards,

Nurse Becca

Updated Cinco de Mayo! Happy 5th of May every one. This update is a new ban maybe I earned from Wealthy Affiliate. I will thereby write my formal apology.

I was trying to help in live chat, and found a member was calling another member stupid. Just as bad, this lady was accusing Kyle and Wealthy Affiliate of theft. Account problems are not a big topic in the live chat, but this woman was livid.

I made an honest mistake, sort of sabotaged myself. I told the person maybe if they used their giant forehead as a solar panel they could get some energy to be nice to people.

Knowing I should not have done that, my writing privileges are revoked by administration.

I wrote a private Facebook message to Kyle to ask what details are included for this suspension. This time, I did do something wrong. I apologize and although I cannot rescind the message, I am sorry. I cannot reply to any private messages, write on my blog or respond to comments on my post.

I tested the affiliate link and would, in theory still get an affiliate commission for asking people to join. I still fully recommend membership for all of the great benefits, as well as a stellar community. I’m thankful for their putting up with bad Nurse Becca Jokes for six months, as well as my fumbling my Farkle fingers to make images, create a new meme, and build animated posts in Wealthy Affiliate. What an honor to be an ambassador for the beautiful community rich in entrepreneurial spirit. 6 Months of pure joy!

As you can see, there are more members of Wealthy Affiliate being banned by groups of people who have it out to remove someone from participating in the community. Learn more about this on a Super Affiliate Challenge blog.

My #1 Recommendation Program for Learning Affiliate Marketing

2 thoughts on “Nurse Becca Banned”

  1. Becca, I just wanted to tell you that I am impressed with your website. I definitely enjoyed reading the Nurse Becca Banned story again. I remember some of it and when it was going on. :).
    If I am correctly understanding the way that I am seeing the index of your site, You have Wealthy Affiliate not as a separate site for training and enrolling affiliates but as a part of your nursing site.

    Keep up the good work and continue the thought-provoking blogs. Enquiring minds want to know. 🙂


    • Dear Sonny,
      Thank you for your comment. Yes I simultaneously promote Legal Nurse Consulting, and Wealthy Affiliate because I do not want to personally manage 2 sites at this time. I remember banned 3 times. It speaks to the seriousness of all members being able to flag your blog as spam that’s not allowed on our network. But I never intentionally spammed anyone. Just to be ckear, my writing privileges were revoked on the WA site but not my website.
      I really appreciate your comment of encouragement it just makes my day! ???
      Thank you & kind regards,
      Nurse Becca
      -R. Nixon, RN , CLNC


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