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legal nurse consultant working on medical cases
Legal Nurse Consultant Working on Medical Cases

About Legal Nurse Consultants:

The legal nurse role is versatile, and this type of consultant can work in attorney offices or independently in their own home or office. An LNC can be found providing services for government entities, product or drug manufacturers, in hospitals and a multitude of other facilities. Services are focused on saving attorney time by providing case screenings, assistance with depositions, interrogatories, life care planning as well as customized for the attorney needs. The LNC can prevent expensive litigation that is unfounded, and can highlight areas of the medical records which prove damage and causation.

Only a nurse can give credible and reliable testimony on standards of nursing care and best nursing practice.

An RN license is required to practice as an LNC, and certification and training is offered for business, marketing and networking. Attorneys may also opt to train and hire the nurse from the bedside to the desk at a legal firm.

Legal nurse pioneers have set a high standard for excellence and professionalism, and support each other through mastermind sessions, as well as subcontracting with other consultants. 

The most popular courses are offered by the Vickie Milazzo Institute, JD Dolnick Nurses Lounge, Erica Leach Crown Legal Nurse Biz School for Nurses, Pat Iyer has very insightful legal nurse podcasts, and this learning counts toward the continuing education credits required to maintain RN license.

Universities offer different kinds of degrees for nurses who enjoy working in the legal arena. Look for accredited schools and verified results.

Nurse consultants can also promote a legal practice by hosting exhibits with marketing materials for their firms. Lawyers look into booths with LNC business who are friendly and clear on the service based on their needs.

Nurse Becca Consulting began with mission to improve health care through specialty medical legal research in 2013. The most current re-certification training for the Vickie Milazzo Institute studies include HiTech act and the impact on medical legal cases today.

The company values and motives are dedicated in loving memory of Diana J. Richardson and Albert M. Nixon, and to honor our Veterans. 

Thank You & Kind Regards,

-R. Nixon, RN, CLNC

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