Nurse’s Tote Bags

Nurse’s Tote Bags

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Nurses can get a bag tailored to their personal or professional needs. For example, home health and hospice nursing staff must have a bag with the anatomy and physiology (shape and fabric type) for their care. They follow a specific policy built for preventing infections, called bag technique.

Here is a video that gives a great idea on how to prevent the spread of germs by bag technique:

Nurse’s Tote bags can be an expression of personality as well as a tool for their work.

Key points

  • Hand hygiene must be performed as needed to prevent the spread of infection.
  • Nurses Tote bags must have a separate pocket for hand hygiene.
  • A clean and dirty compartment.
  • Clean barrier must be placed on a surface.
  • Tote bags cannot be brought into the home of isolation precautions. (Bedbugs, insects, rodents, drug-resistant infections)
  • Items must fully dry after cleaning prior to placing them back into the bag.


What is in Nurse Becca’s Tote bag?

  1. Purell Advanced hand sanitizer
  2. Barrier sheets
  3. Viva paper towels
  4. Stethoscope
  5. Sphygmomanometer
  6. Thermometer
  7. Pulse oximeter
  8. Electronic BP wrist cuff
  9. Vein Finder Magic Wand
  10. Helo Extense
  11. Lysol wipes
  12. Liquid Hand soap
  13. Penlight
  14. Bandaids
  15. Empty mediset
  16. Wound care bag with ordered dressing
  17. Spill kit
  18. Mask
  19. Gloves

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