OPTI-FREE Pure Moist Review

Product review for Opti-Free Pure Moist and Express. Free delivery from Amazon Prime for world-class multi-purpose disinfecting solution.

Love seeing clearly!?

Once upon a time there was a very blind nurse. She had zero peripheral vision. One day the nurse decided to try contact lenses with a slight astigmatism and glasses so thick quite certain they could light an ant hill ablaze.

She squinted and fogged and near misses. Lost and broken and replaced the goggles. Headaches and scratched lenses.

At the commissary, the glasses were as large as Mickey Mouse ears, soldiers kept talking about “BCG”. Years later did the poor old nurse learn what that meant.

The bottle of Opti-Free Express was very similar in appearance with the blur. The Pure Moist solution was absolutely the best for being able to look and blink without pain. Even the splendid periphery great for driving and safety.

Of course, using the wrong bottle had its disadvantages. To be fair, never was there a problem with the Express solution and no telling why the bottle was not thrown away. 

Remember for contact lens solution, do not reuse the solution. Always check the date. Avoid use of sanitizer for placing and removal of lenses. Always get proper medical advice. Be advised of disclaimer, contacts are not usually made for 12 hour back to back shifts.

Here is the nurse’s favorite list, Do:




The blind nurse washed her hands and used Pure Moist Oasis, and lived with better vision and healthy eyes forever thereafter.


A lot of kids she loves most dearly!

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