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Updates on No One Likes Pricks No One Likes Pricks Diabetes complicates lives for people, costing outrageous amounts of money and sometimes the cost is loss of life. While there are breakthroughs in treatments and ever- reaching closer to a cure, there is a way to ease the burden. The Helo Extense is a device I have purchased to

The Great Women Who Create Summit

Women Who Create Summit Promotion + registration starts now and goes from March 18th-March 26th, and the three-day event starts on March 26th. Is This the Day Your Life and Business Will Change?S Howdy Partners, Guests, Associates, Friends and Family! Have you ever considered creating your own online course? (If so, I have a free

Review of NSO

Review of NSO Liability Insurance for Independent Legal Nurse Consultancy Review of NSO Liability Insurance for Independent Legal Nurse Consultancy includes an overview of positive features of having coverage. I wholeheartedly recommend the NSO service, but also want to be clear that a policy can cover you above what employers will and in cases when

Tax Time for Attorneys and Nurse Consultants

Tax Time for Lawyers and Nurse Consultants is quickly approaching. The deadline for all to file is April 17th, and those who are eligible for returns are already starting to receive them. This episode of Nurse Becca Blog is an article that will go over tips and compare tax tools for filing. First, a friendly

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Nurse Becca Blog is Top 10 on Wealthy Affiliates. What an acccomplishment for rank! Thank you to loyal visitors and short stay guests. Lucky #7 for Nurse Becca Blog Rank. Checking for Melanoma is a great task for your health. On the check4cancer campaign, The United Kingdom company provided an international contract for skin expert

CPR Class Review

American Heart Association has new features to practice CPR online with an eSim platform. After the online portion of the certification course, there is a hands on skill session that also uses technology to verify and improve the CPR Quality. Upon passing an online exam, this is printed or emailed to the instructor of your

Artisan Handbags

Also known as: [#artisanpurse] Artisan Handbags by Patricia are filled with love and beauty! The following review blog is not a paid advertisement, but may have affiliate links. All affiliate links on this site award a small commission to Nurse Becca Consulting. These elegant and beautiful handbags are not just for nurses. They are detailed

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