Purell Advanced Aloe Review


Purell Advanced Aloe is a hand sanitizer, which used with proper hand hygiene can effectively reduce the spread of disease. It is good practice to limit the number of times using the hand sanitizer to up to 10 times. Other general rules are using proper hand washing when using the restroom, and always turn the faucet off with a paper towel. For hand sanitizer, this product goes into a side pocket on nursing bags to ensure proper bag technique which entails proper hand hygiene prior to opening or using contents of nursing bags for patient care. Purell Advanced is a good product for health care professionals and in the home for infection prevention.

The process for using hand sanitizer begins with making sure to clean tips of fingers, cuticles, and all surfaces of the hand allowing to air dry completely afterward. Some of the other types of hand sanitizers can lead to over-dryness of the knuckles and micro abrasions from the dryness do not help with skin integrity that prevents germs from entering skin. Using moisturizers and lotion can help, but the Aloe in the Purell Advanced is moisturizing to prevent skin breakdown.

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