Review 2019 Your Ultimate Guide To Mastering Workers’ Comp Costs

2019 Your Ultimate Guide To Mastering Workers' Comp Costs, Proven 5-Step System to Reduce Workers' Comp Costs by 20- 50%




Program Review: 2019 Your Ultimate Guide To Mastering Workers’ Comp Costs

The AMAXX book is A great resource to integrate and glean information for your business with money saving skills. The content application can assist law firms, consultants or even corporations. I received materials within the Proven 5 Step System to Reduce Workers’ Compensation Costs by 20-50% It is written by 2 experts on the content.

This training is easy to follow. To give you an abstract in review, it was learning with a home study approach that is a benefit by allowing you to master the concepts at your own pace. In the mailing, I recieved a colorful, sturdy binder with quick reference guide tabs to separate sections filled with vital knowledge presented by co-authors Rebecca Shafer and Michael Stack who are both Risk Consultants.

Before walking through the training outline, here is a summary of the additional documents in the workshop because these easy to reference resources are a valuable bonus. 2 Glossy Flyers have an appealing presentation much like an appealing informational poster. One is headlined, 13 Research Studies to Prove Value of Return-to-Work & Gain Stakeholder Buy-In. This document lists separate case studies and outcomes to speak as testimonials for the process. I really like #6 that is OSHA’s Safety Pays Program. But there is more to the additional accessories within this training.

Another leaflet from AMAXX is the glossy flyer with The 6-Step Process to Determine Workers’ Comp Injury Causation. This is a process with an example of Upper Limb Shoulder Tendinopathy, Impingement and Rotator Cuff Tears. The grid separates by research strong, weak and no evidence by occupational and non-occupational risk factors that can help build a grid of objective information to help properly determine causation. I want to go over the additional accessories in this training package next to quickly discusses the main theme of the training program.

The next two publications are a must read!

One is A short magazine style book entitled Workers’ Comp Mastery Training, How To Measure Workers’ Comp Success with 5 Critical Metrics. This is a guideline for measuring savings after revising practices using the methods outlined in the main course.

There is also another separate magazine style book named The Step-by-Step Process to Create an Elite Workers’ Comp Program. The evaluation, training and insight earned by better effort here means bringing business toward the 50% savings mark. If the expenditure is hundreds of thousands of dollars, that could more than pay someone to execute the plans a healthy yearly salary. It even covers hiring approaches to ensure getting the right individuals into positions available with a better outcome. Less turnover means less time and money retraining, so it helps to follow a tried and true process for prevention of lost revenue by hiring the best people for the job.

Now moving on from the extra accessories with the course to the main education. There were the 5 Steps organized into tabs for each step identified below in Topics of Interest.

Topics of Interest

  • Step 1: outlines pillars or foundation to the process.
  • Step 2: This section of the book explains prevention strategy. I once started a stretching and breathing warmup plan that invloved limbering up muscles before repetetive work. These tactics helped prevent problems such as carpal tunnel. At the time I was building boats, but the technique can be helpful in typing or physically demanding jobs such as bedside nursing. Prevention is worth implementing to reduce future costs. Training and education as well as tracking the inservice hours can help show compliance. When all measures to reduce work injuries fail, keeping compliant with policies in practice can help build safety and well-being. Safety committees ensure consistent improvement for workplace safety. These are required by OSHA and accrediting agencies.
  • Step 3: Reporting and Procedures After Incidents are discussed thoroughly to explain managing post injury systems.
  • Step 4: details Claims Management Best Practices, Treatment, the nursing process within work comp injuries: Assessment, Diagnosis, Planning, Implementation and Evaluation
  • Step 5: Settlements are most successful implememting this step of Controlling Medical and Pharmacy Costs
  • Entities involved include interdisciplinary teams, adjusters, the injured parties, durable medical equipment providers, pharmacies, surgical teams, ancillary disciplines, home health, skilled nursing, hospitals, risk management and other contracted consultants, safety and quality committees, human resources, the employer. Many members are active in the process of work comp claims. Hand Specialist, Lymphedema or Wound Care Specialty Occupational Therapists are diverse in their service and impact on work injury recovery.

Key Features Ideas I liked

  • One great idea I had not thought of is a Catastrophic Care Consultant. Although the Ultimate Guide did not specify Legal Nurse Consultants performing this role, this is a perfect match for Consulting in a legal nurse business niche.
  • Weekly meetings with IW are a superb idea. Claimants benefit and case management can be performed on a pre-planned basis in order to help facilitate the best outcome for all parties.
  • Evaluation with metrics to keep track of actual results.

More Resources

OSHA- The OSHA teams regulate safety with regard to workplace hazards. OSHA requires sharps containers are replaced and handled appropriately.

Americans With Disabilities Act-learning these concepts can help injured workers understand the law governing disability.

CMS-Centers for Medicare Services has many free trainings, for health care providers on all level and anyone curious to learn.

State and Federal Laws-cases adhere to a combination of regulations, disclaimer for your particular clients, an attorney would be needed to consult on unique case elements. How to locate attorneys, how to look at the laws related to your case.

Your Company Policies-Orientation and with revisions. Company policies outline the committee in charge of safety, work injury processes and documents needed for compliance. In any business, policies are revised to keep aligned with new laws and regulations in your industry.

Staying updated and spending the time to learn and ask questions about policy revisions, required training such as CPR renewal, resident rights and abuse prevention, infrction prevention, all of these are required for ongoing learning as well. When there are updates to state and federal law, there are subsequent updates to the company policies. This is especially true for larger corporations.

Social Security Disability-The Social Security Administration Office has relevant info at SSA.GOV

Worker Retraining Program-Employers may have their own or contract for worker retraining. When a worker cannot be repurposed in a business to do any job, companies sometimes will offer retraining to help attain more skills for another position within their capabilities. This can also entail a job coach to guide desicion making and preparation.

Vocational Rehabilitation-Building a care plan for employment recovery. When new skills are needed in order to work to best potential. Voc rehab also may give you a Job Specialist or other mentor to help prepare the care plan for an injured worker’s career.

Qualified Worker Retraining Program WIA

Workforce Investment Act-A federal program which can provide advocacy and sponsor needs of workers to return to a position that fits employee and employer needs. Applications are considered based on funds available and the job plan for each individial worker.

For instance, a pharmacy cashier may train in the workplace to be promoted to a Pharmacy Technician. The worker accepted into the program can also have the training period paid for by WIA funds, car insurance, child care, National Certification, books and tiution. One pro is the federally alotted money to pay for the WIA plans is a grant that does not have to be repaid.

Occupational Therapy

While Occupational Therapy may sound like a mysterious branch of medicine, it is a vital component for health and wellness. OT professionals are licensed through their state of practice to help oversee and manage. OT work is poorly understood by the general public but has subspecialties that can also be essential for restoring and maintaining activities of daily living ability and tolerance.

Physical Therapy

PT service is a widely known aspect for recovery care in traumatic injury. Targeted exercises guided by this specialty can heal to optimal capabilties for injured workers.

Speech Therapy

It may not be immediately apparent what the Speech Therapy discipline can do for work injuries. Brain injuries can manifest cognitive or muscular difficulty with swallowing. The airway is the top of triage because without proper air exchange, the nerve cells needed for all bodily operations can quickly perish. Speech therapy can identify cognitive and physiological problems for swallowing and recommend different textures, consistensies of fouid like nectar, honey or pudding thick to prevent aspiration.

The skills of Speech Therapy can come in handy to prevent aspiration that is dangerous like choking and causes secondary pneumonia infections. Lung injuries and airway obstruction of any kind can be disastrous and expensive. Medications can also cause other side effects when dealing with pneumonia and place people at higher risk for falls. Countless breathing treatments, oxygen tubing to trip on, and a weakened state of having pneumonia can end up with a broken hip as well.

It may seem like a far fetch from coughing on water to a hip replacement surgery, but over the years it seems to be getting more common with elderly patients due to different body chemistry with processing medication. head injuries that cause cognitive or neurological trouble for swallowing. These cases of coughing after thin liquids could use the expertise of speech therapy.

Specialty Medical-Surgical Rehabilitation and other kinds of Nurses

This is an area I worked as charge nurse in a handful of facilities, and can be a valuable resource for the teaching needed to safely return to work. The nurse helps patients learn about the disease specific care for individuals who may have multiple comorbid conditions. Nurses in general can reconcile your medications and help build a care plan centered on health and wellness. There are a large number of different nursing sub-specialties, such as assisted level and home health can set apart skilled level nurses in another category. Hospital specialty nurses also have a wealth of input on surgical or other treatments, they also are advocates and teachers for injured workers. Whichever pocket of nursing, the profession creates continuity for people accross the lifespan.


This Ultimate Guide gets Nurse Becca Consulting full endorsement as a worthwhile investment for goal planning and a targeted approach to help curb the cost of work comp claims as well as assist injured people to rehabilitate and receive the needed medical care.

The value of learning this 5 Step process can vary depending on the sitiation. For a large hospital who spends x amount on work comp injuries each year, 20% can mean 6 figures in a year. That fully covers a generous salary of a designated professional to work within a corporation or subcontract to cover these needs.

Get your free book and a large library of resources at the link below. This is not an affiliate link, just to help those who would like to learn more:

Conclusion and Benefits of this Book

The features and benefits of Your Ultimate Guide prevent delays in care for injured workers and employer expenses related to the work injury. Taking one action step each day to help reduce work injuries is a great call to action for this article. ComsiderEarn continuing education and understanding of practices that build community wellness. Read this book and let me know what you think in the comments!

States enacting gig work laws who incur higher operating cost for obtaining work status of employees who were formerly outside contractors or consultants. AB5 for California is an example. If the company wants to hire the freelancer who falls under the description outlined by the law, they stand to pay unemployment, worker comp, social security, and other benefits of being a W2 style employee. This can make it roughly 30% more expensive for those companies to operate. One way for business owners to offset that cost is to have a strategy to reduce their work comp cases by 20-50% to use the saved revenue in providing a safe workplace.


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  1. Amex sounds like a very thorough guide to learning about how to deal with the issues of Workers’ Compensation. Having been through the mill, myself, I know it can be a real pain in the neck for people and business owners who aren’t too savvy about what all it entails. It can be so complicated to people who aren’t fully versed. If these books have the Nurse Becca Consulting full approval, then all businesses, whether health-care or otherwise, would do well to own and study them. Thank you for letting us know about all this information. 

    • You’re quite welcome of course. I am passionate on this topic, they gave me all this info free so I had to share it.

  2. Prevention is very important.  I have seen my employer take many steps in this area to try to help prevent health issues.  This is very dependent on the work environment as to what this could or should look like.  Everyone has incentive to not get hurt the employees & employer.  It’s no fun for an employee to lose hearing or eye sight or loss of mobility.  I recently strained my eyes working on a computer at the office and home.  I couldn’t see anything close with out pain when my eyes were adjusting.  Fortunately after some rest and care they were alright. Now I try regularly to take breaks often to rest my eyes.  For the employer it translates in dollars as well as productivity of the their team.

    It can be simple things that make a big impact in the long run.  Thanks for sharing.

  3. Thank you for your post. It is useful information for me. I started my online business for a while now and the workload is increasing daily. I am in the process of hiring helper to support my business.

    Your article gives me valuable tips. I particularly like your summary: “If the company wants to hire the freelancer who falls under the description outlined by the law, they stand to pay benefits of being a W2 style employee…” This can be costly. I am going to have careful review of my potential hiring associate law and try to avoid unnecessary cost for my business.  

    It is kind of you sharing such valuable information with us. Your suggestion can save us a lot of money.

  4. Workers’ compensation can be very complex and time is very important to both employer and employee. To have a specific and up to date system in place which is both clear and transparent for both parties is a great way for a company to show its employees know that profits aren’t the only thing they are interested in. This book is a great bridge for a company to aspire to and in the end, both parties are winners

    Thanks for sharing 


  5. Nursebecca,
    I am not a business owner but have been a Workers’ Comp recipient on 3 occasions.  One company was interested in avoiding similar future injuries and sought my input.  The other, a federal agency,  tried to blame me for the injuries incurred.  After which I became interested in Worker Comp. issues.
    The source for the AMAX book would be a great source for unions in helping to build a safer work environment and possibly better assist their members in WokerComp. Cases.  I will be letting my union at the national level know about your post and provide them the link.
    Thank you for this comprehensive review.  It gave me many additional resources to review.

    • Dear Leo,

      That is great news! I appreciate the share very much. Could you tell me if the link for my WIA post brings you to a quick blog about the program? I’m not sure because on admin it brings me to the edit function of the post so maybe I did the link wrong… Regardless, I am very glad you happened to check out my latest article. It was written just for that purpose. And after learning more about worker comp claims, it makes me want to help other people with the information. Families and industries can benefit from paying attention to these issues.

      Thank you very much for sharing my blog!


      Nurse Becca

      -R. Nixon, RN, CLNC

  6. Hey, Thank you for writing an ultimate guide to mastering workers. I enjoy while reading your guide and find it very useful for all. Taking one action step each day to help reduce work injuries is a great call to action for this article. ComsiderEarn continuing education and understanding of practices that build community wellness. I will read this this book to understand better. Keep it up.

  7. Thanks for sharing this information, you have really given us an insightful piece on what you found out. It is important that a business understands this side fully, but they also need to understand that prevention is better than cure.  

    The implications of a business not taking this seriously, can be costly but it can also have a huge negative impact on their colleagues too.

    Both are important, thanks for sharing


  8. When you run a business there are a lot of aspects of it that you always need to keep in mind, keeping the employees happy and having plans for their safety should be one’s foremost concern. After reading your review, I think AMAX is a must to have a guide if you are planning to run a business.

    People invest money in places where it is not needed and they try to save where it is very essential to focus, I believe that books like this can help a person know where they need to concentrate in order to head in the right direction.

    I would definitely love to have information like this at my disposal while thinking of starting a firm because I believe in ensuring the safety of people who work for my organization and I should be aware of the steps to take during emergencies.

  9. Amax book is useful, thank you for presenting this expert book how an employer can save money. To help your business and your workers. if I could increase productivity in my business. It would be ideal for higher earnings. Today, it is difficult to find the right job workers who would appreciate your efforts in prevention and protection at work.

  10. Looks like this is an interesting book and must be owned by every worker. Because “it’s better to prevent than regret”.
    And I am very sure, many people are not aware of this. From personal experience, I used to be an employee, but at that time I am not trying to find out about this and just trusting what the company said.
    However, based on what you write, it seems like I was fooled at that time.
    Therefore, thank you very much for your writing, I will try to recommend your book and website to my other former colleagues so that they can take preventative steps.

  11. Wow, this book under review provides very relevant information not only on how to reduce workers compensation costs, but also to prevent workplace injury. Worker compensation costs can run down an organization’s overhead, and deplete project finances. This a nightmare that no project manager or head of an organization may not be willing to take. Organizational and project management procedures are updated all the time and risk management plans for different organizations are always in place to try to mitigate risks and reduce costs associated with various categories of risks. However certain unforeseen events resulting into workplace injury or may lead to multiple claims that could potentially run down an organization. I find the information in this post very relevant and realize the product under review is necessary for any organization to manage work injury better.
    Thank you

  12. This is very good to see here and I must say that I value this a lot. In all honesty, this guide to ultimate way to master workers compensation is great. As someone who blends well in this way too, getting to have such knowledge on this would aid a lot of things about me and also help development too. Thank you for sharing this here

    • I appreciate your reply thank you! Do you know if my links are working? I wonder if you could do me a big huge favor and try to follow my internal and external links to see if they work to direct to more information. I hope my notes find you well.
      Nurse Becca
      -R. Nixon, RN, CLNC

  13. Having worked for both medium and small businesses, I have seen both sides to this facet of the workplace. Phrases like “We live in a litigious society” used to be the exception but now they are the norm and it is accepted that if something happens, there may be the possibilty of being able to make a claim. Never a day goes by without an advert on the radio for legal help in regard to getting compensation from workplace injuries. Over time this has had at least some effect to make employers more responsible for putting in place safeguards in the workplace, which has to be a good thing.

    Reading through your review has given me more insight to the depths that this subject has now reached. I had never thought about the retraining aspect of those who have sustained job-related injuries and are no longer able to work within their particular speciality.

    Having worked with machinery for many years, in a supervisory as well as ‘hands-on’ position has given me the need to learn risk management and of being aware of the potential shortfalls that lie within a given situation. Common sense only goes so far. Practices that involve active prevention for the employees, through proper training is much more cost effective in the long run. 

    For the much larger businesses and corporations, the savings that can be made through proper implementation of health and safety measures, would indeed make it worthwhile to have someone designated to just this task.

    • Twack 😄Oh! My! Goodness! I totally wanted a reply from you and came up with a little round about plan. I thought about asking you directly, but I’m so happy you happened to get here before I sent a message asking for it. I was putting my Wealthy Affiliate community credits for comments until I got the Twack!:):):) Do you want to know how many I spent before you came by? I was about to cave and just ask you. Ha I love it having fun, to get your input made me smile.

      Thank You Much & Kind Regards,

      Nurse Becca

      -R. Nixon, RN, CLNC


  14. Rebeca, thanks a lot for this helpful info. It is very important for employees and business owners that the company has a system that takes care of employees. It is very important for employees to know that the company takes care of them on multiple levels because prevention is always cheaper than repairing a problem later. I will suggest to my management to read and study these books.

  15. The highlights and advantages of Your Ultimate Guide avert delays in care for harmed laborers and business costs identified with the work damage. Making one move step every day to help lessen work wounds is an extraordinary source of inspiration for this article. ComsiderEarn proceeding with instruction and comprehension of practices that construct network health. Peruse this book and let me recognize what you think in the remarks!

  16. This Amaxx book seems to be a great value for someone like myself who previously took part in a partnership for a corporate business in the field of construction. We have spent a great deal of money for worker’s compensation at WCB (worker’s compensation board) here in the Yukon, Canada. If I had a guide like this one in hand at that time I believe it could have greatly reduced our costs for the matter. Thank you for all the information in this post!

  17. I see that this book is really good and it’s a great training tool for employers, brokers, insurance companies, agents, and service providers to use for and with their clients.

    It’s indeed is a great guidance to employers to help on how to reduce workers compensation cost and many more things to consider.

    This is really helpful.

  18. Hi Rebecca, are you a lawyer by profession? Where are you based from? I mean, what country are you from?

    I find this review of yours helpful. The Ultimate Guide to Mastering Workers Comp Costs. I am not a nurse by profession, I’m a pharmacist, but I’ve got a lot of friends who are nurses working as Overseas Filipino Workers in different countries worldwide. I also have a cousin who is now very successful with her nursing career in Australia, she got promoted to a managerial position in the hospital she’s working and is planning to start her own nurse employment agency. I’m going to share this review to her for additional reference she can use.

  19. thank you for this wonderful article.

    actually i found this article very useful most especially to business organizations and managers. as business persons we work towards reducing cost because that would mean increased profits. so this guide is a must have to all business admistrators. Am sharing this on my LinkedIn account. thanks.

  20. This book titled “2019 Your Ultimate Guide To Mastering Worker’ Comp Costs” sounds like it is a must-have resource for any business owner who has to deal with such expenses. I know that in my experiences over the years, this expense can get quite high unless you take active steps to prevent this from happening.

    I never really knew in such detail what I could do so this is a book I will purchase for our business. Most of our “employees” operate for us under an independent contractor agreement and as such, they are not eligible for workers’ compensation benefits.

    As we grow, it is certain that we will have more and more employees that will qualify, so I will use this book to make sure that we reduce the cost as much as possible. I like that you get a lot of hard copy materials and also that you can complete the training at your own pace. Knowing how to reduce the potential costs of workers’ compensation definitely will help and will offer a safer work environment at the same time (a win-win). Thanks for the tip! 

  21. Thanks a lot for such an amazing review about GUIDE TO MASTERING WORKERS’ COMP COSTS and explanation are given.

    I have been seeking advice for a long time on this. This is the best I have read, and I have read many. Thank you very much.

    Thanks again for this post. If you don’t mind, I will share this article on my social media account. Good luck!

  22. The manual is designed as a training tool for employers, brokers, insurance companies, agents, and service providers to use for and with their clients. It helps the Risk Managers update their knowledge of a specialized subject matter, and then use the book for internal training for business units and new personnel and other stuffs

  23. Hi, Rebecca,

    I have some experience in HR so I know quite a bit about workers comp. Claims can be a pain in the neck. Prevention is key, but it’s not always possible to prevent some situations.

    Amax sounds like a perfect training tool for any HR professional or small business owner. It’s very important to keep up to date with OSHA regulations and the like. You don’t want to get in trouble with the government!

    It’s preferrable to avoid any claims, but if any arise, it’s equally important to be as prepared as possible.

    Thanks for sharing. Keep up the good work.


  24. This is by far the most complete post about a Book (or should I call it a full training package) I’ve ever read. Thanks for putting it together in such a professional and well-structured way.

    Among the topics provided, the “Entities involved include interdisciplinary teams…” one is key to maintain the right level of communication and make sure compliance is met all along the way.

    The preventive approach should always be paid attention to, psychologically and economically it will always be better to prevent than remedy.

    Thanks for a great review!

  25. I have bookmarked your post. This sounds like a must have guide if you are dealing with Worker’s Compensation. My brother-in-law deals with it daily because of the nature of his business and I know I would be doing him a favor by passing this along to him. I think there is information here that could save him and his business money.

  26. Becca, I stumbled on your review of this Workers Comp Guide, I’m not in the health care industry, but rather a small business, is this a good guide for me? Is there a cost? I expect to be on the employer side of the fence later this year. After experiencing my husband being on the worker comp side and getting care cut off too soon, I’d like to be an informed employer for my own cost management as well as to be aware of my employees’ issues. 


  27. Hi Rebecca! I have been wanting advice concerning how to curb the cost of work comp claims. I have been searching for a couple of days and I’m glad today I found your site. It has been an interesting read and I’ll check out these recommendations listed here. I’ll start with the short magazine entitled Workers’ Comp Mastery Training.

  28. This sounds like an amazing training tool to come to grips with workers comp situations. The idea of being able to study at home, research and review all the laws and assistance available under a difficult situation is priceless. 

    Most companies find keeping abreast of the facts very time consuming. I’m so pleased that you have comprehensively reviewed this book and material and warrant it a worthy investment. 



  29. Hi there! thank you very much first of all for your rich content, your article is full of information about this new AMAXX I personally never heard about it. It’s for me a genius idea. Always preventing is away better than correcting, like that we’re always optimizing. I will be sharing this with my Entrepreneur friends.

  30. Workers’ compensation is an area fraught with difficulties and misunderstandings as employers and employees engage in a combative dance around the validity of compensation claims.  So with that in mind it is great to see a comprehensive and expert program for employers and employment specialists to use to conduct thorough and fair investigations of claims.

    Prevention is always better than cure, but accidents can and will happen from time to time. The more an employer can create safe working environments and support and rehabilitate their workers back into work when necessary, the better it is for the organisation in the long run.

    Employment law is always a daunting aspect of running any business. How would you recommend a small business owner engage with the AMAXX program straight out of the box? Should they formulate any initial actions with their lawyer or HR/employment specialist in the room?

  31. This book seems like a must read for those  that need to create a workers comp program for their business and specifically for rotator cuff tears, tendinopathy and the like. It seems like this information protects both the business owner and those affected my injury by maximizing savings and effectiveness.

  32. Workers compensation can be a very hectic thing especially in out world today. I do not think that there is anything as perfect as learning how to deal with all the stress that might come with it. It is also really cool to see that there are trrainings on prevention and what may be. Knowledge is power and I think I will need to acquire this one by getting this ultimate guide.

  33. This is very good information for employers especially the measures mentioned to prevent health issues.  There are ways to implement safety measures for both the employees and the employers to keep the work environment accident free. My dad had a work accident due to faulty equipment that resulted in two different surgeries to restore save his hand and restore partial feeling back in the hand. I wish my dad had this information at the time of the accident to help guide him in decisions concerning workers comp and the employer at the time was a good friend that resulted in the termination of friendship cause of this accident.

  34. Here in Canada, we have a different system, but I sure wish we had written a guide as you have shared here. We always have to wade through a lot of paperwork, then read the guidelines and then fill out our forms. Get them checked out from Worker’s compensation employee before we can send them out. 

  35. Hello, I really want to first appreciate your effort in putting this great website together and writing this article. The situation surrounding workers compensation cost has been on for a while now even in a joint business deal I engaged myself into. If I had gotten this book earlier I would have been able to manage the situation better.. This book is the real deal 

  36. Thank you for the review about this useful resource.
    It is great information for the non advised reader who may have business or going to have one. This will definitely help to be or stay compliant with the law.
    Eventually you will have to deal with employees or associates and might need such resourceful material.
    I also like the business niche ideas you highlight in the review.

    Thanks again you for sharing!

  37. It is an excellent compilation of policies, procedures, training along with a free book offer is amazing.

    Workers’ injury and compensation related to it is a big part of any industry. A nursing facility is not an exception.

    The procedures and guidelines are very much typical of any industry. I worked for more than 2 decades in the pharma industry and very much familiar with these.

    One thing I can mention while endorsing what is written in this review is personnel working in the same shift or working around you should be a little familiar with your work to help you in case of a need. They should look after one another. It never means they should not focus on their work.

    This mutual caring for safety is not a law but it does help safe work ours, injury, etc and it is a financial gain.

  38. This looks like an incredibly helpful resource when looking to reduce workman’s comp costs and is well worth looking more into. While I do not own a business and have not had to go on workman’s comp, I have had colleagues who have and haven’t had the best experience. I wonder if these resources could provide information to my workplace that could improve the overall experience. Thanks so much for the post!

  39. Hi Becca

    I’m not well-versed in Workers Compensation at all. For those like me, this is a useful review of the AMAXX book for us to learn or read up about. Its would be great to get this book if we need to read up instead of going for a course or workshop, as we would be able to learn at our own pace.

    A question that I have is, if one gotten the book, and is unclear about certain parts, if there any contact (eg email, telephone no) given for them to ask for help?

    • There are contacts to get more info and you can sign up for free trainings up to the expert level. I have not completed the webinars yet, but I plan to write more reviews on them. Sharing this information can be a great resource to avoid problems for the future for so many families.

  40. Thank you very much for sharing your review about this book. I agree that worker’s safety and comp is a very important factor that you must consider as business owner. Many CEOs failed to maintain their employees’ health and safety because they are only focused on profits generated. Reducing up to 50% work comp cost can be beneficial in the long-term. This is a valuable information and I will check more about this book. Thanks

  41. Hi, First of all ,many thanks to you for giving us such a beautiful article .The AMAXX  book is a way to consolidate information for your business efficiently. And a great source to collect  The AMAXX  book seems like an exceptionally careful manual for finding out about how to manage the issues of Workers’ Compensation. Having experienced a lot of hardship, myself, I realize it tends to be a genuine undeniable irritation for individuals and entrepreneurs who aren’t also sagacious about what all it involves. It tends to be so confounded to individuals who aren’t completely versed. In the event that these books have the Nurse Becca Consulting full endorsement, at that point all Other media or institutions, including families and industries, would benefit greatly if they followed it .

  42. Hi I would like to thank you for your review on the Ultimate guide to mastering worker’s comp cost. Your article was extremely helpful, this topic is so important to everyone in the work place from the employer to the employee. Having a guide that details the procedure is important. Thanks for sharing.

  43. Hello there, thanks for putting out this article it would be of great help to the public as it has been of help to me.I must say that you have done a great job on this article as it has really made me understand alot comp cost although we are in a new year and thing would definitely change but I think am good with what I have learnt so far.

  44. Hi Rebecca,

    This was an interesting article. I can’t say I know as much about worker’s comp insurance as you do, but I can definitely say that prevention is better than cure. If you invest a little into keeping employees from injuries, you’ll save a lot of money that would have gone to medical expenses.

    The Amaxx book seems like a good way to learn the ins and outs of preparing for the worst on the job. I’ll definitely have to keep this on my radar.

    Thanks for this informative article,


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