Review of NSO

Review of NSO Liability Insurance for Independent Legal Nurse Consultancy

Review of NSO Liability Insurance for Independent Legal Nurse Consultancy includes an overview of positive features of having coverage. I wholeheartedly recommend the NSO service, but also want to be clear that a policy can cover you above what employers will and in cases when employers or clients are not required to provide it for nurses. In other words, nurses need to invest in insurance. I am not affiliated with any insurance company nor receiving any fee for writing this. The goal is for every provider in the nursing profession to learn about it because they are largely uninsured or under-insured.

Hospitals and other larger health care entities provide some coverage for their employees. In cases which the protection may fall short, each nurse should do their own research and networking. A nurse needs a policy for:


*Independent Contracting

*Part-Time or PRN nursing (Agency)

*Specialty Infusions

*Private Duty Nursing

*Small Business Operation

*After Employment Ends

*Clinical Oversight for facilities and other types of nursing care

Policy Perks

Which Policy is Right for you?

Additional Benefits of Belonging to NSO include a nurse home loan program assistance. This company also covers student nurses.

Instructions on Reporting

When a nurse is accused of an action which does not uphold standards it can be detrimental, even in cases that are completely false.

The best action to take is first with education, then report to your provider. Write down all information possible, and do not make any statements unless advised to do so.

Case Studies have shown that lack of coverage has excused nurses from litigation because their available assets aren’t as limited as fancy pants surgeons and big wig docs. That still does not protect a nurse to provide defense if facing penalties by their State Board of Nursing. NSO coverage provides meals, travel, lost wages and professional representation for nurses who might otherwise not be able to survive without it.

Frequent Nurse Law Suits Involve:

  1. Medication Errors
  2. Falls
  3. Documentation Deficits
  4. Equipment Injuries
  5. Failing to Prioritize

The list is not “all included” but it should help nurses put proper coverage on top priority.

Elements of law suits filed against nurses have to prove all of the normal elements of law suits: duty, breach of duty, damages and causation.

The way to protect a nursing career is to plan ahead, learn by research and validation then put a plan to action. If you are a nurse, double check if there is a policy for you under your employer. Find more information by brainstorming with colleagues, and reading current articles. Build a plan to protect a lasting nurse heritage. NSO Plans start at 109$ per year for nursing contracts.

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