Review of Vickie Milazzo’s CLNC 7/16/19 Online Consortium:

What a workshop!

Live Webinar Review:

The Vickie Milazzo Institute is founded by the Pioneer of Legal Nurse Consulting, and provides training and education for nurses which bridges medicine and law. Today, Milazzo hosted a live webinar and spoke with a group of successful CLNC Mentors who explain reasons why some consultants succeed while others fail.

Medical errors persist, this makes legal nurse consulting an ongoing need that is growing. The networking techniques of the individual consultant can be a determinant factor since the market is there. This class encompasses many ways legal nurse consultants can enhance success by listening to the advice of experienced mentors.

The webinar software was easy to navigate, but may not be as compatible for some phones. At the Beginning part of the webinar, unable to hear the speakers and no option located for closed captioning.

***Logging back in after ensuring settings, it was necessary to change to the laptop version of the AP, and obtain an extension download for Chrome.

Beginning the seminar, I missed the first part, and the rest of it was insightful. I found Vickie to be a positive hostess and the immense value in real advice from these distinguished colleagues. Among other very helpful wisdom, was to take the advice of professionals seriously when it comes to marketing and networking in business.

If the advice is not implemented, just as if advertisement is not a main part of running the business. Nurses learn in nursing school to begin with the discharge as the main goal.

A market plan can mimic this technique by thinking of the end result as happy clients and strong partnerships just like the happy healthy patient is the ultimate goal.

Starting from the beginning, a strong introduction of communication, and following up on dissatisfied responses can implement a strategy that shows integrity.

After a nice speech with “words to live by” that I missed, was a live Q&A session that operated without a glitch.

The innovation and inspiration of providing a way to ask live questions as they are thought of was the best feature of Vickie Milazzo’s class. Robert Malaer, RN, MSN, CLNC was there answering questions live.

My first question pertained to pay

-per-click advertisements, and could be very expensive if keywords are targeted with highly competitive law markets. Some of the most expensive keywords are in the law arena, and attorneys pay a fortune in advertisement because of the competitive market.

Keyword research would be the necessary golden key for this idea to be worth the expense of pay-per-click marketing.

You can get keyword research tool Jaaxy: and learn how to use it in Wealthy Affiliate Online Business Community. (Affiliate Link)

The first week of courses is completely FREE. These are affiliate links for a small commission to Nurse Becca Consulting if premium accounts are purchased.

No purchase is needed to try out keyword research or the first week of entrepreneurship training. The golden key of keyword research is creating an ongoing strategy.

Golden Key
The golden key is keywords in your research.

One positive theme is target marketing that builds relationships because that is what counts for the best investment of time.

There is a very successful tactic of using a food and kindness approach such as jalapeno cheesy bread snacks for attorneys and their assistants. (Malaer)

I presented a question, whether a CLNC may want to outsource for exhibiting. The idea is to offer CLNC and Attorney booth exhibits with their marketing materials and perhaps a drawing or other item of interest to make the display attractive. It can prove to be helpful to provide a triage-type service if an attorney or LNC is needed in the courtroom or at another location.

The triage would organize the most relevant attorneys and grow a base for email marketing, sign up for newsletter or other helpful materials.

The answer on the live forum was met with laughter and great to see Vickie Milazzo with the group get to have smiles and laughter in spite of the serious nature of this event. I did enjoy the brainstorming, and the consensus would be that these services should not be outsourced because of building a brand people know like and trust.

Outsourcing could be done as a hired presenter who is contracted to refer interested attorneys who match the skill set needed with their case.

This can be an agreement between consultants and lawyers prior to the exhibit event. The agreement may include that of a specific script or elevator speech.

The consultants who provide this service can also subcontract, sharing cases if the exhibit was a success and the referral rate skyrocketed. It is best to subcontract rather than tell an attorney that you cannot get the job done, Milazzo said.

Although they would not necessarily be the same niche market, there is room for all to benefit from positive partnerships. I like to use the analogy of PayPal partnerships like Google Pay. (Affiliate link)

In this example, the two icons compliment one another.

Since attorneys and consultants have many sub specialties, it would not necessarily compete directly. In a sense, it could be confusion of your brand. That would only be true if the affiliate hired for an exhibit did not properly represent the company, or diverted streams of eager class action mass tort cases to another entity entirely. That sort of behavior would not be fitting of anyone who should work in the arena of nursing or law.

Still, if I became sick with Lyme disease and developed paralysis, it may be a good idea to outsource some personal marketing and work remotely. Because of technology, work from home opportunities abound for legal nurse consultants.

My overall opinion of the online class was a great investment to have the pleasure listening in to a presentation and then group discussion on the topic of examining success versus failure among CLNCs.

Another great resource for studying as a Certified Legal Nurse Consultant. In this course, you will find all the learning provided in Vickie’s Seminars in one complete resource.

Get your Copy of Core Curriculum at this link:

I highly recommend the laptop version for your phone if you cannot login to hear the speakers. You may need the ap for Cisco extension for your type of web browser. If this sounds too complicated, there is also a call-in option.

This is a brief summary of strengths of the event:

1. Innovative

2. Informative

3. Concise and easy to add into calendar

4. Reputable resources

5. A great opportunity to ask your own questions and have them answered as a brainstorm of the group

6. Actionable steps to implement

The prevalence of medical errors and pharmacy errors makes the legal nurse consulting business a thriving field to work in. In the digital world of today, many companies are using online advertisement as a main marketing technique.

The CLNC understands that the difference in success and failure can entail Relevant Advertisement. It is important to continue promotion of a CLNC business while attending to cases, court or building facts.

Successful CLNC business entails ongoing marketing and networking is a powerful key. One secret of doing this is understanding keyword research and finding your preference of tools to get unlimited traffic to your website without needing paid ads.

Further more, in-person marketing the brand for the specific traits which make a solid impact in solving lawyer problems is an important sclice of the whole marketing and ad pie.

I am happy to offer the best of both worlds in pharmacy and nursing, as well as ongoing training with experts and mavericks of the field.

One highlight of Nurse Becca Consulting is access and ongoing education to keep updated in the field with med-law experts. This is while holding the background of inner-workings of pharmacies and many health care settings as a registered nurse.

Experienced with PRN staffing and the software learned for a plethora of software systems. That understanding and working knowledge can be essential with flourishing telehealth and integrations to 5G technology in health care law.

Unique to Nurse Becca is a background of subspecialties in the highest technology fields, required for treatment of ultra rare conditions, coupled with active work in mental health arena makes Nurse Becca Consulting a great resource for health and medical or law organizations.

Email for more information or to schedule conference.

*Ask about a retainer waive for multi-case letter agreements.

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During the CLNC webinar by Vickie Milazzo, the opportunity to get subcontracts with Malaer Consulting, and work on Long Term Care cases. The interstate compact for nursing license reciprocity extended to New Jersey, and extending expert witness ability for compact state licensed Legal Nurse Consultants.

Since this endeavor, it inspired further training and a next review for Nurse Becca Blog. Soon to post is Long Term Care Case Analysis by AALNC. This is a continuing education accredited training, I’ll give feedback on shortly.

Thank you for the interest and support in my work!

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8 thoughts on “Review of Vickie Milazzo’s CLNC 7/16/19 Online Consortium:”

  1. I have never heard of legal nursing consultants before I read your post.  It makes sense that a nurse consultant can really help provide hands on experience with training and helping with medical errors.  As we all know, errors do happen as people are human not robots. 

    This consortium sounded like it was super helpful with this niche.  I loved the cheesy bread idea to use as a kindness approach.

    Your review was full of some of the positive things that you can use to help with ways to market and advertise legal nursing consulting.  Good job Rebecca. It was nice to review something I haven’t seen before. Thanks

    • Thank you for visiting and the comment! I labeled it a consortium to give flavor to the title. But the definition fits. I thought it was a great project and very worthwhile. 

      If you’re in a different business niche, the audience is different but sometimes the same ideas or techniques can apply.

      Therefore, I am glad to get such positive feedback in response to my blog post. The cheesy bread reminds me of my cheesy enchilada recipe I gave Ronnie for his feedback on my forums post. It goes a long way to show caring to think of a unique gift or swag if you will, in order to be memorable.

      Kindness goes far for networking in business.

      I hope you come back to read more, and please let me know if I may help you out.

      Have a great night!

      Thanks Again & Kind Regards,

      Nurse Becca

      -R. Nixon, RN, CLNC

  2. Interesting Nurse Becca,

    Vickie Milazzo’s quite popular in the health industry, even in Asia we’re impressed by her tenacity and her influence in the legal nurse consulting line. I’ve always wanted to check out her webinar, she’s really clever in touching on a sensitive subject, so nice to hear that you managed to catch her in time! I was wondering though, have you ever thought of doing your own institute in the future? I think you have what it takes 😀

    • Hi Riaz,

      Thank you for your interest in my work! I agree, Milazzo is a great brand in the LNC and Legal Business. I am glad to learn from the best. I did make a school called Nurse Becca Consulting Education, and the web address is

      There are a handful of free trainings, and I made a few at Wealthy Affiliate as well. Please check them out, I have been practicing to potentially host trainings for SPNN- The Specialty Pharmacy Nursing Network.

      It was a relief to get to ask questions after I finally got the audio to sync or whatever the hitch was in my get along.

      That was flattering! I really appreciate your response.


      Nurse Becca

      -R. Nixon, RN, CLNC

  3. I really like the idea of a nurse consultant as there needs to be more awareness of medical and pharmaceutical errors.. The combination of working with lawyers and creating a working team, and a reliable working relationship with one another.  I think this is beneficial as a legal nurse consultant, as any new laws put in place, can be reviewed between the nurse and the lawyer.

    When offering advice, do you cover all aspects of the medical field, other than just the nursing view?  Such as techs, respiratory, phlebotomy, x-ray, cat-scan, etc.?


    • Dear Robert,

      Yes, nurses can give medical opinions about aspects of the case from a nursing perspective. Identifying specific experts relevant to the case sometimes entails further contracting. Medical expert tesimony is often more cost effective by legal nurse consultants than other specialties.

      For example, a doctor may charge 600 to 700 dollars hourly for a deposition that can be covered by a specialty legal nurse consultant, and they are able to give more insight to a case at around 150 dollars per hour. There are also Legal Nurse Consultants who give value-based pricing for cases or charge an increased rate for urgent service.

      I appreciate your comment and interest in my work.  

      Thank you kindly,

      Nurse Becca

      -R. Nixon, RN, CLNC

  4. Hi Nurse Becca! Thank you for describing your impressions from the Vickie Milazzo’s clnc. It has been an interesting read. Bridging medicine and law is now more than ever necessary.

    I like that the first question was about pay per click advertisement. Pay per click advertisement is something I haven’t entered in yet, but I know I must learn as much as possible about it because I’ll have to use this form of advertisement down the road. As you have described, keyword research is a must if we want to do pay per click advertisement. Do you have any particular tool you use or recommend to do keyword research?

    • Dear Henry,

      I do have a handful of useful tools.  I like alphabet soup in Jaaxy. I will find my link and paste it here for anyone who is interested. SEMRUSH, and there are some keyword hints in LinkedIn and just plain Google but Google Analytics and Search Console. You are very welcome of course. It is a privilege to have your interest and feedback.


      Nurse Becca

      -R. Nixon, RN, CLNC


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