Rodan + Fields Fights Acne

As a new customer to Rodan and Fields, I highly recommend this consultant, Cherie. Aside from acne, these treatments encompass many aspects of skin care. And Cherie can explain benefits from a nursing prospective because she is a CRNA (Nurse Anesthetist).

The recommendations by R&D doctors are wise and healthy. It is a great idea to:

  • Cleanse cell phones daily with disinfectant wipes.
  • Change pillow cases frequently, at least weekly
  • Set your routine for skin care

The consultant I have been working with the most is named Cherie. I want to highlight what she has done. Her client care has impressed me from day one, and she even wrote me a hand written letter to describe the process, thank me and because she is a great American business woman. Cherie also served in the U.S. Armed Forces where she gave her all to protect America’s Free Speech, Liberty and Freedom of Religion as well as the entire constitution.

Another benefit of purchasing from Cherie is her great contributoom

Cherie is both genuine and knowledgeable about Rodan + Fields, and should be commended. Keep watch for updates of what I learn in this process.

So far, the products are far better than anything I have tried. The inflammation redness immediately calmed and it soothed itch and burn of pimples.

Cherie even picks up the slack for shipping cost via reimbursement for delivery just to pay it forward for people.

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