Samsung Note 8, One Year in Review

Samsung Note 8, One Year in Review

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Nurse Becca’s 8 Remarkable Features-Noted!

#1) The Pen!

The Samsung Note 8 pen has a highly addictive clicky sound, and enables you to write onto the screen. Do not be alarmed when you have the volume up, the sound is like a pencil scribbling on scratch paper for added effect. It is not an auditory hallucination. The electronic pen can also magnify to be able to zoom in for a closer look at images or text.

After some experience, the S Pen does get stuck into the device in certain unknown circumstances, which can require sending the phone back to the manufacturer, or visiting U Break, I Fix store near you. The appointment schedule is easy to work with, but keep in mind you cannot use a mapquest service if your screen is locked or shattered.

Calling All Nurses

#2) Double Wammy Cam

The camera alone is a worthwhile investment if you have a need for professional photos. The editing and quality for images are top notch. Videos are seamlessly streamed and simple to discover the mechanics of doing so.

#3) Bixby Love

It is possible I maybe the only one left of my colleagues who have not used the Apple iPhone, but Androids have been with me since the beginning of cell phones. We have come a long way in service and style, as well as function with Androids. One of the new characteristics of Samsung Note 8 is Bixby.

Bixby is a voice operated virtual assistant who can manage multiple tasks which you program to run in a series. This can help start your day by automatically checking the weather, your email and schedule alarms.

Elements still needing upgrades may inlcude the Bixby side button, because boy that thing gets in the way when you’re not trying to use it. Tasks can be organized according to individual needs. Bixby is a helpful articifial intelligence. Once she gets to (in the way of AI) “know” owner, then becomes “My Bixby”. Then it has functions that will be unique. She can show you vegetarian restaurants if you are searching for somewhere to eat rather than a steak house if the person is a vegetarian, for example. You can also shop for things you see by scanning them, then My Bixby will search online and assist. That can be a bonus, but there is a small improvement needed. Bixby, I love you but sometimes am annoyed with your unexpected appearances.

Bixby, love, sometimes you need to Bix Off…

#4) Charge Your Phone

Battery life is less than fantastic with Samsung Note 8. For nursing needs, a phone may need to last for 12 hours plus. The battery gets used quickly with any sort of games or videos. There are ways to extend the battery life of the phone, but it is one of the upgraded features of the next Samsung Note Models (hopefully!)

There are many tips to extend battery life, but a slight inconvenience to consumers to learn these tasks. You want your cell phone to run full stream ahead without a mid-day pause to refuel. One of the improvements I noticed from updating to the Samsung Note 8 model is the charger can be inserted either way, there is no upside down. This can help protect the port from wear and tear.

With increasing patient loads, nurses need to reference medication teaching, disease conditions, best practice, recalls, and continuing education. This can drain the battery life, especially in remote roles, such as home care or hospice nursing positions. You may need map GPS like mapquest to get you back and forth in the boonies. These are important times to not need a message to charge your phone.

Cell Phone Technology can improve patient care

I see it now! Magnificent Magnification

#4) Awkward Otter

Otter Box cover is slightly oversized that leaves cracks around the sides for crumbs to fit. One caveat of using cell phones at work as a nurse is the germ factor. That makes it essential to sanitize cell phones routinely, as touch screens harbor harmful bacteria and other deadly microbes.

After replacing the Note 8, the U Break I Fix store was kind enough to get a case that fits properly. The service was friendly, prompt and did help save data rather than reset and lose all the information. There is a great thing called backup your data, which helps you prevent the loss of pictures and important documents.

#5) Super Sized Screen

The size of the screen is nice for being able to see. But, there is a drawback in that I need to have a popsocket to hold onto the big galut. This device attaches to the back of the phone to help keep your grip. However, the adhesive does not quite last an entire year.

#5) So Much Space

The saving space is vast for pictures and data. The software automatically assists with categorizing to help stay organized with screenshots, downloads, images, GIF, videos and each one in their own nifty pocket.

#6) Transfer Content

Salvaging of needed data from an old phone is simple with your new phone and an easy Ap. I would give this element 2 thumbs up with the T-Mobile associate to assist.

#7) Security

You can program your finger print into your Samsung 8 to ensure no kids sneak in. This helps secure your client protected files. After the print, there is another password. Data which is covered under HIPAA requires encription and mark as private. It is prudent to have a plan to learn changes in law and technology for future endeavors. If you use your phone for business, keep all your proprietary data in your Samsung Vault.

#8) Concluding My Call

There is not really another thing to comment, this concludes what I’ve noted. To recapture, there are benefits and fallbacks which come to mind after using Samsung Note 8 Phone for an entire year. I hope my notes found you well.

Thank you for reading my 8 notes about Note 8!

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