Samsung Virtual Doc Visit Review

What’s Up WebDocs?
Save Time For Other Things Than That Unnecessarily Long Visit. Like: Happy Trails!

Key Benefits of Online MD Visits

There are some great advantages for using online visit with practitioners when you need to be seen.

  • Saving time in travel and MD waiting room
  • Less cost over all at 59$ for an appointment prior to insurance
  • Reduce risk of exposure to certain pathogens (flu, MRSA, TB, colds etc.)
  • Flexible schedules with appointments
  • You are able to choose the provider

The wait time is greatly reduced. No need for travel expenses, wear and tear on a vehicle and increasing smog into the atmosphere. Not many people like to go out when they don’t feel well, so virtual physician visits are helpful. With emerging technology, trends and vitals, labs and genetic testing for medication intolerance… ideas are endless to make healthcare better. The virtual aspect inspires overall analysis and looking at the trends of effectiveness and outcome. How will this pan out?

Here is my story!

It could be fiction but also amusing for some. My hope is to spark interest in study for stallions of learning who will take action to help improve health care for people.

One busy night on the care unit…

A fragile patient who missed his loving wife played possum with an unsuspecting practitioner who ordered an onslought of tests and procedures.

Nurse heart sinking, could not get the rassa frassa emergency med machine to poop out the hydration fluid even with a supervisor assist. Beg and plea help please, with fear of the resident neglect potential.

Manager states stop being dramatic.

It isn’t ok, already behind and embarrassed for passion seemed like drama. Argue in front of the machine. Rush as one should not to get the ever skimpy for these tasks supplies, and WHAM!

Finger slammed in med cart.

Bleeding stopped with 1st aid

“OUUUIIIIIUUUUUUUUUCH!” wording changed for appropriateness. Blood squirt, oops.

Now to start IV, Draw blood, check urine sample, insert sterile foley, complete meds and fluids per tube and food bolus…wife appears and gentleman what are you doing to me again?? My wife is right here! Perfectly alert now, ok if dr says to. Face red finger throbbing. Twenty something patients waiting. Phone ringing.

43 day bruise

The provider did not wish to prescribe any next morning ointment, and being on video answering rigmarole questions is not thrilling…

BUT this service could help many individuals with countless health concerns.

One drawback is the relevant history portion, this should be done if needed for diagnosis and care. Note the blue check to allow the Doc to look at the records.

Will virtual video visits be a service to incorporate with all physician offices for certain preferences or individual ability? My imagination tells me this could provide an arena of care for people who would otherwise not have it.

Thank you for reading my review, and immensely for any comment or question. Except whether a bleeding birdy was flipped, no don’t ask…

Kind Regards,

Nurse Becca

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