Sieze Your Control: 7 Front Line Seizure Factoids

Sieze Your Control: 7 Front Line Seizure Factoids

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Factoid # 1

People who have seizures do not necessarily have Epilepsy..

Factoid # 2

Sometimes medications alone cannot keep these attacks at bay. 

Factoid # 3

Certain Seizure medications require blood draws to check levels in circulation

Factoid # 4

It is extremely difficult and unsafe to pick a seizuring young man out of the tub. Always have a care plan ahead of time and preferably a 2nd person to assist.

Factoid # 5

To prevent aspiration, the recovery position is the safest on the side. Do not put anything in the mouth.

Factoid # 6

Diet can help prevent seizures. Ketogenic diet has proven effective. Including tube feeds to keep the body in ketosis.

Factoid # 7

You can take control of seizures with help of your medical team. Side effects of medication can be a challenge. Jist remember that most side effects subside within a few weeks. And report to your health care provider.

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