Tax Time for Attorneys and Nurse Consultants

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Tax Time for Lawyers and Nurse Consultants is quickly approaching. The deadline for all to file is April 17th, and those who are eligible for returns are already starting to receive them.

This episode of Nurse Becca Blog is an article that will go over tips and compare tax tools for filing.

First, a friendly disclaimer: This article is not a replacement for your professsional tax preparer or proper research.

Quickbooks versus Freshbooks

Quickbooks is an affiliate of Turbo Tax, and is seamless to integrate when using these two compatible interfaces.

Freshbooks is expanding software services in celebration and support of small businesses. There is a free trial period, after which users can opt for different plans. The $15.00 monthly plan is simple to use, and has a great feature that enables the receiver of invoices to make a payment immediately upon opening an email.

Tax Preparation by Liberty

Liberty Tax has personal service, with an entire office that will pull together for deciphering a plan to meet the needs of their clientele. The benefits here are an atmosphere where filers can physically meet for the annual Tax ritual. The cost can be expensive if documents add up for multiple sources of income. Look for possible discounts if you have a continued customer relationship with Cindy. The referral program is 50$ kickback to send friends who get preparation by Liberty Tax. The cost of filing can be greatly offset by the referral coupons. Otherwise, you still get a can of Coca Cola and a Snickers bar.

Considerations for small firms

Tax repeal changes this round for filing will make a difference for independent lawyers and consultants.

There are no 50% deductions for entertainment expenses in marketing for clients. The 50% rule still pertains to dining expense, which may change the way small firms invest in strategies for client appreciation and recruitment.

Home Loans

Student Loans

There are some special considerations for Legal Nurse Consultancies or Independent Attorney Contractors.

It is not too late if you don’t have an organized file 1040; Keep Track for next year! Save receipts and documentation of:

Here is a helpful algorithm to determine whether an expense is considered “business use of home”

Exhibiting Expenses

Other Marketing

Web Site Hosting

Insurance Deductions

Business Use of Home

IRS Deduction Algorithm

Mileage Trackers

Mileage Tracker
Tax Tool Mileage Tracker, MileIQ


Mile IQ is a service recommended by Liberty Tax which keeps track of mileage on an ap. This can be downloaded easily on a mobile device such as an iPad, Android or Apple cell phone, to keep track of your potential mileage reimbursement. The MileIQ ap also logs a certain number of drives free of charge, with upgrade options.

T-Mobile Sync Up and Drive

Cellular Service Provider, T-Mobile, has a handy tool for taxes. You can get Sync Up and Drive Service for 10$ monthly to track travel expenses. This product also has features of emergency roadside assistance and statistics, a hotspot and (drum roll please) it tells when a code for mechanic needs is sending an SOS from the vehicle’s engine! Those who have teen drivers can also set a notification when young whippersnapper joyriders go out of bounds.

Some of the useful statistics include average speed, and times when brakes are used harshly. This benefit can pay over time, to help improve gas mileage and reduce wear and tear.

Either of these mileage tools have a feature to categorize drives for business and personal trips.