A great testimonial from House Manager and associate:

“I just listened to a small portion of your interview, you’re so informative, and a great teacher, I love listening to you! I miss you and your guidance! I feel so awkward when I call our on call nurses. Just because I’m trying to learn what they want to know about, need to know about, with you I knew 🙂 at least I always get thank yous after waking them up at all odd hours! You do an amazing job, you’re a great teacher! I appreciate all your educational tools! It helps me regardless of where I am! But I do miss working with you!”

-M.Wasmund, Touchmark

2 thoughts on “Testimonial”

  1. Hi Becca!

    Nurses – what can I say?! The (mostly) unsung heros of the medical world. They make the doctors look good (or better in some cases I would imagine). 

    I know a couple nurses, and they give SO much of themselves for the benefit of the patients. And especially the on-call nurses. Loooong hours on their feet and dealing with pain, egos, and a whole other range of emotions day after day. 

    My hat goes off to each one of you!

    My nephew just graduated from HS and has chosen to take up a career in nursing. Do you have any advice I can pass along to him Becca?

    God bless 😉


    • Dear Tom,

      Remember to get professional liability insurance, continue ed and tell her thank you, too for dedicating her skills talent and education to nursing. And to encourage him because some people aren’t as nice about male nurses but that is ridiculous he can do this. Thank you for your input! Do you know if he has a special interest for a certain type of nursing? You maybe able to sign up for google alerts for articles related to that topic with him. Taking an interest in it can be a great way to inspire and show support for your nephew.

      Kind Regards,

      Nurse Becca

      -R. Nixon, RN, CLNC


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