“That’s Why They Call It PRACTICING LAW” By David Kempston

Book Review

“It’s A Relationship, So Listen.” -headlines a section with the very best advice.

-David Kempston

Book Review:

That’s Why They Call It Practicing Law by David Kempston through the eyes of a nurse is outstanding! This book is about service and ethics.
We are amidst times when new attorneys beginning to practice law face the stigma that “rat lawyers” have placed in the profession.

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Beginning to practice as a lawyer in the business could be a daunting idea. In this short guidebook, a seasoned attorney walks through caring about building business relationships as a cornerstone for success. The advice on practicing law is akin to learning best practice for nurses, but we call it “practicing medicine”.
In order to practice good medicine, we learn from experience and mentors who save time with avoiding pitfalls they’ve suffered in business. We valiantly strive for upholding the pledge in the Hippocratic oath. This book has the same foundation of ethics.
Kempston eloquently describes constantly learning and innovating best practice for the outcome of justice.
For a short book that does not take a lot of time to read, I am guessing the strategies [as you implement them] are well worth your investment. Even if you are not an attorney, this book has business sense which can help in any niche or arena of business.
Thank you for reading my review!
Kind Regards,
Nurse Becca

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