The Nerdy Nurse Celebration

Teachable Campaign for Celebrating Women Who Create is a live webinar series to highlight accomplishments of women. In honor of the upcoming broadcast, I am writing about 5 Great Women who happen to be some of my favorites.

Celebrate Women Who Create

The Nerdy Nurse is an avatar in my heart created by Brittney. The brains behind the icon are controlled by a huge heart. It was an honor and great accomplishment to be a guest blogger on her website 6 years ago. What I have learned from researching the articles and business of is an inspiration of lifelong learning and encouragement.

Brittney battles bullies by being a true mentor and sponsored a Nurse Becca microblog which may never rank in google, but ranks highly with true appreciation.

The Nerdy Nurse Guide to Technology was a great book I read and donated to another nurse who needed this to lift her spirit and self confidence with technology.

I highly recommend this investment. This is a short book jam packed with good information. I recommend this as a great read for everyone, not only for nurses.

Guide to blogging teaches principles by Brittney and her co-author. This is another excellent read for anyone interested in blogging or nurse operated business. The finely crafted ma’am-u-script is also available on Amazon in my affiliate link.

Together, these ladies teamed up to take nurse blogs to a higher level. To give you an idea of the creations of this nurse, you need only a glimpse of the beauty in her newborn baby’s identical smile. It definitely warms my heart to know and follow The Nerdy Nurse through the years, and to try to put into words the compassion of Nurse Brittney is a difficult task. She was supportive to me when my mom passed away.

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